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February 20, 2006

The Nation interviews Joe Sacco and Art Spiegelman about protests over the Muhammad cartoons.

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Patricia Williams raises concerns about the DNA-driven search for biological roots. If we biologize our history, we will be forever less than we could be.

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February 18, 2006

Jonathan Schell writes that the structure of our Republic is at mortal risk. Will our Constitution survive or are we in the midst of a transmutation in which the balance of powers and our personal freedoms will be canceled?

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February 16, 2006

Kim Phillips-Fein reviews Robert Fitch's Solidarity for Sale, a tale of corruption that goes to the core of the labor crisis in America.

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Paul Griffiths reviews Richard Taruskin's Oxford History of Western Music, a multi-volume history that expresses the magnificence and melancholy of its own age.

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Raja Shehadeh reviews Gate of the Sun, a novel that follows the odyssey of Palestinians driven to refugee camps in Lebanon by Israeli forces in 1948.

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Athan G. Theoharis writes that FISA's aim of preventing Presidents from claiming imperial power is based on a history of abuses of executive power.

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The Editors write that President Bush is determined to convert America into a permanent war economy by cutting domestic programs while extending the Pentagon's reach.

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February 15, 2006

Nicholas von Hoffman explores a desire among the moribund rich to freeze not only their bodies but their assets in hopes of rising again.

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Robert Scheer writes that Condoleezza Rice's refusal to be alarmed by rise of Moqtada al Sadr mirrors Dick Cheney's delusions on the defeat of the Iraqi insurgency.

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February 14, 2006

John Nichols asks why the press corps is rising from its slumber to jump all over the story of Dick Cheney's itchy trigger finger, while it still stands mute over the culture of violence, secrecy and chicanery he has created.

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February 13, 2006

Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith write that bipartisan efforts to challenge the Bush Administration's exercise of executive power are gaining momentum.

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February 12, 2006

NASA climatologist James E. Hansen wouldn't let political pressure from the Bush Administration silence his findings on global warming: If we take action now, it's not too late to mitigate the damage. In a profile by Bryan Farrell, Hansen underscores the urgency of his research and of NASA's mandate to understand and protect the planet.

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February 9, 2006

Stuart Klawans reviews The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Battle in Heaven, Blossoms of Fire and The Fallen Idol.

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Thomas J. Sugrue reviews three books that explore how notions of race, class and unregulated growth have shaped America's arid suburbs.

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Martha Nussbaum reviews Vivian Gornick's compelling portrait of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an admirable feminist revolutionary and profound thinker.

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Greg Tate reviews four new books that explore the politics, culture and racial awareness of the hip-hop generation.

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Katha Pollitt writes that Betty Friedan lived a big life and wrote a big book that helped change our world, in every way, for the better.

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February 8, 2006

The Editors write that we must come to terms with the conditions that created this tinderbox: Cartoons embody larger political and social issues. Discrimination against Muslims is an established fact. After the cartoon crisis passes, that truth will remain.

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Walter Mosley writes that an African-American voting bloc led by young people would inspire participation and address issues long ignored by the Democratic Party.

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