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What a thrill it is to be back, Live and Local weekday mornings on AM 540 KRXA.

Thanks to Hal for allowing me this opportunity. I am extremely excited and very grateful about having the chance to once again talk to you weekday mornings during Stephanies show.

It all started in this Sand City, CA AM radio station all the way to the left of the dial in 2005 when Hal hired me to be the Morning News anchor on KRXA 540, shortly  after he and Peter B. Collins launched this venture. About a year later, Hal and Coach teamed up to do the morning show. We had a very loyal following and to this day still receive comments on how much folks enjoyed the inter play between the two of us. Having been in broadcasting for almost twenty years, I honestly and humbly say that  the audience we attract on AM540 has some of the best people I have ever been blessed to entertain.

After being away for a few years to tend to family matters, in the summer of ’09, I rolled back to the Monterey Bay. After a few false starts, I have finally figured out a way to put abilities, passions and talents together. I love living here on our beautiful central coast.

My father once said, ‘Kase, I don’t care if I had to dig ditches to live here, I’d do it!’ Well, I know how to use a shovel and some other tools, but for Coach, the very best job is having a microphone to mumble into each morning and chat with friends

Today in radio, the game has changed and Coach needs to find sponsors to support my efforts. That’s why I started COACH’S HUDDLE, A group of local leaders who want to work with me to get YOU to check out their businesses and services. The game plan for COACH’S HUDDLE is to have a limited number of sponsors in order to provide maximum exposure.

We have started strong and I thank all of you for turning out and telling my friends at Pensi Pasta, Twisted Roots and Flanagan’s Irish Pub you heard Coach talking about them on AM540.

If you have a small business or service that you’d like Coach KC to talk about on air weekday mornings, please contact me at [email protected] I’d also appreciate  any suggestions from those of you who currently shop at local  places which could benefit from the ‘Mouth-Word’ advertising advantages offered by COACH’S HUDDLE

So it’s great to be back and I’m really excited about the start of a new year. I have a ‘Play Book’ that I put together for Fat Guys who want to know how Coach KC was able to lose 90 pounds and keep it off.

I invite you to join me weekday mornings here for ‘Coverage that Counts’ as well as the very latest on your Central Coast Commute. Thanks to those of you have so warmly welcomed me back. I wish you and those you care the most about a very safe and special New Year.

Peace, Coach KC

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4 Responses to HUDDLE UP!!!

  1. PT says:

    I think your on-air & ad-generating success may soon outshine Hal even though personally, I’m more a fan of Hal’s focus on politics. You are one heck of a salesman & are extremely funny & quick! Hal will be lucky if he can keep you by giving you a piece of the action.

    I know painting is not what you really want to spend your time doing but I think many of us would be interested in knowing more about your painting business & how you got into that line of work. Some of us might even want to hire you. Do you paint houses as an unlicensed independent, as a contractor, or for a contractor? Maybe you should promote your painting business on KRXA. If you can generate a lot of painting business on KRXA, maybe you can then go down to Home Depot & hire someone else to do the work! (Tongue firmly planted in check…. I’d be worried about Workman’s Comp & liability issues myself.) Really though, I bet a lot of us would like to hear more about the painting you do before it’s too late & you move on to better things.

    P.S. – Billy Sunshine should have a show of his own. He is also a tremendous talent. Maybe you can push Hal to make it somehow economically work. (I don’t think Billy is willing to pay or work at selling but over time, I think Hal would find him an on-air success & thus marketable).

  2. BILLYsunshine says:

    pt is right he is a man of great taste
    and knows great talent when he hears us

  3. coach says:

    You both are very kind and I hope you know how much I appreciate your support. It is a humbling feeling when you are able to entertain an audience that ‘gets’ what I do.
    I got more blogs coming, PT, and I’m starting up “HANDYMEN HUDDLE” with talented & skilled pros. Stay tuned for details in the next few weeks. Thanks again for your comments.
    Peace, coach kc

    • Shade says:

      “Handymen Huddle”? You mean you wield more than a paintbrush, a football, & maybe some other “tools of your youth”? Sounds interesting & maybe KRXA can attract an additional audience with this if your program airs on weekends next to other shows that might draw a similar audience. Hal’s current weekend programming is too eclectic & his morning infomercials drive me to change the dial… often for the remainder of the day. I’m usually too busy or too lazy to mess around with changing stations much & there IS other decent programming out there on weekends.

      One additional thought. Perhaps to be politically correct, the show title should be titled “Handyperson Huddle” or just Handy Huddle. Not as catchy though. I personally prefer Handyman Huddle. Correct that. I prefer a huddle of two with both genders involved. Sorry Karel.

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