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December 6, 2005

Washington Post: Strong antiwar comments in recent days by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean have opened anew a party rift over Iraq.
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A tally of mail-in votes indicates that Spokane, Wash., Mayor James E. West has been recalled from office over allegations he used his office computer to woo young gay men over the Internet.
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Vice President Dick Cheney argued against an early withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, saying it would increase the risk of terrorist attacks in the United States and other nations.
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December 5, 2005

A judge dropped conspiracy charges against Texan Republican Tom DeLay, but upheld money laundering charges against him, meaning the ex-GOP leader will not be able to resume his post as House majority leader.
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At a time when opinion polls indicate that Americans hold both major political parties in low esteem, can a third party move into the breach?
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December 2, 2005

New Orleans’ mayoral and city council elections should be postponed for up to eight months because of Katrina, a top election official recommended Friday.
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Military officials in Baghdad for the first time Friday described a Pentagon program that pays to plant stories in the Iraqi media, an effort one official said was part of an effort to “get the truth out.”
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Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, who expressed strong opposition to abortion rights two decades ago, pledged Friday that his personal views on the subject “would not be a factor” in his rulings, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said.
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Justice Department lawyers objected to a Texas redistricting plan orchestrated by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, but top agency officials brushed aside concerns about diluting minority voting strength and approved the plan anyway, according to an agency memo released Friday.
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Most U.S. troops will leave Iraq in a year, and the Army is “broken, worn out” and may not be able to meet future military threats to the country’s security, Rep. John Murtha said.
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November 30, 2005

President Bush, opening a new push to defend his embattled war policy, said Tuesday a U.S. military pullout from Iraq would be a terrible mistake.
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As usual, the rhetoric surrounding the war in Iraq is about two elections – one there and one here. President Bush and the Republicans need the first one to succeed to have a chance of surviving the second. By Howard Fineman.
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New Hampshire Democrats launched a public campaign yesterday to preserve their first-in-the-nation presidential primary against intrusions from rival states and the work of a Democratic Party commission.
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November 29, 2005

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday defended her vote to authorize war in Iraq amid growing unease among liberal Democrats.
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Despite his low ratings, President Bush is working to help Republican House and Senate candidates build their campaign war chests while he is promoting his own troubled agenda.
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