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January 13, 2006

Despite Democratic efforts to hobble Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's confirmation with withering questions on abortion, presidential power and ethics, he appeared headed for confirmation.
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In their first public comments on the lobbying scandal involving Jack Abramoff, tribal leaders express "pain" and "hurt."  NBC News' Joel Seidman reports.
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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has agreed to testify at a Senate hearing on the Bush administration’s domestic spying program, a Justice Department official said Friday.
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Arizona Rep. John Shadegg has entered the race for House majority leader, saying he would offer real, substantive ethics reforms in the wake of GOP scandals.
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Samuel A. Alito Jr. did everything he could do to avoid saying how he would rule on the big issues that might come before the Supreme Court. Yet even his cautious answers contained evidence that the court could shift to the right once he takes Sandra Day O'Connor's seat.
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Tears shed by Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito’s wife at his Senate confirmation hearing have once again raised the question, when is it OK to cry in public?
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Rep. Tom DeLay's decision to give up the  majority leader's post has thrown the House into its first leadership race since 1998. Congressional leadership contests, in which politicians are both the candidates and the voters, are a special kind of art form.
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January 11, 2006

As senators began more questioning Wednesday of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee said Wednesday that Democrats were troubled by inconsistencies in Alito’s answers.
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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle illegally over the weekend when he collided with a car in his Brentwood neighborhood, the Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday.
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January 10, 2006

Both candidates in the House leadership race have extensive ties to the same K Street lobbying world that stainedRep. Tom DeLay's reputation and spawned the Abramoff corruption scandal.
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Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tried to pressure the Bush administration into shutting down an Indian-owned casino that lobbyist Jack Abramoff wanted closed — shortly after a tribal client of Abramoff’s donated to a DeLay political action committee, The Associated Press has learned.
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House conservatives moved on Tuesday to prevent either Roy Blunt or John Boehner from wrapping up the race to become majority leader before Congress reconvenes later this month.
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Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito said Tuesday he would keep an open mind in dealing with abortion issues and explained his Reagan-era memo criticizing the practice as the writings of an attorney representing a client’s interests.
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Most Americans believe that corruption in Congress is widespread, and even larger majorities support far-reaching reforms that would effectively end lobbying as it is currently practiced on Capitol Hill, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.
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January 9, 2006

One of Washington's top lobbying operations will shut down at the end of the month because of its ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former House majority leader Tom DeLay.
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A former lover of President Bill Clinton on Monday lost her effort to revive a defamation case against his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and two of the former president’s aides.
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Vice President Dick Cheney was released from George Washington University Hospital Monday morning a few hours after being rushed there due to shortness of breath.
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Texas'  highest court on Monday refused to drop money laundering charges against Rep.  Tom DeLay.
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January 7, 2006

Rep. Tom DeLay, under indictment on criminal charges in Texas, announced Saturday that he will not try to reclaim his job as majority leader of the House of Representatives.
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January 6, 2006

The downfall of Jack Abramoff  is a measure of vengeance for a Louisiana Indian tribe that paid the disgraced lobbyist more $32 million for access to Washington.
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