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  KC Lynch is KRXA's morning drive-time news anchor. A broadcast industry veteran with 10 years of experience, and former KSBW-TV Action News 8 Reporter, KC is also currently the Wide Receivers Coach at Monterey Peninsula College.

Live Weekday mornings on the hour and half-hour.

  Stephanie Miller is the daughter of the late Republican Bill Miller - most famous for having run for vice-President on the Goldwater ticket. Her years as a media personality and comedienne have resulted in Stephanie's unique take on the political follies of our time. Real and wickedly funny, "The Stephanie Miller Show" is one of the fastest growing shows in progressive talk. Miller hosted a late-night network television talk show syndicated by Disney and guest hosted on CNBC's "Equal Time" as the liberal counterweight to Bay Buchanan. She also has appeared on "Good Morning America," "The Today Show," "The Tonight Show," "Larry King Live," "The O'Reilly Factor," and many others.
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Live Weekday Mornings 6-9am on 540/KRXA.

  Thom Hartmann is a Project Censored award winning, best selling author, and the host of a nationally syndicated progressive daily radio talk show. He has written and spoken about topics as divergent as our corporatist government, attention deficit disorder, and ecology. Steeped in Jeffersonian democracy and passionate about the future of our country, Thom is extraordinarily well-informed yet remains open to debate in direct contrast to his counterparts on the right.

Live Weekday Mornings from 9am-12 noon on KRXA/540
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  Ed Schultz believes in people not political parties. He represents the hundreds of millions of Americans whose voices are largely ignored by the ruling political and corporate elites but whose work ethic and spirit are the foundation of the United States. His progressive and effective voice has captured the attention of the American media. From CNBC to the Today Show, CNN to Esquire, the Dennis Miller Show to the LA Times, the nation's television networks and newspapers are paying homage to Ed Schultz and his formula for successful liberal talk radio. Big Eddie is the #1 non-conservative talk show host in the United States. He is heard on more than 100 stations and in every one of the top ten markets.

Live Weekdays 12 Noon-3pm on KRXA/540.
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  Peter B. Collins is a well-known broadcaster, voice- over talent, entrepreneur, and media consultant based in San Francisco. His recent show on Sirius satellite radio was All-American Talk Radio -- for all Americans, not just dittoheads and right-wing nuts. He presents a lively forum with views and voices often not heard in the formerly liberal media. Often funny, never boring, Peter loves to mix it up with guests and callers. Call in - Monterey area: 831-899-KRXA, outside local area toll free: 888-KRXA-540. [email protected]

LIVE Weekdays 3–6pm on KRXA/540.
Barry W. Lynn is a constitutional lawyer, civil libertarian, ordained minister and radio host. His diverse experiences provide him with a unique point of view and make him a popular guest on TV news programs. He provides a daily window into the outrageous religious charlatans undermining our liberties. Barry interviews guests across the ideological, religious, and political spectrum, and examines current and perennial controversies at the core of American values.

Weekdays 6 - 7pm on 540/KRXA.
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  Lionel is a former Florida prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Talkers Magazine has named him one of the 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in the country. He has hosted a nationally syndicated program since January 3, 2000 and drawn big ratings since he began his radio career in 1988. Lionel's form of radio is topical, dynamic and funny. A raconteur and master of the English language, he engages his listeners daily with his rapid-fire delivery and offbeat takes on the day's top issues. He appears regularly on a variety of national television programs and networks.

Live Weekday Evenings 7-10pm on 540/KRXA.
  Doug Basham began his career as a traveling magician and comedian. He has settled in Vegas as a successful progressive radio talk show host. Through Doug's three-hour "Daily Alternative to 'Conservative' Talk Radio," he expresses his patriotism by doing his part to hold our government accountable and to take our media back from the corporations that control it. Doug's interviewing skills are unmatched. A few of his most notable recent guests include former Ambassador Joe Wilson; Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Senator Bob Graham, Senate Leader Harry Reid, Pundit Pat Buchanan, and Columnist Paul Krugman.

Listen Weeknights 10pm-1am on KRXA/540.
  Dr. Mike Newcomb is a physician who turned to political talk radio to address the fundamental failures of our current government. As a Gubernatorial candidate for Arizona in 2002, Newcomb had the best ratio of votes to dollars spent on his campaign. As former CEO of multiple health care companies, Newcomb is intimately familiar with the system he seeks to change.

Listen Weekdays 1am-3am on KRXA-540
  Bill Press co-hosted "Crossfire" for six years. He co-anchored "The Spin Room" and "Buchanan and Press." Bill has been awarded three Emmy's and one Golden Mike Award. In 1992, Associated Press named him "Best Commentator of the Year." Blessed with a keen intellect to go along with his vast political experience, Bill makes complex issues accessible to laypeople but never talks down to his audience.

LIVE Weekday Mornings 3-6am on 540/KRXA. www.billpress.com contact through website