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January 10, 2006

New show launches!

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A leading defender of the First Amendment, Wilkinson waged a David vs. Goliath battle against the FBI.

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January 9, 2006

Judiciary Committee members can demand that the nominee fully address questions about the Court's intervention in electoral politics.

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The Abramoff scandal is big, but it could lead prosecutors to GOP crimes beyond Abramoff's corrupt circles.

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January 8, 2006

His God sure has been angry of late.

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January 6, 2006

It's become abundantly clear that Wal-Mart better start evolving.

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Alito's record of encouraging the executive branch to disregard the Constitution puts him diametrically at odds with the intentions of the founders.

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January 5, 2006

Support Conyers' call for censure investigation.

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January 4, 2006

Sen. Feingold's legislation is an essential step in reclaiming our democracy from the pay to play thugs.

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January 3, 2006

It's not just a question of who the Republican lobbyist will rat out, but also how aggressively Democrats will hold those tainted by the scandal to account.

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January 2, 2006

Even conservative business magazine 'Barron's' thinks Bush may have committed an impeachable offense.

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Newspaper's satire came closer to reality than most U.S. media coverage of war debate in 2005. Will 2006 be any different?

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December 28, 2005

The year is ending on a much better note than it began-- thanks to the courage and conviction of elected officials, activists and organizations.

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December 26, 2005

That is, only when it comes to claiming existing laws grant him king-like powers, such as snooping on Americans without a warrant.

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December 21, 2005

'Tis the season to celebrate that bright line between science and faith.

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December 20, 2005

John Conyers wants to use the full power of Congress to hold the president and vice president to account – up to and including the prospect of impeachment and removal from office.

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December 19, 2005

On a trip to Iraq, the vice president encounters skeptical troops who question what gains have been made.

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December 18, 2005

His latest spin is not going to change the reality on the ground--even if he absurdly misrepresents his critics.

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Why we need an independent and aggressive media now more than ever.

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December 16, 2005

Bipartisan coalition of senators blocks an attempt to shut down Wisconsin Democrat's filibuster threat.

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