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March 1, 2006

Three years ago, President George Bush ordered United States military forces to invade and occupy Iraq.   Since that invasion, which was unconstitutional, illegal by all international standards, and immoral by any just war theologies, the world has watched as the Bush administration has directed the killing of tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, civilians and [...]
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February 27, 2006

PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS OF AMERICA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 27, 2006 DES PLAINES, IL — Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), a national grassroots activist organization, is leading a mobilization the weekend of March 3 on behalf of the Christine Cegelis campaign for Congress. PDA members are supporting this single mother of two in her challenge against two machines: Republicans [...]
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February 24, 2006

Dear Friend, The Illinois primary is just 21 days away. With your continued support we can elect Christine Cegelis - the kind of candidate PDA was created to support - to Congress from the state’s Sixth District. While we have already accomplished a great deal in support of Cegelis’ campaign, much work remains, and the stakes [...]
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The PDA Israel/Palestine Policy Draft was designed to open a dialogue about how progressives active in the Democratic Party can best influence US policy regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We have succeeded, and are processing and reviewing the myriad of comments sent us.  Many responders to the PDA I/P Task Force Policy Draft thought PDA’s position [...]
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February 19, 2006

We received many comments in response to the proposed Policy Statement recently published by the Israel/Palestine Working Group of the PDA Peace Task Force. We are sharing a broad sampling of them below. They reveal much about the sentiments among our viewers, including some we find deeply disturbing. The blatantly anti-Semitic comments below should indeed [...]
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February 16, 2006

CHICAGO — The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), which represents more than 700,000 members, today endorsed Democrat Christine Cegelis for Congress in the hotly contested 6th Congressional District, which includes O’Hare International Airport, where more than 6,000 IAM members are employed. “She understands what our members have been going through, and she’s been [...]
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I am writing in response to your Inside/Outside Report I recently received. I want to share with you and others the way I contribute “heat” in our mission to impeach President Bush and his Administration for their criminal and treasonous acts.   First of all, be advised that I live in a very Republican dominated state (Kentucky). My Senator is unfortunately, [...]
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February 15, 2006

Dean’s Annual Report to the Grassroots By Erin Below are two glaring aspects of Dean’s plan that personally do not sit well with me & that I will work to change. 1) “Focus on Our Core Values” (Who is “Our”?  Certainly not the majority of grassroots Dems. I have come across around the country who have a different, yet [...]
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February 14, 2006

Putting Progress First: Getting Over the Ohio SNAFU By Mike Hersh for PDA   Regarding the fallout from the effort to ensure the most progressive Democrat wins the Ohio Senate Race. This is very unfortunate, and I wish Rep. Brown had dealt with this better. If he had, then Paul Hackett wouldn’t have entered the race in the [...]
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CHENEY SHOOTING: Whittington Suffers Heart Attack By BradBlog ‘Birdshot lodged in heart’ of Cheney Shooting Victim… OCCURRED ‘EARLY TUESDAY’ — BUT NOT MENTIONED BY MCCLELLAN IN WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFING! Just breaking from AP: CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - The 78-year-old lawyer who was shot by Vice President Dick Cheney in a hunting accident has some birdshot lodged in his heart [...]
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February 13, 2006

Key numbers in latest Bush budget request: $562 billion - total military budget in fiscal year 2006 (including Iraq and Afghanistan wars and Department of Energy budget) $513 billion - total military budget request for fiscal year 2007 (including war funding thus far requested and Department of Energy budget; it is expected that the Administration will request [...]
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The unmasking of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson by White House officials in 2003 caused significant damage to U.S. national security and its ability to counter nuclear proliferation abroad, RAW STORY has learned.According to current and former intelligence officials, Plame Wilson, who worked on the clandestine side of the CIA in the Directorate of [...]
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February 9, 2006

By Cindy Sheehan     First of all, I would like to thank everyone for coming today, and send out to my daughter, Carly, a big Happy Birthday. She is 25 today. She is now older than Casey was when he was killed in Iraq on April 4, 2004.     I would also like to thank everyone from [...]
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February 7, 2006

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., today said, “This administration - which likes to think of itself and project itself as the most `Christian’ in history - should look more carefully at its authoritative book, the Holy B ible. Matthew 6:21 says `For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’ With his `faith-based’ 2007 [...]
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February 6, 2006

By Cindy Sheehan, PDA Board Member The now famous black shirt with white lettering that I was wearing on January 31st to the State of the Union address originally read: 2000 Dead. How many more? That shirt was made by Veterans for Peace on the occasion of the 2000th U.S. soldier killed in Iraq. That tragic number [...]
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February 5, 2006

( Washington , DC ) – As the B ush administration prepares to submit its fiscal year 2007 budget to Congress, Congresswoman B arbara Lee (D-Oakland), joined by 73 co-signers, sent a letter to the President calling on him to substantially increase funds for U.S. foreign assistance programs to address global HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. [...]
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Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus present an alternative vision for the United States of America on the morning of the President’s State of the Union address. This special forum at the Democratic National Committee headquarters proposes a new direction for the country, articulating concrete plans for achieving change. Progressive Caucus leaders discuss issues ranging [...]
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On January 23, Owens declared his support for impeachment on his web site: “As an American committed to the vigorous protection of individual rights in a democratic society, I join with the voices both within and outside of Congress calling upon the U.S. House of Representatives to commence impeachment proceedings against the President of the United [...]
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January 29, 2006

Truthout Video Exclusive: Cindy Sheehan on Running for Senate Interview by Chris Hume and Sari Gelzer Cinday Sheehan sat down with Chris Hume on Saturday and discussed why she is considering a run for the Senate. Sheehan cited examples of Diane Feinstein’s votes that, in her opinion, did not represent Californians. QuickTime DSL | 56K Windows Media DSL | [...]
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By David Swanson Yesterday I spoke on a panel in Los Angeles organized by the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus, a body that is leading the way in promoting a plan to end the occupation. Below are my answers to the moderator’s thoughtful questions. QUESTION: During the Vietnam War, there was considerable propaganda that was disseminated and [...]
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