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Sat, 2008-05-31 11:55

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Fri, 2008-05-30 15:57

Too many commercials and could you drop the old hippie music that you
play before people start talking... isn't it talk radio!?!?


Fri, 2008-05-30 15:57

Thank You Stephanie and Friends, as an American married to a Canadian, I have turn my family on to you and Progressive Radio.

As I can Vote in both countries, I was raised in rural/Phila., Penna., this election is the most historical session.

Yes, HRC really thought this was a walk in the park for her. Obviously she under estimated the American Thinking People and the Movement for real change. And, the fact that a really unknown Senator would be able to reach out and bring this Election Campaign to a higher level.

Thank you again, for a THINKERS RADIO!
From your Northern Cousins! We LOVE YOU!

Jeannett, Penna., via Toronto, Canada

Fri, 2008-05-30 06:45

Dear Hal,
Don't you think its time we get the real news instead of the corp. stuff we get now? Even on our beloved KRXA, we have to endure the smelly corprate top of the hour dribble. Check out this story that never made the big time, wonder why?

In September 2007, a Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA was forced to crash land in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula after it ran out of fuel.

After accident investigators arrived on the scene they discovered a cargo of nearly 4 tonnes of cocaine.Journalists discovered that the same Gulstream jet had been used in at least three CIA "rendition" trips to Guantanamo Bay between 2003 and 2005.

Kevin Booth’s underground hit documentary American Drug War features footage of former DEA head Robert Bonner admitting that the CIA was involved in cocaine smuggling operations.

Former DEA agent Cele Castillo, who has appeared on The Alex Jones Show many times, personally witnessed CIA drug smuggling operations funneled through terrorists that were also involved in kidnappings and the training of death squads on behalf of the U.S. government.

Investigative reporter Gary Webb was instrumental in exposing CIA cocaine trafficking operations before his alleged suicide in 2004. In the You Tube clip below, Webb traces the history of Agency involvement in drug smuggling and its links to financing wars in central America.

dave, aromas

Thu, 2008-05-29 20:03

Great find this morning: Robert from Monterey and the Calitics blog. He sounds knowledgable about local and state politics, and you will do well having him on the show on a regular basis.


Thu, 2008-05-29 12:59

This morning on Hal's community show, I heard Thom Hartmann disparaged.

Then I listened to Thom from 10 to 10:30 and was richly rewarded. I learned a lot about the ongoing situation and politics of Darfur, some from his first-hand information. Then he explained the import of Scott McClellan's revelations about the Bush administration, and caught Kouric's comments which I had missed. To me this was what constitutes prime-time radio. I have listened to Thom Hartmann for a long time on KRXA and I have learned a tremendous amount of news, history and background on my country and the world. I appreciate Thom a lot and certainly would not like to see his show go anywhere (though I could hear it thru his website). The only host on KRXA I really do not listen to is Lionel, because I think he is part crazy and often irrelevant to meaningful information.

Charles, Monterey, California

Wed, 2008-05-28 20:43

A Black can't be president

A Black can't play golf
A black can't play quarterback
A black can't play tennis
A black can't head coach
A black can't be a Supreme Court Justice
A black can't perform the first FULLY successful open heart surgery
A black ex-slave can't gain access and influence our greatest President during a time of Civil War
A black can't fight as hard in times of war(Buffalo Soldiers)
A black can't sing opera(Jessye Norman)
A black poor uneducated landscaper in apartheid era South Africa can't go on to assist in the world's first open heart surgery and train future physician's of greater education and lesser skill to do the same.(Naki)

I think of everyone who for whatever reason have been told they can't do it. They're too poor, uneducated, dark, too light, too righteously indignant and I think of what people from institutionally arrested backgrounds have done and I ask - Haven't you learned your rightful place? And I say - Go and claim it.

Noah Kandu, Carmel Valley

Wed, 2008-05-28 20:42

Central Avenue Bakery

I sat down for breakfast with my fiance on Tuesday and shared a breakfast burrito and pancakes with her. Let me just tell you, the breakfast exceeded all expectations. The burrito(a customer favorite) looked almost too good to eat. The presentation was what one might expect to pay double for. Topped with delicious sliced avacados and a fresh salsa that met with the overwhelming approval of my pregnant partner's heightened senses. The pancakes were made almost like crepes and were served with bananas and the best strawberries either one of us had tasted. We both left sated and smiling. Also, my fiance's decaf coffee was brewed on request.

A very conscientious and thoughtful proprietor. Cozy, yet open and spacious setting. Impressive and modest.

Anthony, Carnel Valley

Tue, 2008-05-27 20:46

I am always suspicious of folks like the poster Ann who talk about how they " marched for civil rights" ad nauseum. Apparently you weren't true to the game then and now. You have your right to support your candidate. Gee, it's nice to know that we people "of a darker blue" as Curtis Mayfield said, have been coronated of "skin color" by Ann. Just come out and say what you want to say Ann. And what pray tell, are you afraid of should Obama win the presidency? Fear of a black (brown) planet? What do these people of "skin color" say about Clinton that makes you so afraid? If by any chance you are referring to African Americans, we do know how to vote in our best interest as do all other folks. It seems that Americans of all stripes are not for Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. They are as KRXA says are "thinking for themselves". Who crowned Hillary queen? Or is the so-called "feminist" leadership showing their true colors as did their 19th century predecessors? In other words: "the rest of you get to the back of the line because it is our turn to run the show". Let the people choose. We owe Hillary Clinton nothing. She has done herself in.

Sharon, Salinas

Tue, 2008-05-27 09:54

The neocons ran up billions of dollars in debt on war with the idea of making the cupboard bare for any progressive or Democratic social spending.

With money not backed by anything of value except the faith in the government, dollars are just little memoranda encouraging certain labors on the part of us citizens.

When the Democrats take over, with our faith in government restored, we should not be afraid to inaugurate desirable spending on infrastructure and social construction and projects.

Like Dick Cheney said, "Deficits don't matter". Have some audacity in spending!

Charles in Monterey

Charles, Monterey, California

Tue, 2008-05-27 09:24

Hi Hal and all,

I'm just checking in offering my congratulations and support for our thriving community radio station, KRXA 540AM!

Often when I hear your morning local show come on, I want to call in and express my happiness to you for a new day with your show in it. Obviously I won't waste our time with such trivial comments.

Maybe some day there could be a KRXA 540 Chat Room, where we could put this small talk in and relate to other listeners. Maybe it could be like Karel's Chat Room.

Charles in Monterey

Charles, Monterey, California

Tue, 2008-05-27 06:10


I was irritated at your reference to Mary Jo Kopechne as the “girlfriend” of Senator Edward. M. Kennedy, and referred to the Wikipedia article on the “Chappaquidick Incident”.
According to the history, Ms. Kopechne was a “Boiler-Room Girl”, a veteran of RFK’s 1968 campaign, meeting for a commemorative reunion in July of 1969, ostensibly to plan EMK’s bid for the Presidency in 1972.
Senator Kennedy supposedly drove his mom’s car of that bridge, then escaped from the upside-down car, underwater, without releasing the air, such that Ms. Kopechne was found with her face toward the presumably last air bubble left in the car. Pretty miraculous, I’d say.
Then, Senator Kennedy, after recruiting the other males from the “Boiler-room” reunion, made multiple attempts to dive for the car, and eventually was driven to the ferry landing by his associates, where, there being no ferry, he SWAM 500 yards through Atlantic waters to Edgarstown. Could YOU swim 500 yards through the ocean with a major heat-on?
Senator Kennedy was elected to the Senate in 1962. In 1964, his plane crashed off Martha’s Vineayrd, killing the pilot and his aide, Ed Moss. Is there anyway the Limbaughs and the Michael Savages can spin that to fault him?
Chappaquidick crushed Senator Kennedy’s plans for a 1972 Presidential try. How different would the world be today if Teddy had been able to challenge Nixon in the infamous, “Watergate” election of 1972?

Steve Brady


Mon, 2008-05-26 13:08

Hal and Steve,

I know you hate Hillary and all her "racist" friends/supporters. No news there. For the record, I fought for civil rights beginning in the 60's and on. Although, I couldn't go march in Selma, as a Unitarian Universalist, we made sure we sent our minister on our behalf. I marched in every peace march throughout the 60's in SF. I lived in Big Sur for 13 years through the end of the 60's through the early 80's. During that time I worked for and was mentored by the most liberal, generous, caring woman in the community...considered by most to be the Mother of Big Sur then. When I moved to Marin, I was invited and served a term on the board of the Marin ACLU and was active in local politics challenging and heading an environmental lawsuit against the local political (entrenched conservatives) machine over their failure to seek environmental studies for a huge development in the downtown area where I then lived. I am hardly a conservative but because of the extreme views on either side, I am center of either one. I can't relate to what is supposed to be liberalism today. I have written many times and been published in the SF Chonicle and Marin IJ standing for Democratic principles. For Godsake I campaigned for RFK. So call me a racist if you want (such an easy dismissal) but it only points out again how wrong you'll try to make anyone who happens to disagree with you. How dare anyone to want an even, balanced discussion. You have turned off your mind and are in sheer reaction. I think you may have lost your mind.

You out and out lied about Hillary's comment. Did you even bother to pull up the entire interview? It had NOTHING, NOTHING in it about Barak Obama. It is on the internet. Watch it and correct the despicable things you have said. The point made was not about assassination. You, like the major media cut the interview off immediately after the comment about 1968 and just let it hang in the ether without any of what came after. Do you really believe that RFK, Jr. would make the comments he has for her defense it he thought there was an iota of a chance she was wishing for someone to be killed? If you do then you are certifiably insane. It's people like you who will have to answer for playing the hate card if anything should happen to her. You continually stir the pot with your hate filled vitriol.

Oh, yeah you didn't mean anything about the comparison of Hillary to a horse who ran itself to death. If I took your tact, I'd find that suspicious, expand on it and begin telling everyone that you want Hillary to die. Maybe you do. And I'd definitely leave out your explanation for your analogy. I've never heard such ugly, biased opinion. Oh, wait. Yes I have. You only have to read any ultra-so-called-liberal blog; Daily Kos or maybe the racist rants ongoing anytime Joan Walsh posts a question on Salon. The posters there (of all skin color) have made it clear they hate white women in general and Hillary in particular and we can expect a payback when they have the power. Now there's an Obama high road for you. Well, I've already paid. And paid. And paid. I don't have a bill due. Poor simpletons. You are in for such a fall. Barak is not going to make you powerful. That is developed from within ones self. Barak Obama needs to disavow all of this hate filled talk on his behalf. But you know, lately I have the feeling that he plays the "Let's you and him fight" game. He lets all of you be his storm troopers while he sits back and smiles letting you do his dirty work for him.

You make me feel as though someone has walked through my mind with their filthy feet.

Ann, Carmel

Mon, 2008-05-26 13:07

Hi , I think what they call dream ticket is infact a nightmare ticket , and a recipe for disaster,......The woman is talking about assassination for more than a year, exactly since Obama started his lead. thank you;

Phurhan. Tulsa , Oklahoma

Fri, 2008-05-23 13:26

Hal, your heart is in the right place, but you're either naive or living in a bubble when it comes to operation of the market. Huge corporations control marketing and distribution, vast resources and much of the political process. Though, higher gas prices may have some positive effects, the market is NOT the answer till we have publicly financed elections and effective anti-trust enforcement throughout our whole economy (including the various media.) I personally haven't owned a car in almost 30 years, but that's not a solution for great numbers of people until a whole lot of other things change. Please don't jump on that market is the answer bandwagon. There is a role for personal initiative and entrepreneurship, but capitalism is SICK. Corporations are not as important as people and unfortunately not anywhere near as accountable. Don't ever champion the market till corporations are held to the same standard as people and individuals can actually compete economically with corporations.

Pete H, Santa Cruz, CA

Thu, 2008-05-22 13:20

Hal & Ann:

Some things are just plain anti-human, and the foremost of these, as Holocaust survivors and African-Americans know in their hearts, is Racism. Racism is not only anti-American, it is anti-human. By definition it is idiotic. To call a racist an idiot is only calling a spade a spade.
As I've said on the air, though Billary keeps playing the "race card", I don't believe in their hearts that they're racists. This cannot be said for Hillary's supporters, who too often, at least in this area, are racist idiots.
Steve Brady


Tue, 2008-05-20 15:44

Hal, I have stopped, for the most part, listening to your station because of your bias and your consistent ranters, Dennis and Billy. Today (tuning in for Hartman), though I heard your last caller make a point about how the Rove people play you. She is so right. I don't sense that you have any ability to really listen or hear nuance at all. You seem to be black/white. Either/or. When I heard Hillary's comment about Rove's saying she was a better candidate, I laughed as I'm sure most of her supporters did. She was offering it as irony. The Rove agenda is diabolically clever and he continually is mentally three steps ahead of you. He's a genius at getting reactionaries to go just where he wants them to go. I will not follow.

However, aside from that do you think by going on Fox that any of the Democratic candidates just might win a few borderline converts? Do you think the next president should be the president for ALL the people and not just those in your bubble? And, by the way, if the DNC is so stupid to not allow a primaries in Florida and Michigan, they deserve what they get. There's a chance an actual primary in those states might go for Obama too...certainly Michigan. We'll probably never know. Have you listened to the comments of people from Oregon and Kentucky about how exciting it is for them to be able be part of the decision making process? You can thank Hillary for that. But of course you won't because we're the devil himself. How do you think MI and FL voters feel?

I'd also like you to stop making people who are different than yourself out to be idiots. Do you hear even yourself? You come across as self-righteous, sanctimonious and hypocritical. People don't fit into the same mold; on some issues (Bush, Iraq, Iran, healthcare, economic issues) we can agree, others (ILlegal immigration for one) no. We agree on more issues than we disagree actually but on delivery and tone...no. But to fit yourself into a leftist "my way or the highway" POV is the flip side of the Bush party and alienates many in the solid base of the Democratic party of FDR and JFK. It does not serve the public. And to demonize a Democratic candidate when you obviously can't stand back to see the whole picture, is where we part company. We expect better of you.

Ann, Carmel

Fri, 2008-05-16 14:09


1st, please correct Aromas Dave, the country is either "Erin" (in Gaelic) or "Ireland" (in English). Irland is not an recognized spelling.
2nd, I just unbundled the Carmel Pine Cone for our lobby, and remembered that I had read it once, determined its conservative bias, and never read it again. I have the same attitude about AM 1460 or AM 1080. I'd rather suffer through reading "Mein Kampf" or "Project for a New American Century" than expose myself to that neo-con hate speech.
I understand that you have to expose yourself to that kind of crap, in order to maintain an unbiased journalistic approach, and I thank you for your service, and pray that it does not infect you as it seems to do to others as they age.


Tue, 2008-05-13 13:49

Dear Hal,
After doing some research into Israelis influence into the USA's government I have concluded that it is a very dangerous relationship for the USA. As you say, I could be wrong but the connections of people and enities is really over the top.

To avoid any preception of racism I'm going to use a hypothetical comparision with another group of people. I will use Irland because of their non preceieved threat to the USA.
OK, here goes,,,
What would Americans think if they were told, the encription codes for our NORAD defence system and other highly secret information was owned by companies in Irland?
What would Americans think if they were told that almost every phone bill (90%) was done by an Irish co. that all the billing information was kept in Irland?
What if they were told a ex prime minister of Irland said the attack on 9/11 was good for Irland?
What would the people think if we spend 10 billion a month on a war that was precipitated by people that have high level positions in our executive's administration that hold duel citizenship with Irland?

What would Americans think if they were told the owners of building #7 made money by increases in their insurance policy just before the collapse were Irish?
What would the people think if they knew rightwing neocon Irish were trying to influence our govt. much like the neocons likes of Norman Hascoe, (now decesed) and his 'ol buddy Mark Broxmeyer over at JINS (Jewish Institute for National Security)?

What do we do Hal? Ignore it? call it rasism and not talk about it?

dave, aromas

Mon, 2008-05-12 16:58

I had rather listen to Stephanie than the misguided Libertians, but am glad that I listened to the Morning Show this morning. Hearing "If I Had a Hammer" brought back a treasured memory from the night in 1962 that some of us students at the Language School sang with Joan Baez at a coffee shop in Monterey. Thanks for the memory!

H. Neal McKenzie, Jasper, GA

Thank you too Neal . . . I think.


Sun, 2008-05-11 09:39

my note refering readers to an article titled ----Is this how NORAD was duped- from the portland media--appeared here and now it's gone. why?

from everything i have read there is more evidence that suggest the mossad, the israelis govt. and the bush folks were behind the attack on 9/11.
these folks all had one thing is common,---motive, means, opportunity

If Hal is uncomfortable printing such work, i totally understand. no one wants the homeland security, jdl or mossad after them. its a frightening world out there.

dave, aromas

Dave - I pulled the two posts because I believe that the sites to which they link are at bottom anti-semitic. I could be wrong about that. What do listeners/readers think? Basically, they argue Israeli involvement in 9/11 without, what I consider, legitimate evidence. I have a problem with that.


Fri, 2008-05-09 11:51

Lincoln Log

My maternal great-great-great-great-great? Grandmother Sarah Shipley emigrated from North Carolina to Kentucky on the Cumberland Gap. On her way her family was attacked by Native Americans. Her mother was killed in the attack and Sarah was taken captive. She remained in captivity for five years before she was returned to her mother's sister Lucy Hanks, where she lived and took care of her younger cousin and playmate Nancy Hanks. This Nancy Hanks is Abraham Lincoln's mother. Yes, that Abraham Lincoln and yes, I am proud to say so.

When I make or hear a comparison of a person's traits to Abraham Lincoln I don't do so lightly. Nor do I believe they shouldn't be made. Lincoln was flesh and blood with a beautiful soul and mind, and was truly a man for his times. However, I believe even he would agree he could not live up to the image we've created of him.

And to those who don't see that we live in an implicit slave system, I suggest that watching your once strong and hearty mother wither and die an excrutiatingly painful and preventable death because she couldn't afford healthcare might influence you otherwise. Single payer.

Anthony Fiano, Carmel Valley

Fri, 2008-05-09 11:51

I wanted to make a comment about the experience "issue" with Obama.

My question is, what kind of experience are you looking for? Someone who knows the ropes for corporate driven America? That can take money and keep special interests alive? OR someone who refuses to play the special interest game? On average Obama gets $96 per pledge. Because he will not accept money from special interests. This is the kind of new direction I am looking forward to in the white house.

As a side note, I have wondered if Hillary stays in the race because she is waiting for the power hungry to assassinate him, then she would be the clear party winner.

I think this is a real scenario to be concerned about.

Suzie, Aptos, CA

Fri, 2008-05-09 11:50


I'm surprised Dr. Rossiter didn't mention the work of Adorno regarding the dementia that we call conservatism or fascism. Were you able to administer a quicky F-scale to him, and how did he do?
(He flunked by my estimation.)


Thu, 2008-05-08 06:54


I note that Mr. Hood's ad claims he has spent a lifetime "fighting crime". Good credentials for a sheriff, but shouldn't we prefer a Judge who has spent his life fighting injustice? Or is that just me?

Steve Brady


Wed, 2008-05-07 22:16

Fox's Top Gun, Neo-Con Supreme Court Justa Antonin Scalia's fantasy man and Bane of the LA highways, repeat DUI offender Keifer Sutherland(Jack Bauer) is the grandson of Canadian Social Democrat and creator of Canada's single payer healthcare system, Tommy Douglas, who was voted as The Greatest Canadian. That apple didn't just fall from the tree, it got weed whacked...

The Jack Bauer Torture Test - Jack's been out drinking and driving all night. Reaching for his flask, he grabs his pistol instead and shoots his left knee cap. When he arrives at the hospital do you justify shooting his other knee out to protect the drivers he'll terrorize in the future, or would that be considered a punishment? Perhaps, just a bit of water for Jacky boy...

And what's up with Fox, putting filth in cartoons on Sunday of all nights. Isn't that what tobacco does?

Jack Hu

Wed, 2008-05-07 11:34

As requested by HG; here is an address to a story about the Isralis phone billing co., AMDOCS


From what I have read, I would have to say; Knowing who is calling who,when, makes Amdocs the greatest intel coup of all time. check it out!

dave, aromas

Wed, 2008-05-07 11:32

It was either Peter B. or Tom H. who talked about possible conspiracy from 9/11 to now where our rights are being taken and a Fascist State rising.

Your thoughts on if this is the direction and Bush/Cheney are leaving, why would they continue this unless they were planning on staying (next year). Would they do all this just to give it up in an election ....

What do you think about this? Maybe they are chuckling that Americans THINK they are going to have an election!

sean in Monterey

Sun, 2008-05-04 09:26

The problem with any cars that run on gasoline is exactly that: they run on gasoline. I have a Prius because it does run on electricity some of the time, and I wish it ran on electricity more, but I'd have to convert it into a plug-in. Think is coming out with a similar sized all electric (the Ox), and I'm thinking I'll get one. There's no reason, with state-of-the-art batteries, that cars and trucks can't be all-electric! Rent "Who Killed the Electric Car" from a video store and get clued in if you haven't gotten a clue already! More solar and wind power takes care of that stupid question about needing more coal-fired plants or nuke power plants: a red herring if there ever was one; besides the new batteries mean just a few hours of plugging them in to recharge for a few hundred miles of range!
Check out the Tesla website: that's an electric sportscar that beats Ferraris, Corvettes, Porsches, Mustangs; everything but Lamborghinnis and Bugattis, in a quarter mile race, but it tops out at 135 mph. Unfortunately they cost $98,000. Electric motors = more torque = faster cars! I'm amazed at the acceleration of my Prius on the freeway.

L.D. Freitas, Aptos, California

Fri, 2008-05-02 20:59

Scott Dick's discussion about cars that get great gas mileage reminded me of something I read a while ago. It seems that in California (and a few other states), we can buy cars with "a six-cylinder gasoline engine that's cleaner than many hybrid systems... So, just how green is a PZEV machine? Well, if you just cut your lawn with a gas mower, congratulations, you just put out more pollution in one hour than these cars do in 2,000 miles of driving. Grill a single juicy burger, and you've cooked up the same hydrocarbon emissions as a three-hour drive in a Ford Focus PZEV. As the California Air Resources Board has noted, the tailpipe emissions of these cars can be cleaner than the outside air in smoggy cities." (http://autos.msn.com/advice/article.aspx?contentid=4024974>1=10365) While PZEV ("partial zero emissions vehicle") cars don't get better mileage than the standard model, although some of them get great mileage anyway, they cost only ~$100-150 more than the standard model, as opposed to the thousands more for a hybrid.

The State of California says "Californians drive 825 million miles every day - producing 5.4 million tons of smog forming pollutants daily. Since more than 50% of California's total pollution comes from motor vehicles - your car is a good place to start cleaning things up. When purchasing a new vehicle, a good rule of thumb is to make sure the emission rating is good - a PZEV or better is the cleanest buy. Here are a few different ways to go cleaner with your next new car:

You can buy a gas car with a PZEV or better emission rating - There are a lot of gas vehicles now on the market that are certified by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) as partial zero emission vehicles or PZEVs. The pollution controls are so tight and the burning of fuel is so efficient on these vehicles that they can actually be cleaner than a hybrid or alternate fuel vehicle. PZEVs and AT PZEVs meet the ARB's most stringent tailpipe emission standard (super ultra low emission vehicle), have a 15 year/150,000 mile warranty and have zero evaporative emissions. You can find out which ones are the cleanest by asking your dealer about the emission rating, and choosing a vehicle that meets a PZEV rating or better. Or, choose a vehicle from the vehicle search section on this web site - we've already done the work for you." More info at http://www.driveclean.ca.gov/en/gv/driveclean/vtype_index.asp includes a search tool. You'd be surprised at how many PZEV models there are!

Kerri, Marina, CA

Thu, 2008-05-01 19:48

re Scott Dick characterizing the occupation of Iraq colonialism 5/1/08.
Speaking of colonialism, NPR had a report this morning about this ex-military entrepreneur who is now soliciting investors to do business in Iraq, (http://www.iraqproject.com/). He states it's a golden opportunity, to strike while the iron is hot, that sort of rhetoric. He said the country is full of military age young men ready and eager to be put to work, and this is a win-win for everyone. It is just sickening rapacious opportunism.
BushCo., Paul Bremer, their corporate pals and Bushie loyalists have brought about unimaginable waste and mismanagement of the outsourced rebuilding, including writing their ruinous patented seed farm policy with Monsanto
(http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/092007N.shtml), and giving simple reconstruction jobs to overpaid contractors, instead of the angry young unemployed Iraqi citizens.

Quotes below from these blood suckers (http://www.iraqproject.com/)
Iraq is a country full of talented people, has the second oil reserves in the world, and a GDP that is forecasted to outgrow all the countries in the Middle East. This makes its economy a lucrative opportunity for investors from all over the word.

Iraq Project is non-political organization for all companies interested in the new democratic Iraq. We are dedicated to transform Iraq to an active member of the world economy.


Thu, 2008-05-01 13:57

may 1,,,,,,, thanks for having Scott this morning Hal, that was great.
to get up to speed on terror, check out,,,,,,,,, rense.com
Mossad-The Israeli Connection to 9/11 by cris Bollyn
the software capital of Israel is also Mossad HQ
great informative read....

dave, aromas

Thu, 2008-05-01 13:09

Stephanie Miller's voice hurts my ears.

I miss Lionel.

John, Santa Cruz

Wed, 2008-04-30 20:21

Peter B Rocks because he will discuss the obvious- what happened on 911. As for Hal- I haven't listend to your show yet simply because I only come here to listen to Peter b- but Hal- if you are for OBAMA- God bless you for maintaining integrity- the Clintons have been lying and talking down to us ever since NAFTA and now CAFTA. They also passed the telecommunications act that got us into this Fascist State as well as the Glass-Speeigleman act. I am sure the Clintons are nice people, but is this some kind of kingdom? They had their alotted time of power and simply like in The Lord of the Rings, cannot seem to take off the ring of power. We want who we want, and if any folks are leaving you- guess where they are going? to fox news, where they belong- dummies

Karen Hansen

Tue, 2008-04-29 10:45

this business about mich and fl. voting.
this in not a govt. election, this is a party election. we all know that both states made a move that brought the rath of the central party, moving the election date. these people that claim voters are being denied a basic right are totally wrong. it has already been agreed to that by their actions that they will not be afforded delegates. to seat them now would only produce an illegal election or at the very least a tampered one.

dave, aromas

Tue, 2008-04-29 10:45

i just read beachnan's post,,,,if i were to guess,, beachnan's favorite song is Lie to Me, by johnny lang. i figured out when hillary and bill are lying. if you notice, you'll see their lips move.

dave, aromas

Mon, 2008-04-28 10:14

I have left your station. I turned it on briefly today, to see if the rhetoric was the same as it was 2 months ago, and it hasn't changed. I was a listener and fan of your show for almost a year and a half. My family made fun of me, because I would take my radio with me from room to room to listen. We started the primary season with a host of great candidates. I was a John Edwards fan. After he dropped out, I had to choose between the remaining candidates. I listened to the debates, and went onto the blogs. The NH debate is what turned it for me. They were talking about likeability. The question was asked of Hillary, Barack was such a likeable guy, and how did she feel about it. She said that indeed he was likeable, but that she felt that if people got to know her, she was likeable too. The cameras panned down to Obama, and he looked up, and said (in my opinion) arrogantly, you're likeable, (pause), enough), That did it for me. I reviewed their records, what they have done, and for me, it was a no brainer, Hillary comes out on top. Instead of listening to the radio, I got involved. I go to the blogs, I contribute, and I make calls for Hillary. She speaks for me. She has been villified by the press. That was expected. But the fact that she has been villified by left wing radio too, makes me sick. I didn't leave left-wing radio-they left me. In case, you and others haven't noticed-the vote has been split 50/50. There are just as many of us, who believe that she would make a far better candidate than Obama. Here are the Democrats, who have been screaming for years to count all the votes... and yet, you and others make a mockery of those words, by saying it is okay to not count the votes of Michigan and Florida. I realize now, just how disingenuous the left can be, when they want something for their candidate. People want to blame Hillary for the break in our party, and those of us on the other side, see it a different way. The Obama campaign has divided us. Just go to the blogs, on his site, and see how negative and vile, his people are towards Hillary. Now go to Hillary's site, and see how most people don't agree with all that Obama has to say, but the tone is quite different. They make, like his policies, or believe he is the strongest candidate, but they do not say vile and nasty things about Obama. Hal, you always stated you wanted a fighter in the White House. You have right before you, and you can't even see it, because of your bias. Hillary is the only one who will fight for us. I wanted you to succeed, but now, I don't really care. You and Air America do not speak for many of us Democrats. We believe in Hillary, and we are working very hard for what we believe in.


Fri, 2008-04-25 09:37

Jack Quirk:

Billy was right. Barack is as much a Messiah as the historical Jesus of Nazareth, because the only people Jesus was Messiah to were the misbeggoten former slaves of the Roman oppression, people who had lost their culture, their language and their land when they fell under the heel of the Roman conquerors. Christianity gave them some reason to hope, that the horror of suffering under Roman rule would some day end.
Can you think of any people today who fit that description? (Clue: start with the Irish!)

Steve Brady


Thu, 2008-04-24 06:35

I was so upset with the woman who called yesterday morn. I had to respond. In the same way I saw Bush was determined to go to war despite what he was telling us, I can see that Hillary is obsessed with becoming the next President at any cost. She is damaging herself by denigrating the character of a man who I truly believe has only the best interest of this great country. Power is what she desperately wants even if it means discounting the Obama supporters until she needs them. I started voting late in life--even though I wrote about Kennedy in grammar school--with my first vote cast for Bill Clinton. I am deeply disturbed by what the Clintons are doing to the Democratic Party and will say so when I send my check to the Obama campaign during the primaries and not wait until the candidate has been chosen. I can't understand why the woman who called about the candidates was so adamantly against Obama. While I look and the candidate and their stand on the issues, my gut feeling is that Hillary has crossed the line by so harshly attacking Obama. Karl Rove was on a right wing talk show making the case for Hillary. That should tell you something! Another Republican stratigist said that because Hillary has given them the right to attack Obama on the race issue since she has already done it therefor opening the door for them.

Please don't let up on the comparison of these two candidates. My grandson's future is at stake. Hillary is in it for herself first and the American people. I know that I am sounding emotional, but my gut feelings rarely fail me. I was right on the war and I was also right on Bill Clinton so many years ago.

PS, I like the two hours of the morning show and love Randi's return.

S.V., Salinas

Thu, 2008-04-24 06:33

Hal, I hope you bring Randi Rhodes back. Maybe by that time she will be back to her old self:informing us about the important political information we need to streighten out our country. I think she's been so traumatised by what air america did to her she needs a little while to calm down. Scott Dick is GREAT !! HOW ABOUT GIVING HIM 3 HOURS? I LOVE KRXA!!!!!!!

connie, seaside

Thu, 2008-04-24 06:29

I enjoyed the intro to Scott Dick's show last night. A/C D/C is a great Australian import. Another Australian import, uh, not as entertaining- Rupert Murdoch - Cruel April Bid $560m to buy Newsday(Tribune, Zell) Murdoch, Zell Appointed to AP Board(Zell runs/owns NEWSDAY)
Looking at partnering with Yahoo(think Yahoo News Portal)
(WSJ) Wall Street Journal Editor Resigned
"the single biggest change in (WSJ)front-page coverage occurred with politics and the presidential campaign. From Dec. 13, 2007 through March 13, 2008, coverage more than tripled, jumping to 18% of the newshole compared with 5% in the four months before ownership change.(journalism.org)
the other side---
MySpace Poisons News Corp. (bloomberg.com)
Senate works to restrict media ownership(NY Times)
Murdoch Firm on Trial for Alleged Tech Sabotage(wired.com)

Cristo, Monterey

Thu, 2008-04-24 06:29


I am a BIG fan of yours. I must admit I was hesitant and cautious when Christine Craft left, but I am so glad I stayed to listen to you.

You are refreshing, intelligent and help keep me sound in this caotic political environment we are dealing with.

I love your sense of humor and have learned a lot from you!

Thank you!
Happy Wednesday!

Elk Grove, CA


Mon, 2008-04-21 20:27


I just got an email sent(to a group list) with a picture of Obama, Clinton, and a previous contender with the flag in the background.He was the only one with his hand not on his heart...and it said something about in the newspaper that reported this that he refused to say the pledge of alligance and to put his hand to heart.

IS this true? I can't get a response from the sender as to what newspaper, was this made up, exaggerated, etc.

Really want to know.
Is there a site to fact-check?


Sean - thanks for writing in. I took a day or two to respond because I wanted to be sure I got my facts straight. The picture of Obama standing with his hands clasped was taken at an Iowa Steak Fry when the national anthem was being played not the pledge of allegiance. http://blog.washingtonpost.com/fact-checker/2007/11/obama_nabbed_by_the_patriotic.html

If people take this to have been an unpatriotic act, so be it. Personally, I believe it's just another distraction from the myriad of problems caused by Republican failures facing our country.


Thu, 2008-04-17 17:10

The reason many of us want more of Tom Hartmann and less of Randi, Stephanie or you is due to his knowledge, historical prospective, clarity, and most of all his even handed approach to the Democratic candidates. He stands almost alone among the progressive media in pointedly not taking sides. I expect that whomever wins the nomination will have his full support and he will continue outing the criminals in the Republican party. It doesn't matter whether the candidates duke it out or not. Just report it and keep your personal bias out of it. That would be truly refreshing from any of the media.

I'd appreciate it if you'd give us one hour of local reporting...preferably, the first one since you'll lose me for the 2nd. Too much Hal. And for petesake, can you manage to stop the glitches with dead air or playing commercials over the speakers?

I don't think there's anything funny about what is currently going on in politics so I don't need Randi's rant or Stephanie's mocking take on anyone with whom she happens to disagree. It's low "comedy" reporting. I've even stopped watching Jon Stewart for that reason. We need someone who will go head to head with Fox news. They spew lies with a serious overtone while our brightest lower the bar telling the truth masked as a joke.

By the way, our candidate used to be chosen at the convention. There's absolutely nothing wrong in that. It's the democratic process to fight it out until the end...separating the wheat from the chaff.


PS: Just a guess but I wonder whether the reason you don't have many new callers is due to your tendency to talk over anyone who doesn't hold your opinion? Pretty soon, you fellows will be talking only to the politically correct choir and that's pretty boring. Give a little respect to the other POV's...and I'm not even talking Republican.

Matilda, Monterey, CA

Thu, 2008-04-17 12:02

good morning
cspan2 hours ago, was listening to senate and whitehouse budget director
go at it, the burning bush is asking for another 108 billion for his country in the middle east. emergency funds that is, everything is an emergency to burningbush, except us that is. this place could flood and burn and gee wizz, thats a state issue according to burningbush. dianna feel good says she is going to have a hard time voting for this one..... but, gee wizz, we all know lady di works hard,,,, just ask her husband.

i got a kick out of a senator explaining how a florida 22 yearold and his buddy, acting as a front for something were able to get 300 MILLION from the defense dept for ammo for afgan soliders... when the ammo got to afganistan it didn't work,,,,, the senator said the ammo was chinese from the sixties........ and to top it off he said he could name hundreds of stories like this.. enjoy, dave in aromas


Wed, 2008-04-16 16:41

I have to leave your channel when Deborah Lindsay comes on. Can't stand her voice & her show is soooo boring. You should stick her on Sun. mornings.


Wed, 2008-04-16 16:41

Thanks for playing our song on the morning show.Keep up the good work.What your doing it is important, keeping people informed on local and national issues will help to protect America from G.O.P. fascism. Thanks again from all of us in Psychos In Love

psychos in love

Mon, 2008-04-14 20:04

Thank you for keeping Air America on-line. I tried listening from their website and I get an echo. Here in Phoenix we are getting Randi Rhodes, I tried to listen to her again, but when she started in saying that Air America is dying because she has left, I turned her off. I stopped listening to her months ago when all she could do was rant about Senator Clinton. I want the news, not the hateful stuff. She is still playing the tape of a guy sounding like former President Clinton wondering how Randi is in bed, without any concern for the feelings of his wife and daughter. I don't know what she said but I believe Peter B. Collins when he said he was offended by what she said. She has changed and I'm not going to listen to her ever again. Rachael Maddow and Cynthia Black are the best, they give us the facts without having to use sex to get people to listen to them.

Diana, Phoenix, AZ

Mon, 2008-04-14 11:00

i wanted everyone to know what happen in greensburg,kansas last may, after the tornado tore the town apart. according to several witnesses the law enforcement community went wild with wide spread LOOTING while all the residence were removed by force evacuation. i found a very well documented story by promting a news search engine to search for "kanas gun confication" ----------mind blowing read

dave, aromas

Mon, 2008-04-14 10:59

I wonder...

Why we can create functional mass transit for a couple of events at Laguna Seca and Pebble Beach but fail to do so the remainder of the year.

What if County Transit adopted the BART model substituting buses for trains.

What if taking the bus only eliminated 80% of driving to and from work.

What if businesses organized and included mass transport as a factor in deciding start/stop times.

Bus Man

Mon, 2008-04-14 10:59

Why all of a sudden have our two excellent candidates turned into two petty whiners?

Sandy Skyler Carmel

Sat, 2008-04-12 11:26

I love most of your programs. Keep up the great job. Thanks to you I get my coffee at Coffeetopia. Please send me 2 bumper stickers one for me and one for my better half.


Jim, Aptos, CA

Sat, 2008-04-12 11:26

Randi Rhodes is no longer an employee of Air America, and is now available with Nova M in Phoenix. Could Hal or Peter B work out a deal to get her here, maybe even some parts live?
The GM in the San Francisco station gave up his own slot to get Randi, and what greater love hath any man?

Steve Brady


Sat, 2008-04-12 11:25

I know you're technically with Air America, but I wish you could just go ahead and put Randi back on through Nova M.

Cynth, Salinas, CA

Thu, 2008-04-10 08:38

Hey Hal,
Please urge listenters to come to the April 10, 7pm, Marina Libary, Jane Parker and Bill Monning meeting sponsored by the Green Party.

These candidates have both been endorsed by the Green Party, Monterey. The library is on Reservation Road, between the Locke Paddon Duck Pond and the Holiday Inn Express.

Jan Shriner, Prunedale, CA

Mon, 2008-04-07 14:05

Great Job discussing the primary with Jeff this morning, Hal!

I wish there were more stations that disected and analyzed the issues as thoroughly. Perhaps political candidates, who believe what they say, will find the wisdom to support Progressive radio and draw other media outlets to follow its lead.

Anthony, CV

Sun, 2008-04-06 10:27

Hal - Still digging KRXA! I wish I could listen all the time. Go! Go! Go!
Thanks for airing Seder on Sunday - I like his style.
As a night-shift worker, Press, Miller, and your show are all enjoyed in the morning. Also, I catch Peter B Collis over the hill on replay. Good stuff, folks.
Additions? -
I'd love to hear Rachel Maddow's program - even on delay. And though it's a little late, but when FranGela (Spelling?) filled in a few weeks ago for the Miller team, I found them refreshing and fun. I'd like to hear them on KRXA.
bests, and keep on keeping on!


Sat, 2008-04-05 11:12

I really enjoy KRXA and find the host Scott Dick to be the most refreshing and versatile host. He is funny, very knowledgeable and listens to all who call. I would also like to say that last week I heard an Air America stream with an African American host (the name escapes me know). Please continue to run this program. I am sure the program is relevant to all regardless of background. I love KRXA. Please diversify your show with progressive people of color who deserve a chance to be heard.


Renee - many thanks for writing in. I believe that the program that you heard is "Black Politics with Chris Owens." We will continue to air it at 6 pm on Saturdays. Let us know of other shows that you feel would be positive additions to our lineup.


Wed, 2008-03-26 12:46

Scott,don't blow it.
Powerful forces in this country are turning the discussion (snipers in Bosnia) away from the real story. Thanks to your military service, you're one of the few anywhere in media who can credibly compare and contrast the Democratic success running two Balkan wars with the Bush fisco in Iraq and Afghanistan.
During Bosnia and Kosovo, American (and allied)combat casualties were virtually nil, the duration was short and decisive, the financial cost was miniscule, the International community including the UN was largely supportive ... and involved. And most importantly treaties were signed, a brutal tyrant was brought to justice, 3/4 of a million refugees went home and peace still reigns. And during it all, the prestige of the US grew nearly world-wide with the possible exception of Serbia, the former USSR and China. In fact, the most serious resistance came from the right wing in our own country.

Keep up the good work Scott. I'm glad to know there's at least one vet, and a retired officer at that, who didn't buy into the conservative mindset.

Brandon, Monterey CA

Tue, 2008-03-18 12:48

Schwarzenegger Administration - Death Before Taxes

Fall 2004 proposed -

An EMERGENCY regulation to block stricter ratios of one nurse to every five patients on medical surgical units from the previous one nurse for every six patients.

An EMERGENCY regulation ending the requirement that employers provide workers with meal breaks.

Fall 2008 Issued - STATE of EMERGENCY for a moth refusing to allow five days advance notice to allow public comment (which would have been "inconsistent with the public interest") regarding the spraying of untested chemicals onto humans.

February 2008 - Faced with a budget deficit, and refusing to increase taxes or allow EMERGENCY spending, he slashes funding for payments to doctors and other health care providers who treat the poor through the state's Medi-Cal program.

Anthony, Carmel Valley

Fri, 2008-03-14 10:31

Bill---since you seem overly sensitive to the Rev's comment about "God Damn America", it might be comforting to you and others who insist on bringing the supernatural and their JesusJockey mouthpieces into the mix, to realize that godfigures exist only in the minds of those who choose to believe in them, therefore, "dammning" or "saying" or anything else folks worry about a "godfigure" doing are impossibilities, and just silly, since godfigures are mere fantasy. Perhaps we could get the Jews to "disavow" the Old Testament since it advocates killing homosexuals, or, the Muslims to ban the Koran for being told to kill those who disagree with Allah, or.......on and on. How about this idea? Everytime the word "God" or any other diaphanous deity comes up during the election, how about the journalist doing the questioning say: "That's fine, but, we really do have problems in our country related to reality." Also, doesn't believing in fantasy to the extent it controls one's actions a sign of mental instability? Just wonderin'. I don't expect to hear this on the program. Reality as seen through the eyes of a non-Believer, although true, are always ignored. Let's focus on real problems and leave all this spiritual BS where it belongs. Thanks so much. Buzz

Buzz Daly, Santa Cruz, CA

Thu, 2008-03-13 20:39

Scott has one of your best programs, and this item about GMOs is a most important issue locally. Thanks for giving him a forum. I try to never miss his words.

Dennis, Salinas

Thu, 2008-03-13 10:56

Hello Hal, you need to make current your host page. scott isn't on it. i was listening to scott and called in to inform him that the eisenhower carrier group is on its way to the coast of iran. he asked me where i read it , i didn't know then, but do now....i read the story in the baltimore chronicle/sentinel. after the fallon story , i find it very interesting that national neocon press hasn't uddered a word about this.
one small interjection that i'd like to make:
how would we feel if iran had nukes sitting a couple of hundred miles off the coast of the usa?----dave

Thanks Dave - I have forwarded this message to Scott so we can get his pic and bio on the host page.


Wed, 2008-03-12 08:24


John McCain has the “experience” of raining fiery death down on innocent women and children. Oh, oh, oh, I’m so scared! What a big, tough Man! Will he rain fiery death down on our women and children if we don’t do what we’re told? If participating in War Crimes was the main qualification for the Presidency, then we should be recruiting former Gestapo officers to run our political system, as we stole them to run our rocket program.
As for Hillary’s “experience”, the ONLY claim to liberality that woman has demonstrated is that she only had one child while married to the biggest penis-brain to have ever had sex in the Oral Office. Obviously, the woman has renounced her conservative Christian upbringing, and now espouses family planning as the great Liberator of the planet’s females. But if she is so enamored of female liberation why is she doing everything she can to get War Criminal McCain in to pick the next Supreme Court Justices? Telling us McCain is “more experienced”? Trying at every turn to sabotage the frontrunner who every poll says will beat the bejesus out of any Republican?
Hillary was raised in a Republican household, campaigned for Goldwater and Rockefeller, and it seems to me the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Even Republican women today mouth platitudes about “women’s liberation”, and, never having had an abortion myself, they sound no different than the “moderate” Democratic women we have who can’t get enough of the Israel lobby’s money.

Steve Brady


Tue, 2008-03-11 19:39


The current political atmosphere reminds me of "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Obama = Atticus Finch/Tom Robinson
The Clinton's = Bob Ewell and his clan
Stereotypical American public = Jury
Curious Americans = Scout Finch

Bob Ewell, is a man left to his own devices, much like our political system has been, because, he is dirty, cruel and immoral. He beats his daughter after catching her making advances to Tom and has Tom thrown in jail and blamed for Ewell's assault and accused of rape. The Clintons and Neocons have acted as visciously, using their strong arm tactics when in power.

Now, everyone knows it's not true. Tom's whithered left(much like our country's) arm made it impossible to cause those injuries. Yet, he is misjudged due to his skin color and Ewell's tactics. But, the jury and the Townspeople can pardon themselves by blaming the Ewells, much like we do in blaming the Bushes and the Clintons, and yet we consciously do nothing.

It seems dark, and inevitable, that they will always win. Except for this - most people are good and decent. Even when the KKK showed up at the doorsteps of the jail, they were brought from the shadows by the recognition of one child. They remembered their decency and could excuse their lack of fortitude in committing a lyching by the presence of goodness.

I could have chosen Lord of the Flies, but this one resounds because, I fear what happens if a stand is not made. If the Bob Ewells of the world are allowed to roam unchecked. Because their monstrous behavior is predictable and inevitable.


Anthony, Carmel Valley, CA

Tue, 2008-03-11 13:06

I found KRXA a few months ago and am a faithful listener via the web.

I read that some having difficulty with the web feed. This morning (03-11) I simply cannot connect no matter what I try (several options for me to connect). So I just thought I would let you know.

Now, as for KRXA . . .

I enjoy the "small town" and "local" flavor of KRXA. Your staff is doing a great job! The next time I am out your way I will make a point of visiting as many of your advertisers as possible. I enjoy hearing an owner promote his/her own business rather than "slick" million dollar spots from national advertisers.

Let your advertisers know their message is getting through, even out here in "fly over" country.

Mike Zulkoski, Ord Nebraska

Mike - thanks for the kind words. We truly appreciate them. We are hoping that our internet service provider will get the stream up soon (this is being typed at 1 pm (PDT) March 11.


Sat, 2008-03-08 22:58

I was not convinced that genetically-altered food was any particular danger until today's TASTY PLANET. Scott's recording of the scientist leading the battle to fight it changed my mind. Thanks to both of them for alerting me to the dangers of genetically-altered food. I sent Monsanto a pointed email telling them of my intentions to thwart their efforts to completely subjugate congress, the white house and the fda to their wishes.
I am growing my own tomatoes this year. thanks to Scott Dick i may even buy a pressure cooker. warm regards to him, Hal and all of you who work hard to bring us liberal radio.

Steve Capitola, CA

Fri, 2008-03-07 13:53

Hal, I think you owe us (the old, the white and the women) an apology for your on-air blame game after the Tuesday vote in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. Whether you agree with us or not, it is not right to use your personal bias against your listeners. You sounded pretty mean-spritied. If she happened to hear it, I wonder how your own mother felt about your attack?

It's great that the youth are involved again in the political process but there's a reason that the Presidency has an age requirement (I'm not applying this toward Obama) and that is because most 20 and 30 yo people have neither the development or experience to run the country. They're still learning and getting their first big exposure to the world. When I look back to the riots at the Chicago convention in 1968, I cringe. In no way did we demonstrate that we were ready to lead the country. We were young, passionate, angry and full of energy to tell anyone over 30 just where to stick it. Gosh, (just guessing) today that would probably include you too. Fortunately, with a bit of maturity, we can be more thoughtful and do our best to change things we disagree with through the existing system. Anyone who thinks they can get anything done in DC without the help of "insiders" is destined to repeat Jimmy Carter's (bless his heart, I do love him) mistakes. That gave us the Reagan disaster and beginning of the destruction of the middle class, unions and the joke of trickle down/voo doo economics. Carter believed (and I believe Obama supporters) you can bring in your own team and hit the ground running. The Clintons tried staffing with inexperienced youth too and it was a bloody PR nightmare. I believe Hillary learned many, many valuable lessons as a result. You put out disinformation about Hillary that her only previous experience (before her 6 years in the Senate) was as First Lady forgetting that right out of law school she was bright enough to be on the legal team making the case for impeachment of Nixon. That's something the Republicans can never forgive her and I believe made her a target from the beginning. So again, how about lightening up on the nastiness and stop doing the Republican's job for them. They are in wait for whichever candidate gets the nomination and belive me, they'll throw more than the kitchen sink.

Ann, Carmel CA

Thu, 2008-03-06 10:21

A memo from the Conservative Canadian government was "leaked" painting the Obama campaign in an unflattering light re NAFTA at a point when it's a paramount campaign issue(Ohio).

“This government doesn’t claim that kind of power,” the Canadiam prime minister(Stephen Harper)responded. (How much power does it take it call a meeting and misrepresent it in a memo and leak that memo?) “I certainly deny any allegation that this government has attempted to interfere in the American election.” (That's because it wasn't an attempt it actually WAS interference! Much like when you actually stab someone in the back it's not an "attempted" stabbing.

FYI Last week PM Stephen Harper was implicated in wrongdoing when he stated in a tape, that surfaced of an interview in 2005, that Conservative envoys offered a terminally-ill MP "financial considerations" in exchange for his vote.

Canada's interest in a Clinton or McCain(Bush Leaguer) presidency benign? Let's take a look at recent history:

Bill Clinton - Recieved $31 million for brokering a deal for a Canadian Mining co. to gut URANIUM out of Kazakhstan 11 months after Senator Clinton stated that the deal with the totalitarian regime was "unacceptable." Can. co. recently pledged $100 million to Clinton Foundation.

BUSH(I) - Authorized sale of $10,000,000,000.00 billion worth of gold laden federal property to a CANADIAN gold mining co. for $10,000.(same company was implicated by Amnesty International in burying 50 defiant miners alive in Tanzania. 2 years to the date after that massacre the Tanzanian and Kenyan U.S. Embassies were bombed. Bush joined the board of this company in 1995. (He brokered a deal with Suharto, also.)

Canada's interest in under'mining' is omnipresent.

And what's up with these Presidential "Libraries"? Hundreds of millions of dollars before their built from "PRIVATE" donors. Have we forgotten MARK RICH? $450k donation to Clinton Library and a subsequent pardon!

And what's up with this Executive Pardon Privelege? We should amend the Constitution to prohibit the executive branch from being able to pardon any member of the executive branch(Caspar Weinburger - which killed the case against Khashoggi(founded Bush's Can. mining co.) in the Iran/Arms deal) or any contributor(Mark Rich) to an executive branch member. Give Congress or the Courts that power.

Anthony, Carmel Valley

Thu, 2008-03-06 10:19

Hal, Your rant this morning against women voting for Hillary was completely off the wall. It was like a tantrum by a 2 year old. Wah-Wah, I didn't get my way so I have to blame someone. You did mention that maybe some of it was your own misogyny, but you also came across as ageist and racist. How dare you say that "old white women" don't care if younger women lose their abortion rights. Huh? Get your history straight. We were the generation who secured those rights for them. If they want to keep them, they have every example set for them to do just that. I voted for John Edwards but had I known he would not be able to finish the campaign, I would have voted for Hillary because I think she is the best person (between the two now) for the job and she will fight Karl Rove's pack of dogs he will set lose on whomever the Democratic candidate is. They have all of you convinced that Hillary is the one they want to run against but just as always when they convince people that up is really down and on is really off. It is a trick. Obama has plenty of negatives on his own (who doesn't?) and Hillary is their worst nightmare. It is such a Rovian tactic, I can't believe you can't see it. You seem to take your cue from Stephanie in the hours before you come on; both of you have trashed Hillary relentlessly and yet decry the "negativity" of the campaign. That's just hypocritical. Michelle Obama has a few negatives of her own too. Her comment that her husband (trying to portray him as "everyman") is "snorey and stinky in the morning"...so Kennedyesque. I can just hear Jackie describing JFK in just that way. Crude and crass and much more telling than saying she's finally proud of her country...that at least was relevant to her experience.

Last week in the SF Chronicle Christine Craft (with whom I rarely agree) had a very lucid Op Ed piece on how the media has treated Hillary. Everytime we hear someone like you dump on women we are reminded of the time we lost the job to a 30 year old; earned less than the guy next to us; were accused of being emotional rather than simply politely assertive or have other slurs cast our way, we know Hillary personally and what's she's up against. Craft's comment at the end that Women are the new "N" word is not news to most of us.

By the way, I lived in the center of the counterculture for 15 years from the 60's to the early 80's and was radically left wing (though never a feminist) back then but frankly I don't think there's anything sadder than an old hippy. We all have to mature and grow and that's shown by our change of outlook and expansion of our world. Sorry you weren't old enough to be part of those days but I don't need to relive it. I wish you'd change your intro song. I always feel you want to glorify the past. Although it was unique, it was hardly perfect. There was a lot of damage caused by our ignorance of consequences.

Ann, Carmel

Thu, 2008-03-06 10:19

Hal, thanks for having me on the air today (Tuesday, March 4) to explain why I support Clinton over Obama. My philosophy is that Obama is good, but Clinton is better. Here is why:

Obama Supporters (Not Clintons) are Threatening Democratic Unity
The caller that criticised me for saying Obama was more hype that substance reinfored my point that Obama supporters are the ones that are tearing the party apart and that Obama has not brought out the best in his supporters. Instead of criticising my ideas, he criticized me by calling me a Republican. Obama supporters denounce Clinton when she gets personal, but seem willing to go negative and get personal to defend their candidate! Can't we keep this about the issues?

Obama has been Inconsistent
If Obama is a new kind of politician how can he decalare that the people in Washington are the problem (and he HAS to be including democrats because (1) he said it during the primary where he is running only against Democrats, and (2) he clearly was leveling that as a criticism of Clinton, who isa Democrat) then turn around and accept the endorsement of many Washington Democratic insiders, including the grand puba of Washington-insiders, Ted Kennedy? Obama was willing to denounce Farrakan, with whom he disagreed, why doesn't he denounce Kennedy if he thinks Washington-insiders are really the problem?

Obama's strongest argument for his candidacy is that he made the right decision when it mattered: he was against the war. But he didn't. He wasn't in the Senate at the time and so he didn't have to make any decision at all. All he did was make a speech against the war while representing an anti-war region of Illinois. His speech against the war was admirable, but it was a political appeal to his Illinois constituency. Because it involved zero political risk, it should be afforded zero political weight.

Obama is Not Tested
There is a reason we all turn to our parents and grandparents for nuggest of advice in tough situations; because they are older and wiser than us. I think Clinton is a little older and wiser than Obama. Obama will be a good President when he has a little more experience understanding how Washington works. We've all heard the maxim, "You can't break the rules until you've learned them."

Would you buy a car or get on a airplane that you knew had never been factory tested? Of course not, that would be taking your life into your own hands. Why then would you vote for a presidential candidate who has not been tested.

Voting for the Likeable Person Will Turn Out Badly
We all know what we are getting with Clinton (the good and the bad), but we don't know what Obama will do. The last time we elected the person who was more likeable, we got Bush over Gore. I think we all know how that worked out.

Ryan James, D.C.

Fri, 2008-02-29 14:08

Hal, PLEASE get more progressive.
Nader has important things to say and says them better than anyone else. This country does not belong to the REB-DEMS who are both owned by corporations. We desperately need voices in this presidential contest speaking of getting rid of this corporate stranglehold. If he can push the Democratic candidate to the left, that would be fabulous.
Matt Gonzales, Nader's now vp, is a true progressive and a Green. He said this am on KPFA that while he greatly admires Obama for what he has accomplished in this campaign, if you look at his voting record, the picture is not good. Many times Obama has voted with Rebpulicans for corporate interests. On Democracy Now, the advisors to the Democratic candidates were discussed, and those advisors are the old guard who think war and distablizing other countries/governments is ok.
To call Nader an egomaniac is patently untrue. Listen to him and tell me he is not an eloquent speaker devoted to the issues he and I believe in and to justice.
Next issue:
On Monday, you indicated re 9/11 that you weren't a conspiracy theorist (or something close to that). Calling those who believe the gov't story re what happened on 9/11 is a HUGE LIE "conspiracy theorists" is a way to discredit them so their point of view doesn't even have to be looked at. THIS IS NOT PROGRESSSIVE!!!!
Then, you repeated the pap that the corporate media wants us to believe, that Osama binLaden was behind it all. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN PROOF OF THIS! Even the FBI does not list the crimes of 9/11 of ObL's wanted poster, because they agree there has been no proof.
It does not take a scientist to recognize the Twin Towers and Bldng 7 were brought down by explosives. IT's OBVIOUS! So who planted those explosives?
Barbara Honegger is a brilliant and informed speaker on 9/11. It would be great if you would have her on the show to remind yourself and others of what really happened. Additionally, Richard Gage, architect and founder of ae911truth (architects and engineers), will be here speaking May 4 at 7pm at Carmel Art Association. He is a terrific and convincing speaker and it would be great if you could attend and have him on the show on the 5th if he is available.
KRXA is so valuable in giving a voice to the progressive movement and I am grateful to you for that.
At least you know I am listening.

Peggy Olsen Monterey Ca

Thanks Peggy for a passionate heartfelt comment. Barbara Honegger has been a guest on my show twice and we are making arrangements to have Richard Gage on as well. I stand by my critical remarks regarding Ralph Nader and his supporters.


Fri, 2008-02-29 14:02

Thank you for the $25 gift certificate prize to HOMESCAPES in Carmel(7th&San Carlos). While I was not surprised by the excellent quality I was shocked by the wide array of luxuriant, hand crafted, and one of a kind items to appoint one's self as well as their home. Also, their costs were reasonable and the lady who helped me was exceptionally cheerful and gladly offered to wrap my purchases. Needless to say, I happily exceeded $25 and the recipient of the gorgeous scarves, shawl, and Sari remnant purse was gracious enough to let me out of the doghouse.

Also - ANGELINA's makes the best sandwiches. If you're ever in Seaside or Sand City shopping - they are excellent. Again - cheerful and attentive.


Thu, 2008-02-28 18:11

There seem to be a lot of comments about the photos of the hosts and how pretty they look. Hal, when is some listener (preferably female) going to write in about how pretty your photo looks?
Just wondering,


You're gonna be wondering a long time my friend.


Wed, 2008-02-27 20:15

I'm an avid listener of Stephanie Miller's every morning on my way to work. She is great and so are the guys. I want to voice my support for her program as well as the station. I'm a 46yr old probation officer and married father of one great 6yr old. I am also a proud military veteran who strongly opposes this obscene Iraq war. I just looked up your station and would like you to tell Stephanie I also see that she is hot.. Thanks for all you guys do and keep up the good work.


C - I have passed this message along to Stephanie. All the best.


Wed, 2008-02-27 15:12

This is my first time seeing a photo of Deb Lindsay. She has a delightfully pretty face. Matches her mellifluous voice.


Wed, 2008-02-27 15:09

Lisa Lee certainly has a pleasant, professional delivery. I hope she's a keeper.

Al, Monterey

Mon, 2008-02-25 15:40

Feminine strengths to me are those which value the life of others and see all humans as part of a family, clan, pack or tribe.

I see masculine traits as those which value your own life and are necessary to assert yourself within the family unit.

I see Obama as having a balanced and thoughtful approach to applying these two forces. To me, both in rhetoric and action, Obama has shown much deeper and many more feminine strengths and qualities than Hillary. She seems to swim in feminism's shallow ends...ie You go girl, In it to Win it, Quit Picking on Me, I said it first, my husband this, my husband that... She's always trying to prove herself instead of just be herself and it shows. She also takes the low road and it lessens her image to others.

This country is in deep need of a feminine influence as it has become corporatized(serving the self at the expense of all others)and unable to progress for lack of a healthy dialogue. I see in Obama the matured feminine strengths to negotiate the quagmires we find ourselves in and the righteous indignation of his masculine traits to drive him to open the necessary lines and topics of communication.

Anthony, Carmel Valley

Thu, 2008-02-14 21:20


I am a very faithful listener, though I do not live in the Monterey Peninsula area, I listen on the computer. I visit Monterey a few times a year, and I just visited this past week, and I want to let you know that during our visits me and my children usually have ocassion to visit a franchise pizza restuarant, but this time I made it a point to visit A Pizza Paradise, for the sole reason that it is one of your sponsors. I felt like it is the least I could do, since I listen to your station just about everyday. The service was great, and the owners treated every customer with very personal attention. I let my children know why we visited that particular pizza establishment, just to let them know to support something when you believe in it. This story might be kind of corny, but I just wanted to let everyone know, we must always support the sponsors of this station, if we believe in having KRXA around for a very long time.

P.S. Please get rid of Ed Schultz....lol

Lawrence R.
Merced, Ca

Lawrence - you are the man! Thanks so much for supporting one of our wonderful sponsors.


Wed, 2008-02-13 11:01

Hal et al.

Berkeley City Council's caving to supporting the troops reminds me that these idiots with "Support the Troops" decals are the 21st century version of the "Support your local police" decals of the Nixon years.
How about a new bumper sticker for all these idiots that reads "I support the Police State"?


Tue, 2008-02-12 17:25

Hi Thom you are my idol ..rather my mentor and I support and commend you for all you do.

Yet I have a major complaint the high rush of noise at the start of every commercial - THAT HURTS MY EARS- to the point that I have to drop whatever I'm doing to shut up that noise.
It makes my listening very disagreable no matter how much I like your show.

I'll wait for your comment.

Linda, austin,TX

Mon, 2008-02-11 20:37

I was so disappointed that Freedom from Religion was not on Sunday. Has the time changed or was is just not on. If not on, was that just a temporary thing?

When I got to this section, I think I saw a note about cutting the Stephanie Miller show back two more hours - I hope that is NOT true.

Beverly York, Scotts Valley, CA

Beverly - Freethought Radio is now on at 11am on Sundays. We moved it up an hour to make room for our great new show "Barbara Mossberg's Poetry Hour". We are not planning to cut back Stephanie's show.


Mon, 2008-02-11 16:09

Hi Hal,

Interesting article about 960 AM dropping 2 hours of Stephanie Miller.


Al, Monterey

Fri, 2008-02-08 16:45

Can PETER B please talk about what he thinks can be done (as a contingency plan) in the event Bush somehow has Martial Law. (Perhaps the election goes Democratic, voting issues arise, there is a protest, he calls Martial Law).

What would happen then, what does Peter think would happen to counter it? or deal with?

What could Obama or Clinton do if this were to be a reality?

What contingency plan should they have, what would it entail.

I do believe this is likely...and want everyone prepared.

If Bush has already done unbelievable things, and he is not going to be countered or impeached, he is free to do more, including mess with the election or freeze it or hold Martial Law.

Wonder what Pelosi thinks of that!

I can't seem to get on your show to ask this...so please talk about it and hopefully email.

Sean Monterey

Fri, 2008-02-08 16:44

the results of the dem election scared the new world order folks. clinton was their party favorite, (follow the money and you'll see what i mean) a popular lower and middle class revolt could cost them plenty. looks like this business of super delegates is their way of insuring against the threat of an outsider from moving in -------sad to say but thats how i feel
corpate clinton V insane 100 years in iraq macDrain --what a pair to draw too

dave welch

Thu, 2008-02-07 15:46

Spring – 1996 Sudan offered to hand over Osama Bin Laden into U.S. custody. Clinton declined the offer.(WSJ) Instead…
Summer – 1998, based on now debunked and then specious “intelligence reports” U.S. missiles are fired into Sudan destroying a pharmaceutical plant(subsequently causing the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians who required those pharmaceuticals.(CNN, NYT)
September 11, 2001

February 1996 - Clinton signs the Telecom Act , contracting media and Comm. ownership, reducing competition, increasing user rates, and giving away billions in digital airwave licenses. The very same large media outlets are owned or controlled by the likes of GE, Westinghouse, and Fidelity Investments which are making billions off of the Iraqi invasion and occupation and are thereby bound by “corporate incecntive” to continue to profit by war. Unbiased, meaningful news from the children of these parents?

August 1996 – Clinton signs a dubious welfare reform act. It does not reduce child poverty.

The Enron, WorldCom and TYCO monsters all matured under Bill Clinton’s watch and contributed heavily to his campaigns.

We have bourne the fruit of Clinton’s efforts. He laid the tracks for George W. Bush to railroad the United States into a chasm of financial and moral failure. He failed to actively support the Democratic candidates in subsequent elections. He may not be directly responsible, but his suppression of voices within the Democratic party and his inflammation of those in the Republican make most people less than wanting for a return to that chaos.

Hillary Clinton has always been a politician, or the wife thereof. Obama has been a community organizer and a college professor who worked his way up the political ladder.

Obama has not divided the Democrats so much as he has pulled back the curtains. There are those who prefer their leaders to conceal their machinations, to be the mysterious, all knowing, all powerful unquestionable deity who will give you the answers you are told you must have. However, there are those that prefer a leader who sweeps away the smoke and mirrors and tells us, we have our own heart, mind, and soul to follow. I choose the latter.

Anthony, Carmel Valley

Wed, 2008-02-06 14:33


I've been having difficulty for three days listening to you online. Can you please check the streams?


We're sorry Michael. We're doing our best. Any other listeners having the same problem. We haven't been able to replicate it here.


Tue, 2008-02-05 16:49

How quickly they forget. A few months ago polls were showing that, if able to have a 3rd term, Bill Clinton would be overwhelming re-elected. As most Americans, we prospered during the Clinton era. However, my fellow Democrats were about as vigorous in supporting and defending the Clintons as they have been representing the working class or upholding the constitution. What a bunch of wimps. Instead of shrinking in front of the neocon attacks to come, they have to be shouted down and made irrelevant. Obama will not do this.

I'm extremely disappointed in your endorsement of Obama. Do you not understand the duplicity of the Republicans? All this Republican crossing over to vote for Obama is not because they support him but because they want to run against him. Obama a uniter? Just words. He has split the party apart. If he gets the nomination, we will have a Republican president again. If you really think that the rest of this country is left of center, you are completely out of touch. For the most part they detest the Left. Frankly, Peter B belongs at Fox where he will feel at home with the other Clinton haters. If Hillary gets the nomination will you support her? Or will you all take your marbles and stay home as so many of us did in 1968? Getting mad at the establishment of the Democratic party, dropping out and turning our backs handed it over to Nixon. What a horror. Humphrey would have been infinitely better in contrast and maybe the stage would not have been set for the disaster that was Reagan. I still have regrets.

Ann, Carmel

Tue, 2008-02-05 16:49

Hal, I keep hearing reruns of Randi and Ed late weekend nights that I've heard before.

Instead of this repetition, can't you run Mike Malloy in these wee hour slots, or one of Stephanie's third hours. Love Randi and Ed, but the all repetition is just not cool, in my opinion, when there are other excellent progressive voices you can make heard. Please consider this.


Rich, Carmel

Wed, 2008-01-30 18:52

Telecom Deal

1. Amnesty is being offered to Telecoms
2. Amnesty is given only to those who have commited crimes

ergo - The Telecoms commited crimes.

1. George Bush instructed the Telecoms to spy illegally

ergo - George Bush committed crimes.

Anthony, Carmel Valley

Wed, 2008-01-30 18:52

Jake, Arcata:

Excellent, succinct comparison of Hillary and Barack in re their White House potential. Could you post that on this website? Very persuasive.

Steve Brady


Tue, 2008-01-29 15:29

I am a regular listener to Thom Hartmann(we've traveled to San Francisco and Redwood City to attend Thom Hartmann "live" events and he is absolutely remarkable), Randi Rhodes, and Peter B. Collins and sincerely appreciate a "local" station that will carry the progressive message. Keep up the good work.

John Beisner, Boulder Creek, Ca.

Tue, 2008-01-22 17:39

I want to thank you for your valuable phone work on the air during the storm. I had you tuned in all day, beginning with Thom Hartmann, thru Hal's and Deborah's, and for while to the next one, it must have been Peter's, according to your schedule. It was most welcome and very helpful to have the continued reports and comments thru that blustery, at times, scary day. Thank you very much for this wonderful community service. And thank you as well for putting Thom Hartmann back on the morning slot--just where he should be!

K.M., Santa Cruz

Tue, 2008-01-22 17:04

Just when I think that KRXA can't get any better you schedule Free
Thought Radio on Sundays. Thank you so much for being open-minded enough to realize you have all types of listeners. I say this whimsically--Can you get Bernie Ward to moonlight on your station? It's wonderful that PBCollins discusses what's happening to this courageous and inspiring man. Thank you again for the wonderful station you have created.


Fri, 2008-01-18 21:29

Hey Folks - Love the station! Hal in the morning - Passionate and provacative! P.M. - Scott Dick ROCKS incisively!

Obama's remarks regarding excesses and government point only to a mindset of those who voted for Reagan in 1980. Obama specifically stated the 1980 election. He is not complimenting in his tone and the only sense of respect I hear is in Reagan's ability to tap into the mood of the country in 1980 and exploiting that ability to put us on a "different path". Now, if Obama had been asked to elaborate on his own ideas about that "trajectory" and that "path" I'm sure he would have provided a clearer message on his opinion of the Reagan Administration.

RE any perceived slight to Clinton - Many might say that Clinton's relatively conservative agenda(NAFTA, welfare reform, modest attempts at Universal healthcare, and a fairly weak family leave act when Democrats held both houses of Congress and the White House) maintained the status quo and didn't act to change the path of our country as substantially as it could have.

Let's also not forget - Obama has been skewered for bringing up JFK and MLK. Since when is it a crime to look to and learn from the past. If Obama coopted all these ideas without giving credit where it was due(Biden), he'd be labeled a plagiarist...instead he's labelled a wanna be because he does credit others for their ideas. He is also a former practicing attorney and University professor and therefore, trained to think in referential and historical terms. I see this as a strength allowing him to recognize and utilize the strengths of others.

Anthony Fiano, Carmel valley

Fri, 2008-01-18 14:52

Have stumbled across your station and enjoy Peter B. and Scott often as well as AAR programs. Our local San Diego station offering more progressive or liberal viewpoints became an all-sports format in Nov. so have been searching since then online for programming I enjoy and learn from. One thing I especially appreciate is the less strident pitch/tone/timbre in your commercial times (don't change!). I like you, i realllllly like you!

Nanz, Lakeside, CA

Fri, 2008-01-18 14:52

Hal, Dennis, Peter V.,etc.:

Hey, let's not get carried away over Barack Obama's comments on Ronald Reagan. He was giving historical background, not praising Reagan. His remarks were presented as "people believed" " not "I believe."
Read the transcript below and I challenge you to show me where he said he believes or supports Reagan's beliefs or policies.He was presenting his view of what the American people were thinking at that time.

"I don't want to present myself as some sort of singular figure. I think part of what's different are the times. I do think that for example the 1980 was different. I think Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not. He put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it. I think they felt like with all the excesses of the 1960s and 1970s and government had grown and grown but there wasn't much sense of accountability in terms of how it was operating. I think people, he just tapped into what people were already feeling, which was we want clarity we want optimism, we want a return to that sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing."

Del Rey Oaks

Arlen Grossman, Del Rey Oaks

Fri, 2008-01-18 14:52


If there was any further reason for me to dislike Ed Schutlz, it has come today. I have seen the man go ballistice against Air America. I have heard the way he was with other liberal talk show hosts in Seattle. But today, today, there is a posting of 'BIG' Ed on the Bill o'Reilly show on Crooks and Liars. first of all that tells you all you need to know if Ed is even invited on a FOX show, but when Billo started to argue against John Edwards assertion that there are thousands of homeless veterans, 'Big' Ed just sat there and giggled like a idiot. Oh sure he tried impotently to interject but Billo shut him down. Maybe if he imagined he was talking to Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy, he was have puffed up like a blowfish and let loose. Ed is a phony and a Rush Limbaugh want-to-be, and the sooner you get rid of him altogether the better!

Merced, CA

Lawrence Ramirez Merced, Ca

Wed, 2008-01-16 12:45


Your new promo describing your reach to Lucia is great, very professional.
It's so good, I'd love to hear that you'd bought time on The Competition to run it, especially during drive time. I'll need someone else to hear it for me though, since I'd rather rip my radio out of my car than to have fascist radio play in it.



Mon, 2008-01-14 16:11

you have 2 programs running over each other again. Can't even here stephanie miller over the other air america ads. Your line up is great, but your station sucks. Guess I'll have to go back to satelite.

Michael, Santa Cruz, CA

Wow - our station sucks! Thanks Michael.


Thu, 2008-01-10 11:02

Dear Reader,
When I found you station on my radio, it was great! I get up early and hearing Bill Press, then Stephanie Miller, was wonderful. I only wish that you go back to haveing all three hours of Stephanie Miller, when you went to only two hours you lost me for an hour. Now I turn to KPIG at 8am. Andrew

Andrew Brzostowski

Tue, 2008-01-08 17:21

Everyone ASSUMES we will have an election. Is anyone preparing a contingency plan in the event Bush somehow doesn't step down. I think it is possible given the other things he has done that are shocking.

They'll be some attach.
Bush/Cheney will get troops out start a war.
There will be a protest.
He'll call Martial Law.
He'll 'temporarily' stop elections
..we'll have a dictatorship.

Someone ought to have a plan on how to prevent him from doing this...

Please talk about this..


Sat, 2008-01-05 18:56

Don't fret over the outages too much. I'm still here, and I'm sure the others are also. I love KRXA; it's even taken me away from KPIG. Best to you, Hal!

oldironnow, watsonville

Sat, 2008-01-05 18:56

If you run your station through a land line your phone line is down,I can't seem to web stream you either.Mayby it's just me..Happy New Year!!! from Dirk Dastardly of PSYCHOS IN LOVE

Name, City, State

Wed, 2008-01-02 18:03

I love your station and listen whenever I can. However I wish you'd run Ed Shultz earlier in the day. His stuff is so passionate and timely, it feels old at 8 pm and that's a tough time for most to listen to talk-radio. He deserves a better time slot. Peter Collins is okay, but too polite, not outspoken enough. Have you considered John Elliot? He is on in Santa Barbara at night and that's a great slot for him.

Are there any jobs available at your station?


Mac Talley
Big Sur

Many thanks Mac for your input and support. I love Big Eddie too but we don't have any day slots for him. Re: John Elliot, his show broadcasts live 9-midnight Pacific so we couldn't run him earlier.


Sat, 2007-12-29 19:26


I just got done listening to your podcast interview with Olive North, and I was blown away with the straight forward way you handled that interview. It was great. I also have to hand it to Olly for sticking with it, but he seemed to know what he was getting into, and you did give him a chance to plug his show. That was definitely not a type of interview you would get on the 'other' side of talk radio. I remember a while back you interviewed Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, and lately with Keith Olbermann. Is there any way you can post that as a podcast? Thanks. Please keep up the good work!!

Lawrence R.
Merced, CA

Thanks Lawrence for kind words. Like you, I thought Ollie handled himself quite well. I don't remember interviewing Keith Olbermann - maybe it was Peter B. - but I probably have the Millbank segment somewhere. If I can dig it out, I'll post it. Happy New Year to you and all our wonderful listeners!


Sat, 2007-12-29 19:21

Randi at midnight, please. All the one hour shows is a little much during the day. Just when I gets into the topic it's over.

If you make any change, please consider moving Culture Shocks to 11 PM and run an extra hour of Randi during the day. It's far more relevant to these important political times than Barry Lynn's often obscure topics.

Erik from Aptos

Sat, 2007-12-29 19:21

thanks,to B Conner she said it well!
of course they are guilty of treason
happy new year
hal,marie,jack,mark,spencer and deborah,peter b,scott,sheila,dennis,the great ben,butcher,millie,the sues, the eds,steve,john there's always a john,barb and all the gang who hang out at 540
have a healthy year

billy sunshine

billy sunshine

Tue, 2007-12-25 19:36

I appreciate the words of B. Conner regarding PAUL SANFORD. I had the good fortune to meet Paul – through NationWest Radio and the Election Radio Network programs - though I did not know him well. He was a good and caring person who I liked the first time I met him. You could tell he really cared about the underdogs in our community. Paul encouraged me and helped me greatly – he made me feel important. Our prayers continue to be with his family and friends.

Robert in Soledad

Tue, 2007-12-25 19:35

As much as I love Stephanie Miller, I much prefer Randi Rhodes at midnight. Stephanie Miller's last hour is the least politically relevant, whereas Randi's first hour is probaby the most politically relevant. Please keep Randi Rhodes at midnight...Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Lawrence R.
Merced, CA


Mon, 2007-12-24 10:53

I am thinking of Paul Sanford today, one of KRXA's early
"Crusaders for Justice and the Constitution". His death
one year to today, has left many of us wondering if
the question he posed to Scott McClellan in 2005 will
forever go answered. He was the first reporter to
ask McClellan whether the leaking of CIA agent Valerie
Plame's name could be an "act of treason". Paul asked,
"There has been a lot of speculation concerning the meaning of the underlying statute and the grand jury
investigation concerning Mr. Rove. The question is,
have the legal counsel to the White House or White House
staff reviewed the statute in sufficient specificity
to determine whether a violation of that statute would,
in effect, constitute treason?"
And then there was the response, for those of us who
might have forgotten McClellan's words, "those are
matters for those overseeing the investigation to decide."

My thoughts go out to Paul's family and close friends
who must still feel a sense of loss. I know I do.
For he had the courage to ask those tough questions...
and he had the courage to fight for the rights of all
of us to uphold the Constitution.

B Conner, Santa Cruz CA

Mon, 2007-12-24 10:53

With the end of the year being a time of reflection - I am thankful for the folks at KRXA. Though I am one of the few voices who DOES NOT enjoy listening to Stephanie Miller, I do enjoy your local programming. All the best in the coming year.

Robert in Soledad

Sun, 2007-12-23 18:26

As much as I love Randi, no one trumps Steph in terms of endearment. Steph at midnight!


Rich, Carmel

Fri, 2007-12-21 20:23

Please play Stephanie's third hour at midnight or wherever you can fit it. Deprivation hurts!

Rich, Carmel

Okay KRXA friends, do you want Stephanie's third hour at midnight or Randi's first hour replayed then?


Wed, 2007-12-19 14:03

I'll take an honest and probing AM station hiccupping as it scrapes to get by over profit media 8 days a week.

Hal does a great job when he takes a specific issue and makes it applicable to others(ie eminent domain). He did a great job this morning on the water boarding.

I am in love with Stephanie Miller, but an hour of local is a good thing. It keeps the station connected to its people.

I think everyone would do well to witness and make unto their own Chomsky and Zinn's methods of holding the mirror up to the "powers that be" and judging these soluble powers by their own standards.

Anthony, Carmel Valley, CA

Tue, 2007-12-18 21:29

I really enjoy Scott Dick's broadcasting. A welcome addition. Interesting, insightful, articulate, engaging.

Alison Passell

Sun, 2007-12-16 13:00

Be aware that your phone is being seriously messed. Caller receives all kinds of run arounds. I have tried several times.

D H Goggin

Thanks for the warning D.H. Could you and all others who have had a problem with our phones please send an email to [email protected] with the number, date. and time of the call which did not work properly.



Wed, 2007-12-12 13:19

Glad to hear Stephanie on again between 8-9am!!!
Thanks, Karen

Thanks Karen for preferring Stephanie to me. That was a one-off due to the problems on Hwy 1. You're still stuck with me!


Mon, 2007-12-10 10:33

To the Hague with them all.

Jeff Klamer

Fri, 2007-12-07 23:21

I appreciate the work that Hal Ginsberg is doing with his morning show; however, cutting off the last hour of Stephanie Miller is not the answer. Every morning her show is stopped prematurely at 8 AM, I feel cheated and wonder at the station's logic in making this decision. Then, I turn the radio off or to another station. The friends I have turned on to the show and the station generally have the same response. Surely, there must be another slot for Hal's show so this doesn't have to happen.

One Unhappy Listener

Elaine, Seaside, CA

Mon, 2007-12-03 16:36

C'mon Hal, what kind of an answer is that? While you and your people may be fond of Al Qaeda I believe them to be a cruel, brutal and inhumane sort of human filth. The only question now is how to rid the world of them. Any ideas? Please don't pretend that you didn't know that I was referring to Al Qaeda because you know full well that I have called them "filth" for some time. It sounds like you're afraid I'll step on their toes. Hey! news flash dude. They'd like to saw your head off. As for being rich and powerful, I am neither, yet I give more to charity than Al Gore does, plus I have a much smaller carbon footprint. I note that another of your posters has called me an anti American Nazi Fascist. That's not charged rhetoric is it Hal, since it it was offered up by one of yours. The fact is that I have three immediate family members currently serving in th U.S. armed forces.

Leo Jasonpold, Truth in Magalia

Leo - you describe yourself as a caring decent person. I have no reason to doubt this. Given your concern for others and the sacrifice of your family members for our country, why do you defend the current administration? Both Bush and Cheney actively and successfully avoided service in Vietnam. Both lied us into Iraq. Both have actively worked to increase our carbon footprint. Rather than attack democrats, tell me why you support republicans.


Sat, 2007-12-01 21:01

The descent into "charged" rhetoric that uou accuse me of using was started by you you Hal. The use of terms such as "cons" and "repugs" by you is presumably meant to insult. I only used the terms "filth" and "rats" to demonstrate the type of language you seem to prefer except that now its obvious that you don't mind using it yourself, but no one else better do it. You can dish it out but you can't take it. What's a good word for someone like that?

Leo Jasonpold, Truth in Magalia

C'mon Leo, what kind of an answer is that? I may criticize political opponents and use charged language in ways to describe them in a way that you say you find offensive but I don't describe broad groups of people as filth and rats and neither do any liberals that I know. Here's the difference: cons are broadly unable to empathize with others. Poor people, oppressed people are, in the minds of the average con, deserving of their lot. Thus, cons describe victims in cruel and inhumane ways. Cons do this so they can justify an unjust political and economic system that denies billions of humans a decent life. We criticize and name call the rich and powerful who refuse to throw more than a crumb or two to the poor and downtrodden.


Mon, 2007-11-26 16:46

My wife barely tolerates my listening to KRXA when we're driving around together. But when promos overlap promos--and somtimes the program itsel--and create a confusing cocaphony of noises, she reaches over and turns the radio off. And I have to admit, I'm not sure how much I want to listen to a station that can't handle the basics of broadcasting technology and practices. Respectfully, can you guys work on that?


Mike - thanks for writing. We (hopefully) have resolved these problems. I am truly sorry that the KRXA listening experience has not been what it should be over the past week.


Fri, 2007-11-23 16:04

I am very liberal, I love talk radio, and I love KRXA but I do not understand why so many KRXA listeners seem to prefer Thom Hartmann over Ed Schultz. In my opinion, Ed is much much more interesting and informative. He has great guests and he doesn't talk over them. Plus, Ed listens to what his guests have to say. Thom talks over his (usually) boring guests and callers. Thom never fails to inject into every question a pompous remark about how he predicted this, or he wrote about that, or he had a similar experience when he was living in Germany. By contrast, when Ed brags, he clearly has his tongue-in-cheek.

Also, Thom is not more liberal than Ed. Thom refuses to endorse the 9/11 Truth Movement Ed has Cindy Sheehan on as a guest, Thom was very critical of her in today's show. Thom's treatment of the FreeThought Radio hosts was rude and ignorant - he rather absurdly argued that atheism is a religion like Christianity is. Thom Hartmann fans - what do you see in this guy?

Also, Thom has trouble sometimes getting questions or comments out. He stutters and stammers and repeats himself. By contrast, Ed has a powerful voice and a commanding talk radio demeanor. And just how many times do we have to hear what Thomas Jefferson had to say about some arcane issue?

Hal - please restore Ed to his well-deserved place as the live host between 9-noon.


Mon, 2007-11-19 17:25

Regarding new listener to KRXA, Sean of Monterey, Ca., I offer my comment to your question posted on 11/06.

First of all, congratulations for finding and listening to the wonderful programming on KRXA. May you learn as we all do from the liberal, progressive, and honorable talk show hosts and please support their sponsers.

What happened in Pakistan could happen hear if the majority of citizens continue to do nothing to protect what the lawless political prostitutes in Washington,DC have done to our Constitution, our voting rights, our civil rights, and our disregard for treaties we have signed in the past. A government which disdains the Geneva Convention, a government and military that condones torture and sexual sadism of innocent people, and now, if you investigate for yourself, the infiltration and teaching of what some call 'christo-fascism, or Christian fascism in the armed forces of the United States, which in a way is far more dangerous than the religious fanaticism of the Afghan Taliban or the fanatical Zionists in Israel. Do the research Sean.

Tyrants in all countries thrive and take power or stay in office when citizens let them. Sure, they have the military and the police behind them, but when the People organize, get informed and unite and take a stand, the crooks and despots can be overthrown. The General Strike of 'working class' people is the best example, in my opinion, to change the government and rescind all that this criminal government has passed as 'law' these past seven-plus years.

Read and listen, Mr. Sean, and like the logo on KRXA says..."think for yourself".
If you haven't seen the website "Common Dreams.ORG", I suggest you check it out. There isn't enough time in the day to read all the articles but it has links to just about every progressive websites that I could think of.

frank from Marina, Ca.

Thu, 2007-11-15 17:46

O'Reilly doesn't like DePalma's latest, without having seen it! Must be a great film!
Seems O'Reilly doesn't have the guts to express his true feelings, since he obviously believes Pvt Steven Greene was justified in murdering a 14yr old Iraqi girl and her family. O'Reilly reasons that they must have been terrorists, or else what were they doing in our Iraq?



Wed, 2007-11-14 16:43

Great station, great format, great shows. I guess three is a charm!

Frank from Marina,Ca.

Fri, 2007-11-09 20:35

Does anyone want to discuss "who's zooming who" in the
lbam controversy? Perhaps, if you haven't been
"zoomed" yet, you don't care. But if you live in
Monterey, Santa Cruz, and even SF areas, eventually,
whether you know it or not...you WILL get "zoomed".


Thu, 2007-11-08 19:54

What is wrong with Pelosi? Besides the spine issue, what other reasons could she have for not going for impeachment. She doesn't want it on the table seems very suspicious to me. It is so out of sync.

Politically, what could be in it for her that she doesn't go for impeachment? Has she been bought?

Could you talk about that too?


Wed, 2007-11-07 21:00

The democrats seem spineless most people agree. But why? I think they act spineless, but MAYBE they are being BOUGHT in some way. What do they gain by acting spineless, what is in it for them? Is it money, have the republicans guaranteed them re-election, are they in sync with the republicans? Something else might be going on, let's examine that and go beyond the spine.

sean, monterey

Wed, 2007-11-07 21:00

Stan - thanks for writing. I am listening to the internet stream and it sounds fine to me. Are other listeners having the same problem?


Wed, 2007-11-07 20:56

can you do anything about the ANNOYING buzz on the internet broadcast? I've tried listening on both Real Player and Windows Media audio and the buzz is there on both.

Just thought I'd ask. LOVE your station!

Stan, Blue Lake, CA

Tue, 2007-11-06 13:10

I just discovered your shows! Hooked!

Is what is happening in Pakistan going to happen here? Does Bush have a plan from the very beginning to have his group 'own' the country? He is on his way.

His group has gained rights to access citizen emails, phone, mail before the election so he can listen into Demo planning and WIN the next election. Another WaterGate.

Then have a security flare up (even he his group causes it) event just before the election. If he thinks his party won't win, then he can do what Pakistan is doing. He now has the power.

I think the Republicans will do anything to win, even illegally. They are determined.

Also, the Republicans don't care what people think of them. The democrats and independents keep revealing things (including on your show, Lou Dobbs, etc.) but there is assumption that Bush's group will back down with embarrassement. They won't, they don't care what people think.

I can just imagine them saying 'let him get it off their chest, we'll just keep doing what were are doing toward our goal, by the time they Demo realize nothing happens via talking and complaining, we'll have out way,our goal.It will be too late. What suckers!
They won't act, they think we will just do what's right. We do what we want.

Sean, Monterey, Ca

Fri, 2007-11-02 13:01


The death of Enola Gay pilot Tibbits makes me question once again how anyone who has participated in the mass murders that constitute US military history can ever claim to be "proud" that they "served their country".
It is no service to the country that I love to go about the world slaughtering innocent women and children to make the world safe for Anglo-American capitalism.
Service to MY country is doing everything possible to stop these killers before they kill again, "by whatever means necessary" (Malcolm Little, aka "Malcolm X")

Steve Brady


Thu, 2007-10-25 12:24

Dear Stephanie,

I am a former long time listener in Honolulu. I say FORMER because your Honolulu affliate, KUMU am 1500, just went to an all sports format. The guy in charge of programming for KUMU claimed that they couldn't sell advertising with the Air America format. Hawaii is a very liberal, Democratic state. How can this be?

I am desparate to hear your show, Randi Rhodes, and Ed Shultz. I am a sales rep and drive around all day. If I can't listen to your show, I'm stuck with our sucky local music stations. And, right now, NPR is having a pledge drive so I can find no solace there.

Hawaii needs you! Can you invistigate?

Aloha, Jessica Perez-Mesa

Jessica Perez-Mesa, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Mon, 2007-10-22 12:22


Now I'm sorry I didn't call to challenge your assertion that Boston was too far behind to catch up.
I presume you will agree with me that the defending Red Sox will take the series, albeit after seven games to get lots of plane tickets and hotel rooms sold in Boston and Denver.

Steve Brady


Mon, 2007-10-22 12:22


Kudos on the improved drive time informationals.
My only suggestion for improvement would be more of the same.
Is there anyway you could get two or three traffic/weather reports into a half -hour without cutting into Stephanie Miller's time?
I know the promos almost by heart, and I suspect some advertisers would be OK with using their minute to both advertise and sponsor traffic and weather.

Muerte a el radio de odiar



Fri, 2007-10-19 11:38

Hi Hal,

Just wanted to let you know that there will be some informational open house sessions in Salinas: regarding the light brown apple moth (LBAM) eradiction program. on the 24,25, and 26 of October.
10/24/07 Echo Valley Elemenatary School 5 to 9 PM
10/25/07 Salinas Community Center 4 to 9 PM
10/26/07 Cesar Chavez Elemntary Scool 5:30 to 10 PM

could you please inform your listeners about these meeting
thanks a mil. you are helping our community so much, love your show.


David, Salinas, CA

Thu, 2007-10-18 12:12

Where's Dale on weekday mornings?

Al, Monterey

Al, Dale is concentrating on his Solar Energy business and his Your Solar Future Show on KRXA 540 AM every Saturday at noon.


Thu, 2007-10-18 12:10

I'm so happy to hear you are going to carry "the Freedom from Religion Fnd" program. I had just written to XM Radio asking them to carry it in this area. Now I find myself listening to KRXA instead of XM anyway so I am going to cancel my subscription with them when the time is up on it.

Beverly York, Scotts Valley, CA

Tue, 2007-10-16 14:04

Hey Leo Jasonpold!
What's it like being an Un-American right-wing Nazi Fascist like yourself? Hal has it right on Iraq. Just think, our so-called Kurdish friends didn't mind hosting some al Quada back in 2002 in their semi-autonomous area.
The whole Iraq War and Occupation is nothing but a sick joke on the Iraqi people, the US taxpayer, the US military, and the rest of the world! George Bush is everything I called you above, and a war criminal.

l.D. Freitas
Aptos, California
PS: this liberal pulls no punches!

L.D. Freitas

Tue, 2007-10-09 11:23

This afternoon I heard a listener call in to tell us about a whale in Santa Cruz Harbor last week. The listener mentioned that a local Santa Cruzan, who apparently is now known as "the Whale Whisperer", was able to herd it out to the Bay. But now listen to these details ...

We're apparently in anchovie season. The Whale Whisperer was worried that as more anchovies entered the harbor the oxygen content of the water would drop, therefore endangering our friend. So he used his magical whispering abilities - and a jet ski - to show the "giant fish" (George Kostanza anyone?) the way out.

Somebody tell this guy about mammals and fish please. And how would the whale hear his whispering above the roar of the jet ski?

Glenn Nelson, Santa Cruz, CA

Thu, 2007-10-04 19:21

I rarely comment on the comments rarely made about the comments I rarely make, except to say that the filth responsible for 99% of the deaths of American troops and Iraqi civilians is actually called Al Qaeda. The "lib rats"
insist that Al Qaeda doesn't exist in Iraq. Ever heard of Al Qaeda in Iraq?

Leo Jasonpold truth in Magalia, Ca

One thing I've noticed about cons is that they tend to use charged language that we libs rarely employ. Here, for example, Leo refers to human beings as "rats" and "filth." Even when criticizing their own, the cons use such extreme language, e.g., the way they described Mark Foley. Anyway, Leo, your point is not well taken. Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia is only in Mesopotamia because George Bush put American troops in Mesopotamia. Prior to March 2003, Al Qaeda had no Iraqi presence, except perhaps in Kurdistan where Saddam Hussein had no authority.


Wed, 2007-10-03 16:11

Reveling in the death of U.S. troops is exactly how "Progressives" support the troops, as well as impugning the integrity of decorated officers.

Leo Jasonpold, Truth in Magalia, Ca

I rarely comment on the comments but this one by Leo Jasonpold and the one immediate below are so ludicrous as to require a direct response. First, I am sure that Stephanie's crew was not laughing at the deaths of anybody. Second, it is the cons and repugs who are killing Americans and Iraqis. It is liberals and progressives who are trying to save both.


Wed, 2007-09-26 14:41

Today Stephanie Miller said "Iraqis are using American supplied guns to kill Americans" Stephanie, Jim and Chis the laughed and clapped. Being against the war is smart reveling in the death of American soldiers is beneath contempt.

Bill Carmel Ca.

Wed, 2007-09-26 14:41

User entry:Prunetucky
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The sole entry...
"Hello potential amigos, I am from the central coast of California. I am a high-school student"

Could this also be from "Denika of Prunetucky?" Was this Wikipedia entry also from you? This "old white guy" who does the Dale Julin Show suspects it might be... given the use of the slang term for the fine local place usually known as Prunedale.

If not... well then feel free to insult me again. Call me "an Idaho republican who can hit the high notes while sitting in an airport stall," if you like. Younger demo's like yourself like to use the internet to fling barbed blogs on a whim... usually just for the sake of being silly.It's called being juvenile.

But whether its you or not, it doesn't matter. I want you to know, this green-oriented moderate democrat knows how to turn the other cheek, as we seek...the coveted demographic of you Denika, a much younger listener. So... as a way of showing you one of the advantages of an additional hour of live local programming (the others being higher ratings, more revenue for the station, being able to finally give Santa Cruz the kind of local progressive news talk it has been begging for in the papers up here... etc) I can now offer you Denika a pair of free tickets to any film being shown at the Santa Cruz Nickelodian Theaters. Because we're now doing a live local show in Santa Cruz, the many people up here who have thanked us include local business owners who are now advertising on the show... like the Nick. All you have to do to get your tickets Denika, is to email the station again, using the same email. Give us your phone number, and I'll personally call you and arrange to give you the tickets.
Of course the Nick typically shows films that usually appeal to an older, more educated, more sophisticated audience, like "The Eleventh Hour." But Denika, I'm sure you'll find a film that'll appeal to your coveted younger demo. Just be sure to bring your I.D. They may card you.
best regards, and thanks for listening... Dale Julin

Dale Julin KRXA 540 Santa Cruz Bureau Chief

Tue, 2007-09-25 14:26

As a progressive station, I expected more out of you than to cut into the time slot of the only show you broadcast that appeals to young liberals, Steph Miller! We need another old white guy whinning about the state of our country like we need another Republican president. Restore Ms. Miller and diversify your programming. Geeze.

Denica, Prunetucky, Cali

Fri, 2007-09-21 17:40

As a new listener, I found John Quirk's "A Different Perspective" refreshing, mentally stimulating, a real treat. I'd love to hear what he thinks about issues like gay marriage and U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America, i.e. Communist Cuba and workforce exporter Mexico. Ciao.

LesleyW, Monterey, CA

Fri, 2007-09-21 17:39

I am very disappointed that Stephanie Miller's show has been cut back from 6-9 to 6-8. During my long commute, this show kept me laughing. Please correct this situation and give us back Steph.

Gail Kirby

Wed, 2007-09-19 19:37

After being a long time listener to your morning shows, I was very disappointed to find on my arrival back in town that you have cut Stephenie back to two hours.This is a major disservice to the people who support the local businesses that advertise with you. I hope you fix this, Thanks Craig

Craig Bua

Wed, 2007-09-19 19:35

I want to complain that you have ruined my mornings when I need to get alot of work done. Now I rush to the radio to make sure I don't miss a minute of Thom Hartmann! What a gift to Progressives, ---to humanity!!!! Probably really smart to put Big Ed on in the evening because he, in comparison, is good but easy listening-----for the end of the day when people just want to lay back and relax abit. Thom, however, calls on, engages, and elevates our intelligence, in the fullest meaning of the word. All the more vital in a time when the news media just keeps on dumbing down. He really is a true "Renaissance Man." Priceless!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I'm even going out of my way to support the sponsors now.

Name, City, State

Wed, 2007-09-19 19:35


Reading reviews of DePalma's new "Redacted" renewed my hopes that we will soon be seeing war crime trials for Private Steven Green, and, with a little luck, trials for every son of a bitch in the chain of command all the way to the top.

Steve Brady


Wed, 2007-09-19 19:34

No offense to the local programming but I prefer the syndicated shows and end up turning to other stations more often, I would like it if you would reduce the number of days they are on. I miss the Stephanie Miller 8 to 9 show. Maybe you could move her earlier hour to that time slot and still not play the last hour of it. I am not listening to the radio most of the time before 8 and I really miss her show. It helped me through some hard news event times. Please reconsider, I don't want to have to listen to other shows at that time. Thank you, Patti McCarron, Santa Cruz listener


Tue, 2007-09-18 18:08

I was driving down Pacific and nearly crashed into an oncoming car when I heard you switch gears from immigration to "ZOMBIE PRESIDENTS" today! "What did he say?" Thanks, that was too funny. I had to check out their ZombiePresidents.com website when I got home... If the democrats don't get their act together I may have to vote for Zombie JFK!


Tue, 2007-09-18 18:07

Just wanted to complain about missing the 3rd hour of Stephanie Miller. Luckily I go over to the Santa Clara valley a couple days per week and I can get the rest on KKGN. I turn off KXRA at 8 now instead of later.

Ken, Boulder Creek

Tue, 2007-09-18 18:07


I really like the recent changes you've made to the lineup. With all the people whining and complaining I thought you might like to hear from one satisfied listener.

I do prefer Randy to Barry, however.

Thanks for the recent tweaks and good luck.

jason, P.G.

Tue, 2007-09-18 18:07

Where is my Stephanie?

I can not believe you have higher penetration at 8AM without Steph--Please bring her back...

You think we stop listening because her material is not fresh after 2 hours? C'mon most of us do not wake up at 6AM.

I am a loyal listener, but I protest this action.


Daniel, Carmel, CA

Fri, 2007-09-14 17:58

A friend emailed this to me, and I thought I'd share it with KRXA listeners, and maybe you'd like to repeat it on The show, or pass it on to Peter B:
Historical Quote
"A moment I've been dreading: George brought his ne'er do well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one who lives in Florida; the one who hangs aropund here all the time looking shiftless. This so-called kid is almost 40 and has never had a real job. Maybe I'll call Kinsley at the New Republic and see if they'll hire him as a contributing editor or something. That looks like easy work."
Ronald Reagan, May 17, 1986 diary excerpt


L.D. Freitas, Aptos, California

Fri, 2007-09-14 17:58

Why the hell did you take Randi Rhodes off from 1pm to 2pm? Is this payback of some sort for taking Ed Sultz off and replacing him with Thom Hartmann? Randi is funny, witty, and gets her facts straight, and has good guests on. Having Barry Lynn on for an hour just doesn't make any sense whatsoever! What do you have against Randi Rhodes? This is tantamount to what Zwerling did! He totally cut off Manterey Bay Area listeners from hearing her last year, and who is up at Midnight to three to listen to Randi Rhodes then? Come on, at least get her that hour back between one and two. I was actually hoping that with Dale Julien from 8 to 9, a good move in my opinion, as I never cared to listen to Tinsel Town News, you would have canned your own The Show and put Randi on from twelve to 2! Bravo to getting Thom back on too! Let's get it totally right and put Randi back on live during the day!


L.D. Freitas

Fri, 2007-09-14 17:56


Joyce Monterey

Ed is now running in the evening. To all the EdHeads out there, I am sorry. I love Big Ed too but the listeners have spoken loud and clear that they prefer Thom.


Fri, 2007-09-14 17:55

Hello again..Dale Julin here.

Our new 8-9am show has just celebrated a week on the air, and I want to thank all of you who've emailed us comments about our station changes, both pro and con... which by the way, are running about even, as they usually do when any station makes changes.

In the past week on "The Dale Julin Show," along with plenty of local callers, you've heard from experts on national affairs from progressive organizations like The Center for American Progress, The Drug Policy "reform" Alliance, and The Union of Concerned Scientists. In every case, they talked about cutting edge questions generated from today's top news stories.
That's my way of keeping you informed on progressive issues.

In the coming weeks, you'll be hearing from more and more "live, local liberals." We've already had on local union reps, and democratic party activists. And on that note... my thanks to the many Santa Cruz area progressives who've already emailed and personally told me they like the show, and that they're glad to have us locate our new Santa Cruz bureau on the city's westside. We're here for you, and of course Monterey too!

Finally, its an old saying..."don't cut the funny." I'm happy to be doing the news during Stephanie Miller's first two hours. She's great. But its a fact... her number of listeners drop bigtime in the final hour, because her fresh stuff ran in the first two hours.

So... instead of stretching Stephanie, we've added the new show, because going local for an hour during morning drive time is quite simply going to be more profitable for our station. Our sponsors certainly appreciate the chance to reach a larger drive-time audience.. with more local commercials running.We like our sponsors, as much as our audience. So we're serving both their needs.

As for the funny, I'm bringing on local political humorists next week and beyond. Listen for Santa Cruz-based comedian Richard Stockton next thursday at 8:30am. You'll also be hearing more zippy upbeat music next week. And of course there's always my witty verbal repartee with my guests. Yah... right.

Hey... Rome was not built in a day. But we'll get there. Please listen and see. Thank you for all the local calls so far, and chime in when you wish!!!

Name, City, State

Thu, 2007-09-13 14:10

Hi, Been through your roller coaster ride for the last couple of years now. Tried to stick with you as you are local and the content was sucking less but, I'm going back to KGO. They stick with something. ANYTHING. They stick with what works. Changing is HUGE to Mickey. You change programs like Emilda Marcos changes shoes. You're listening to too many people who are short changing your prime time and that's the AM like 540. PM's all fluff and your equipment is still farkeling out. Take care of your house first. You are killing us with all these little 1 hour shows. I don't care what Dale is paying you, it isn't enough to put up with either of you for more than 1 HOUR A DAY in trade for visiting your sponsors. Tried you one last time Wed, 09.12.07 because I thought the station had a problem 09.11.07 when Thom came on instead of Ed. To my relief, Ed was back on, with a Senator I thought(?); couldn't tell because you flipped to Thom arguing about a book deal(?). Love him, but Thom is good anytime, Ed in best eaten fresh like a fish. Hal, email me when I can count on you, then your sponsors can count on me. Change is good, Dollars are better. Thanks

Scott, Monterey, CA

Thu, 2007-09-13 14:06

i was listening to your show when a lstener called in about the 5 nukes being flown over our country in a orchastrated "oops" moment. and i tend to agree... with the nukes on a B52 being flown at the approval of higher-ups in the military and the administration, the fact that the florida national guard has been "deployed" to out side of D.C. and in his own words "it'll be easier if this was a dictatorship, as long as i'm the dictator." (bush) . it kind of adds up...please tell me i'm wrong.

keith ramsey, Richmond,VA

Wed, 2007-09-12 19:19

Hi Hal,

Enjoy your programming immensely, but a couple of things:

Would like to see Steph's third hour reinstated. We need a little levity amidst all the 'heavity.'

Also, would like for you to consider carrying the highly scintillating Mike Malloy Show, from Nova M Network. He and wife/producer Cathy Bey are a powerhouse team.

And don't forget there's a "t" in Monterey...!!


R. H., Carmel

Rich Handel

Wed, 2007-09-12 19:19

What is your reasoning behind sticking heavey hitters like Ed and Randi on in the evening? Ed on at 6pm, that's family dinner time. I don't know where you put Randi but it sure as heck isn't when most people can listen. It makes no sense to me and I'll bet you loose a lot of listeners. We need people like Ed and Randi on the radio more than ever if the Progressives are going to defeat the righties in the next election. The guys you have on at 8am and 1pm can't get people like Chuck Shummer, John Dean or Dennis Kusinich. And why on earth you would have an hour every day of Tomorrow matters is beyond me. We Air America listeners were really jerked around last year by Micheal Zwerling and when he took Air America off the air we thought we had found a haven in KRXA. I guess we were wrong. I'll be looking into pod casts of Ed and Randi and also XM radio. I'd love to be able to support your local radio station and local sponsors but not if if your station won't support us listeners.
Karen in Watsonville

Karen Hawkinson

Wed, 2007-09-12 19:18

Dale Julin here, host of "The Dale Julin Show, and his cast of Live Local Liberals," M-F 8-9am.

My thanks to all of you who've listened and called into the show during our first week. This includes Edie of Santa Cruz, who wrote this note to us....

"Love your station! Particularly Thom Hartmann, Peter B, Bill Press, and Schultz. Others I like are Dale Julin's saturday Solar program, Tomorrow matters, and the addiction program. You should be getting more ads from Santa Cruz, we are so liberal here!
I am turned off by the AM lady that talks too fast, thinks she is so clever, and laughs at her own jokes...Good luck to your station."

Thank you Edie. I have just enlisted in helping the station, because as a moderate democrat, former investigative journalist, green activist, and longtime progressive news talk show host.... I believe in KRXA's mission.
I also believe in making money. That's why I'm now finding Santa Cruz-based advertisers. If any of you listeners know a business that wants to reach someone like YOU... go to www.yoursolarfuture.com and email me at the contact page.
Stephanie Miller will do her two best hours from 6-8am, then you can join me from 8-9am, as every day I promise to bring you a growing cast of "Live, Local Liberals" both serious and humorous, but always progressively political. I also will be interviewing nationally known progressive experts from organizations like the Center for American Progress. Listen for other guests like Ralph Nadar, and Dennis Kucinich.
Listen as we grow our new local show,(broadcast live from both Santa Cruz and Monterey), and its central themes... "go local, go green, and go for a democratic sweep in 2008!"

Dale Julin Santa Cruz

Wed, 2007-09-12 14:50

Folks (Programmers, etc.),

What are you doing? Moving Steph and Ed around leaves me no special reason to listen to you. I really felt like I had discovered something special and dug it (a good niche in my listening day) but sorry, the new schedule doesn't work for me. Send me an e-mail if u change it back around and I'll give you another listen. By the way, I did dig the good local commercials.....don't like having to redo my presets on my radio, but there you go....

Good Luck,


Mark Butler

Wed, 2007-09-12 14:49

I have been listening to your station for several months and generally enjoy and appreciate the programming you are providing. We can't be all things to all people! Those who are upset by Thom Hartmann replacing Ed Schultz need only to request podcasts. All progressives need to be educated as to our history which is what Thom Hartmann provides. I am thankful for your station and hope that you will continue to be a beacon of light in this dark and dreary world.

Toniann, Aromas, CA

Wed, 2007-09-12 14:49

Hal, I really don't like the new line up. I like to listen to Steph while getting ready and on the way to work in the morning. And, Ed gets me in the mood to take on the day when I'm not working. I think you really watered down the schedule by putting Ed on during TV prime time hours. You may listen 24 hours a day but most of us do not. I like most of the commentators but have turned off Peter B and his pro-illegals view.

Thom Hartmann just said "We don't have an illegal immigration problem, we have an illegal employer problem". Sorry, but it's both and I don't like progressives taking the emphasis off of the horrible social problems we have with millions of poor Mexicans without jobs here. If they think illegals are not a problem, then I invite them to spend some time on Salinas streets on a Saturday night. I never leave my apartment after dark and that's in a "safe" neighborhood...in reality no such thing here. Thankfully, I'll be back in Carmel soon and leave this filthy, dirty gang town behind. What an experience it's been! I moved here for re-training school and I'll never set foot in this dump again after I leave.
By the way, where do I find my candidate? The one who'll bring the troops home, take care of the trade deficit, give us universal healthcare and get rid of at least 6million Mexicans who, by working slave wages and living 15 to a house, drag our standard of living down into the toilet?
Good news through the Americans for Legal Immigration group...the "pilot program" to let the Mexican trucks run through the country has been stopped.

Ann, Salinas,CA

Wed, 2007-09-12 14:48

I work at home, and listen to talk radio most of the day. After years of KGO and other stations, I found this station (KXRA) and now usually tune in for over 50% of my listening day.
Some comments:
The biggest tragedy is losing the Stephanie Miller 8-9 a.m. slot...what happened? Any chance it will ever return? I wish I didn't have to always switch to Ronn Owens at 9, but he has a good show sometimes and if not I can always come back later to Tom Hartmann.
I also miss down-to-earth Ed Schultz who has gone from the daytime into evening hours, and this is unfortunate as I am busy with famiy matters during his evening time slot.
And let me say that Peter B. Collins is excellent, and his show is always at the top of my list. I always learn something from his guests and discussions.
Thanks .

Mark, Santa Cruz, Ca.

Tue, 2007-09-11 20:31

I'm a moderate Democrat and I've never voted for a Republican and never will. I'm disappointed that Ed Schultz has been moved to the evenings because he represented my views more than anyone else on the station. Ed has a sense of humor and he's able to interview Washington's powerhouses. Tom Hartman is a smart man but he's extremely boring. He doesn't understand the concept of humor and listening to him is like listening to a dry college lecture. I don't understand why a business would cater to a small group such as the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Most of us out here are moderates or independents. Why don't you put Schultz back on in the afternoon and get rid of the crap that you have on now?


Tue, 2007-09-11 20:30

I won't rant about cutting an hour from Stephanie Miller. But, know that you've lost a listener from 8-9 a.m.


Tue, 2007-09-11 20:29


Is there any way you could get "Face the Nation" as part of your material purchased from CBS?
Also, Meet the Press (aka the Tim Russert show)does occasionally have interesting guests on it, but it is not available in Northern California on radio. I should think they'd pay you to broadcast Russert!


Steve, Watsonville

Tue, 2007-09-11 20:29

Please bring back Stephanie Miller form 8-9AM. The local programming belongs after 9AM. I need my Stephanie in the morning.

Bring it back NOW!


Rob Weisskirch, Marina

Fri, 2007-09-07 18:11

What in the *&*&^%$ happened to Stephanie Miller from 8-9a.m.?? The Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz shows are often the highlights of my day. I cannot believe that she is gone.....and I will no longer be listening during that time period.

Pam Diggins

Fri, 2007-09-07 18:03

I'm a little disappointed to hear that the third hour of the Stephanie Miller Show is being replaced by local talk. I can't really complain, since the only reason I listen to your station is to hear Momma with Real Player Perfect Play (meaning, I can pause and go to the bathroom). I'm hoping this is temporary, and when Stephanie returns next week, you'll broadcast all three hours of her show.

Incidentally, today's topic on "Dale Julen" is somewhat interesting; I wish more could be done with the "drinking the Kool-Aid" topic he started with in the first half-hour.

Mike from Needham, MA

Wed, 2007-09-05 18:21

I heard your comments today breaking into Elaine Boosler. Let 'em talk, they can hang themselves or not...you've got plenty of your own time to say your own piece. Let the listeners come to their own conclusions or make a phone call to the hosts themselves. You own the station, let us "Think for Ourselves." I say this with all kindness and support. I do think the Vick issue is just a distraction. No rational person is in favor of animal cruelty...and I just ignore of jock news, they are paid brutes, what a surprise they'd be accused of wife beating, cheating, steriod abuse, gambling, adultery, and other bad behavior in other aspects of their lives. Gasp!
I also echo the comments below on Tomorrow Matters, the host seems "well-intentioned." That just won't cut it...squealing and ooohing and aaahing over some anecdotal 'evidence' of the danger of burns, or ignorantly suggesting alternatives which have already been discounted for valid reasons, isn't enough to change policy, it only gets folks into a fear mode. Knowledge and facts are power. Fear appears to cause the Left to cower, and the Right to attack.
Most of all, specifics about what to do, who to write, who to call, where to volunteer; those are the constant reminders we need that we can make a difference.


Wed, 2007-09-05 08:29

I love your station, what I realize is that as of today, I will no longer listen to the Stephanie Miller Show. I cannot stomach her replacement Elaine Boozler. I am tired of her ranting and raving re: Micheal Vick. Elaine needs to remember that we do still have a few rights left in America, one great one which is innocence before being proven guilty. Elaine believes in trying and convicting folks in the court of public opinion. She is a poor host. Animal cruelty is of great concern and must be abated. Hello Elaine, please talk about your fellow brethren and sistren in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast who still need help. Are you outraged by that? Outaged about students in Louisiana hanging nooses from trees and designating trees as being "white"? Does that deserve attention and discussion?

Can your station pick up say, FAIR (not the right wing group) which evaluates the media from a progressive standpoint? Are you able to feed into Democracy Now!, with Amy Goodman (not live call in). How about news reports from INN?

Sharon, Salinas

Wed, 2007-09-05 08:29


Now that I think of it, it is certainly convenient that “foreign nationals” were blamed for the World Trade Center bombing, since it provided Bush & Co. all the reason they needed to launch their imperialist pre-emptive war against oil-rich Islamic republics.
Consider, if the WTC events were found to be like the OK City Federal Building bombing, the result would have to have been to track down the Ruby Ridge/Waco kinds of nut jobs like McVeigh. We know Georgie wouldn’t ever hunt down red-blooded American gun nuts, because he almost is one (being reptilian, he no doubt has yellow blood, hence the 40 bpm heartrate he is noted for).

Steve Brady

Steve, Watsonville

Sat, 2007-09-01 15:21

This seems to becoming MY webblog, like Keith recommended!
The very rich and the very bigoted are die hard Republicans. The very poor and the very open-minded are die-hard Democrats. The so-called independent “middle” are a herd of sheep who go “whithersoever the governor (US media) listeth”.
I wonder how any Social Democrat in 1932 Germany could rush off and join the Nazi party as a result of the Reichstag Fire.
Anyone who did not see the hand of Dick Cheney in the horrific events of September 11, 2001, is either not paying attention or has no conscience. To join the Republican party AFTER Bush’s disgraceful cheerleading on the remains of New York’s Finest can only be the action of a coward or a fool. Or both. We’ll see as September progresses which describes Dale best.


Steve, Watsonville

Thu, 2007-08-23 09:13

Hal---you told us --or was it a guest?-to go to the Ihope.org website to find out about the spraying going on in Monterey. This was one of the LEAST user friendly web sites I have ever encountered. Most of the info was completely dated---some times from years ago ---and I couldn't find anything on the spraying. What a waste----these folks shouldn't be referring the public to a website that is so unfocused and disorganized!


Mon, 2007-08-20 19:40


You posted my comments regarding the letter writer verbatim, the way I wrote them.
The Herald printed the same comments on last Saturday, but they edited it in such a way that the letter seems to mean the exact opposite of what I wrote.
My question is why do they do that? Other than the sheer physical fact that they have the power, they own the press, I don’t understand their pettiness.


steve brady. watsonville

Sat, 2007-08-18 13:18

Thinking and caring People. Dean, Did You really mean this about the Republican Party?. OK. I get it.
Thinking of starting a War to take what isn't mine.
Caring about the Dead and Dying? Naahhh.
You were kidding correct?

Kory, salinas

Thu, 2007-08-16 07:34

Now that the public has had the opportunity to hear Charlotte’s voice, I think it would be an excellent time to give her a raise, in reward for superior job performance.
Meanwhile, about Mr. Martin’s “pandering”:

While it is true that both political parties pander, to equate liberal and conservative pandering is simply wrong. Liberals pander to the average person’s base desire for freedom, justice and peace. Conservatives pander to the wealthy person’s base desire for status inequality, war and superprofits.
Any claim that the “surge” is working panders to the latter, to the desire of the elite to plunder the entire planet the way Bush’s tax cuts have already plundered the US economy.

Steve Brady

steve brady. watsonville

Thu, 2007-08-16 07:33

Love your station! Particularly Thom Hartmann, Peter B, Bill Press, and Schultz. Others I like are the Solar program, Tomorrow matters, and the addiction program. You should be getting more ads from Santa Cruz, we are so liberal here!
I am turned off by the AM lady that talks too fast, thinks she is so clever, and laughs at her own jokes. Also hate the music that Lionel plays (for SUCH a long time). I often turn the radio off when it starts.
Good luck to your station, we need more of it all over, especially in the vast intellectual desert of mid-America.
Edie Nelson

Edie Nelson, Santa Cruz, CA

Tue, 2007-08-14 16:36

I'm very disappointed the Democrats re-authorized the NSA spying program. However:

In 2000, if we had gotten Al Gore into the presidency, we wouldn't be in the trouble we're in today. The big lesson that hopefully we've learned is that the Democrats are NOT the same as the Republicans. We should vote Democratic and advance the debate within the system in which they can be elected. Getting these current criminals out of office seems impossible at this time and we should never let it happen again. If we are unhappy with centrist and seemingly right-wing tendencies on the Democrats part, we can either find someone bright enough to unify disparate elements and vote them in, whether it be at the state or national level, or just be satisfied that at least they won't be outright CRIMINAL like the current occupants. We should not abandon the Democrat party because they have to compromise. I don't like what President Clinton did with NAFTA, etc. and doubted his credibility at times. But he was a LOT better than his repugnican rivals would have been, as would Gore have been! Let's keep that in mind and vote Democratic. Don't think for a moment that a third party can actually WIN. Repugnicans don't play fair and the debate is ugly now, in ways we weren't used to seeing even fifteen years ago We can't get sidetracked with ideals put forth by such third party candidates like Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, etc. We just can't have outright criminals in office anymore. Winning is HARD and not fun. Once we can be assured we're a nation of laws, at least nominally, and once we restore some measure of international stature, we'll be in a position to advance th national debates on important issues of the day (world peace, global warming, etc.) rather than get mired in religious issues and the like.

We need to IMPEACH Bush, Cheney, and Gonzalez, if only for the history books and their legacies. They had no qualms about spending $50 million on Clinton's pecadillos.

Alison Passell, Salinas, California

Tue, 2007-08-14 16:36

Couldn't resist adding my 2 cents (about all it's worth) because above all I love having a local liberal talk station and truly appreciate the effort, dedication, and cash outlay it takes to put KRXA on the air. Hal, we're all damned lucky to have you! Even the shows I like least, I still appreciate out of gratitude for finally having a choice and a voice. Steph Miller and the Mooks make me laugh out loud, a great way to start the day. Ed Schultz is not as informed, interesting, or convincingly progressive as I would like, but if his show picks up the pickup and beer crowd, I can tolerate him. The Show is a community asset, but has not yet hit its stride. The combo of Coach and Hal was just beginning to gel ... oh well. If I were queen, News/Traffic would have a stronger personality. Tomorrow Matters: admirable idea, well-intentioned, timely, but for all of the above reasons, a tough sell for a regular weekday lineup. A good weekend show. Perhaps if the host were more engaging? Randi Rhodes lives up to her national rep. A rousing liberal. Peter B's reasoned discourse and variety of topics and guests are my favorite, perhaps because it's a convenient time slot for me. Unlike some of the other commenters, I enjoy Hartmann at night so much that now I rarely turn to my former favorites, the NPR stations. Bill Press's ego is way too big for my radio (the only regular KRXA show I can't stomach). Love Ring of Fire! Scott Dick is growing into the job (his perspective on the military is great; the food show is coming along). Some shows I'm always going to like more than others. That's why they make chocolate and vanilla. However, I do hope you can settle into a lineup and stick with it. Radio is a habit, and an audience can't get into the habit of listening when shows and personalities are continually yanked and rotated. Good luck, Hal! And please know there are listeners who appreciate your efforts, and support your advertisers.

Mary, Carmel

Tue, 2007-08-14 09:36

I am calling out Arthur or anyone else of the Neo-Con Repugnantcan Corporatist Militarist Theocrat Party who thinks that the Fascism that has taken over in Amerika through the Bushistas is great and that anyone who disagrees is un-American, when it's people like Arthur who are un-American!
I'm sick of these flag wrappers claiming that anyone who disagrees with Bush either hates him or is with the terrorists, is a Communists, or some other idiocy.
So Arthur, since you think you are such a great Amerikan for being a Bushista, you must support:
wasting $1,000,000,000,000 on a war against a country that wasn't even close to being a threat to American security, handing out billions of taxpayer dollars as corporate welfare to defense contractors who can't even keep track of where the weapons end up (as in the arms of insurgent Iraqis), cutting taxes during a time of "war" when no other president has done so in our country's history, so as to enrich the rich even further, and weaken the middle class and working poor; see to it by bullying that Congress passes laws nullifying Habeas Corpus and warrants; making a mockery of every single governmental agency by starving it of funding or putting in place people from industries to regulate said industries (the foxes guarding the hen house);
using Orwellian language to just about descibe anything. So Arthur, as the bumper sticker said, if you liked Nixon, you'll love Reagan, and so on. Bush tops either of these two by miles in his treachery and trickery, lies and deceit, and if you go along with his pissing and crapping on the Constitution, DO NOT CALL YOURSELF AN AMERICAN, BUT A BUSHISTA FASCIST AMERIKAN spelled with a K!
And Arthur, what I listed above are FACTS about the Bushistas, not OPINIONS!
L.D. Freitas
Aptos, California

L.D. Freitas, Aptos, California

Mon, 2007-08-13 19:05

Hey & hi!! So glad other listeners agree:
Thom & Randi are smart class acts! (I will
not listen to the bluster of Schultz--he loves
himself enough to need no help from us.)
Thanks for the opportunity to have a say-so.

Matt, Los Gatos, CA

Mon, 2007-08-13 19:05

Ed ROCKS!!! Keep Ed or loose me as a listener.
Rhodes is awesome! She's smart and to the point!
Miller is a bit too annoying, but I like her support staff and find them very funny.
Hartmann is okay, smart guy but not that convincing.
Hal, you have a good heart - but you lost my ear when you insulted and brow beat the Coach on your own airwaves. When you belittled the Coach you damn near lost me.
Collins is a nice guy, but you could do away with him too.

Tim Watsonville, Ca

Mon, 2007-08-13 08:14

I don't like any of the choices for the line up. Hartmann is by far the best-----but who can listen to the radio all morning. It's good to have him on at night -as is-(actually maybe a bit earlier for prime commute time) so we ALL can listen!!!!!!! If you have a question-email it to him!


Mon, 2007-08-13 08:14

Keep up the great work you are doing. I really enjoy the Randi Rhodes show.

rOEN soledad

Mon, 2007-08-13 08:13

Okay, I voted, and I liked the choice of Hartmann and Rhodes best. I'd like to add another choice: if Rhodes could be on for an hour all these past few months, how about Ed Schultz from 11 to noon? Two hours of Hartmann followed by one of the Redhead might make everyone happy. Ed is getting on TV a lot, and that's why I think it's important to keep him on for at least an hour, because he talks about his appearances from time to time. Hartmann would be good to start the mid-morning, especially because he has Bernie Sanders on Fridays from 9 to 10. Hartmann appeals to more of the listeners here on the Left Coast, but he isn't getting offers to go on the Ministries of Propoganda for the Repugnantcans and Bushistas to argue against the Fascists like Tucker Carlson and useful idiots like Larry King.
So given Ed Schultz's popularity on Corporate Media TV, throw him a bone for an hour from 11 to noon. Randi Rhodes rocks, and hearing her for two hours, when I can, is a treat!
By the way, I noticed that my letter answering Arthur from Monterey is missing from this post. Come on Hal, post it! Arthur trying to call your station Radio Moscow sucks!

Larry in Aptos

L.D. Freitas, Aptos, California

Mon, 2007-08-13 08:12

The news readers in the morning are horrible and painful to listen to. The repetition of the same boring news is nauseating.
Please get someone who can read and enunciate words, names, and who is competent (like Coach).
Oh, Hal, please stop cutting in during broadcasts. It is rude and unprofessional.
When I discovered KRXA about 10 months ago, it was a good thing. Since the departure of The Coach, the quality has deteriorated.
Thank you.

Leopold Graupera

Fri, 2007-08-10 16:38

Did I miss something? The new poll? Are you removing The Show?.................I hope not!

Lawrence R.
Merced, Ca

Thanks Lawrence for your support. We are not removing The Show but we are moving it and we'll be adding a co-host as well Dale Julin of Your Solar Future.


Fri, 2007-08-10 16:36

I like listening to Stephanie Miller and I like krxa. I like hal a lot, his spirit, his willingness to put all his chips on a long-shot. And frankamente, I agree with most of what he says. Being smeared with honey and put on an ant hill before voting for a crook bush-party traitor--pretty close to my sentiments.

I've never understood the appeal of schultz. He's not left enough on a bunch of issues and he looks and sounds like limbaugh. Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann, or even Mike Malloy would be great additions to the afternoon at krxa.

gabbyhayes, North Carolina

Fri, 2007-08-10 16:35

I second dumping Bill(DLC)Press and adding The Young Turks.

Chris, Salinas, CA.

Thu, 2007-08-09 15:49

As long as you're running a poll, how about one for replacing Bill Press with The Young Turks? (For those unfamiliar with Cenk and Ben, go to http://www.theyoungturks.com) And...have you thought about rerunning the first two hours of Stephanie Miller at Noon?

Medford Tim, Medford, OR

Wed, 2007-08-08 19:25

Okay, nothing, I mean nothing, is more trivial and mind numbing than listening to you all talk (on "The Show") about talk-show ratings. It's like listening to a personal phone conversation, a boring one at that. Stop it!

Collins and Lynn -- lightweights, especially Collins.

Hartmann, okay, obviously an intellect, obviously knows what he's talking about and says it well; but the guy's humorless. I don't mean the joke, "ha-ha," type of humor, of course. About 10 or 15 minutes is my limit. (Yes, I heard that he's doing well, relatively, among the "liberal" talkers.)

And, here's a common-sense answer for y'all. Amaze your friends with it at the next SUV rally or Green Party Day ...

The reason the righties will always outnumber everyone else combined -- whether hosts or listeners -- is because they have nothing better to do. You simply cannot find that many liberals, moderates, progressives (or any of the other silly labels you'd like) with so much time they can devote to listening and responding to the nonsensical rants of the Limbaughs, Savages, Hannitys, et al. Thinking, caring people have lives, in other words.

Dean, Seaside, CA

Wed, 2007-07-25 15:07

I am sorry that Ben will not listen to any other point of view but his. He does not know me at all. I served as both president of Salinas LULAC in the mid 1990's and as president, as well as other officer duties, of Salinas Mapa in the late 1980's.(league of latin american citizens and mexican american political assn) I was named teacher of the year by the Salinas valley LULAC chapter in 1991. I dont have to pad my resume! I have served the students of CA public schools for 30 years as a bilingual teacher, 10 of those years at Alisal High School (1983-93). And yes, self-control does matter, whether it is sex, food or any other behavior that is governed by human behavior with free will. Ben needs to listen, not just pontificate, and make room for other Latinos with different life experiences. I am a proud Gay Latino male, and I sure don't need his approval to express my views. As to the Tovar case, I am more than willing to help. I know his lawyer, Miguel Hernandez, as he was a trustee of the school district where i worked in the 80's and 90's. He wrote a letter of recommendation for me after he observed my work as part of the Mexican American history class for which I both wrote the curriculum and taught. Enough said.

Steve Trujillo Capitola CA

Wed, 2007-07-25 05:41

Good for you! We now have a local replacement for Radio Moscow. Your line up of Bush Haters is remarkable - it includes almost every so many of the radical left lunatic fringe. Keep on flushing Air American down the toilet.

Arthur, Monterey, CA,

Mon, 2007-07-23 19:38


Tried to call Ed with this on Friday, but they have a one call per month rule. (!)
When I heard that Steph and Ed had testified to the Senate, it occurred to me that they might be interested in hearing from you!
Then genius struck, and it occurred to me that you could go WITH ZWERLING! Wouldn’t that be fair and balanced? Not like you’d pay his fare or anything, but you could travel to DC together, get to know him. My impression is that he is an innocent, and really doesn’t believe all the hate messages that Limpballs, Insanity and the Whiner spew daily.
And I think the Senate really should hear from you independent owners.
PS: I was looking at 1080-KSCO’s transmission towers, set on the actual water, on Sunday. They override KGO (810) AND KCBS(740) at the bottom of the dial throughout the Santa Cruz area. Without an upgrade to 540’s facilities, possibly including more licensing, you can NEVER penetrate to certain areas of Monterey Bay.
Tell that to the Senate!

Steve Brady

steve brady. watsonville

Fri, 2007-07-20 08:42

Where's the coach? I loved that guy. Sure he could be mean--it was part of his charm. Bring back the coach. At least he could pronounce "kucinich."

The main difference between Ann Coulter and Stephanie Miller is that Stephanie can back up what she says with facts whereas Ann can't--she just pulls a position out of her manly rear and waves it in the direction of the latently homosexual right wing. When the right wind hits the right wing, they go flying after her, thinking she's in heat. I don't care if she's a man, and I've seen pictures of him as a little girl, so the confusion began early. He can say what he wants. The right wing is blatantly unbalanced, however, when they describe the left as hateful and Ann Coulter as anything but. If they treated the left the way they treat the right, they could claim some sense of balance, but obviously they don't. The most important thing to the right is hiding its wrong doing through slander, lies, intrigue. I've never seen anyone on the right undertake subterfuge of this manner to hide treason, theft, and malfeasance. To any fair observer, it is clear that the left doesn't engage in treason, theft, or malfeasance and the right doesn't engage in anything else. But whether Ann has a penis is irrelevant. I'm sure all the gay right wingers have penises. So what?

Rbixby, Greensboro NC

Thu, 2007-07-19 20:03

I can't believe some of the comments I am seeing here. Comparing mAnn Coulter to Stephanie Miller??? WTF. At least Ms. Miller doesn't have to hide her (non-existent) Adam's apple. Does she/he (Mann) have a few more payments on sexual reassignment surgery? Note to Mann... It's OK to come out, just drop the GOP and your guilt and be your self. Stop the self hatred. It's OK, really.

Let's see how Senator Diaper Dave (Pervert, LA) does next election cycle. For that matter, let's see how well *ANY* Grand-Old-Perverts aka "the War Party" do in 2008.

The problem facing the country right now is the $12,000,000,000 per month occupation in Iraq, where we are neither needed nor wanted. Let's get the hell outta' that 'Dodge City' before the *real* gunfight begins. I guess that wouldn't satisfy the GOP blood lust tho'... So why didn't we just nuke *ALL* the Arabs then? Wouldn't that make us all good Christian Soldiers on a Crusade? If the Iraq Occupation is so important, then why didn't we just nuke them all? So what if your 8,000 lb. SUV spews a bit of radioactive waste. You're all gonna die someday anyways! WTF. The grand friends of the Bush's don't want Mecca turned into glass just yet, plus they have lots and lots of petro-dollars they can use to buy our Present-A-Dolt-Decider. So we will continue to see lots and lots of Saudi Al-Queda in Iraq, but Bush will want to go to war with Iran, well, because he is the Decider, and.... well... you are not. So there. Rock breaks scissors.

What we really need to do in this country is quit feeding the Military-Industrial-Complex that we have been warned about since the founding of our country. Ask yourself, how much health care would $12,000,000,000 per month buy? How many High schools? How much health care? How much Police, Fire, Paramedic protection for our communities? How much ***real*** protection against another terrorist attack? (most are prevented by police type rather than military actions). How many children would not be left behind for $12,000,000,000 per month? That's $4,629. PER SECOND that we are wasting in Bush's Vanity War.

If you still want Bush's war, then pony up the cash. Or send your kids to fight there, or better yet, go yourself. I'm sure you can find something useful to do there, like filling body bags, or writing those touching letters home for the recently deceased. If you can't/won't pay for it then shut the [email protected] up and go back to your miserly accumulation of worldly goods and stop preaching about how it's God's will. I haven't seem God on Larry King lately, so if you have a direct line, please, call 911. And if your McMansion needs fire protection, good luck since most fire fighters are now in Iraq. It might take them a while to get there.

Busy, Monterey, CA

Fri, 2007-07-13 13:35

Since when did "JACK" become "PAIGE ROBERTSON"...call me crazy but it sounds like the same guy.

Erik from Aptos

Tue, 2007-07-03 15:20

Hal, in the year before Katrina, $600 million was allocated for levee improvements in New Orleans. Much of that money disappeared into the various local levee agencies where it was spent on everything but levees.
Can you say "culture of corruption"? Sure ya can. The US Army Corp of Engineers was upgrading the levees around the ninth ward until it was forced to stop as a result of a lawsuit brought by an environmental group and the people of the ninth ward who claimed that the levee work created too much dust and noise. Besides, no levee can withstand the impact of a 100 plus ton barge being pushed by 100 plus mph winds. Sorry for all of the R.W. talking points (truth)

Leo Jasonpold truth in Magalia,Ca.

Leo - you r-ws are amazing. You are constantly changing the subject raising dubious points and skirting main issues. The only sources for your claims that lawsuits and local agencies are to blame are right-wing organs like the National Review. Such "sources" have no credibility given, inter alia, their continuing support for Bush's war on the people of Iraq and their failure to make clear the lies that Bush/Cheney wove to get us there. If you provided any sources for your claims (and you don't), I might take them seriously. In any case, you avoid completely the Bush administration's continuing and abysmal failures to help rebuild the city of New Orleans. Leo - if the Bush administration hasn't proven beyond peradventure the bankruptcy of neo-con ideals, what evidence would?


Mon, 2007-07-02 10:46

Hal, Your charge of "right wing talking points" as a perjorative is weak and represents a lack of knowledge about events, i.e my theory about the barge breaking the levee in New Orleans, you dismissed as right wing talking points. My theory as it turns out has considerable merit. Look it up

On the Real Time program, Maher said" If Cheney did die more peple would live" clearly a de facto desire for the assasination attempt on the veep to succeed. Some say that if an abortionist were to die, more people would live, wouldn't you agree?

Leo Jasonpold truth in Magalia Ca.

I would say that Maher's statement (if you are quoting it accurately, and I don't doubt you are) is a defensible claim given Cheney's many destructive actions as Vice President.

Re: the barge, if it is true that the levee breach that flooded New Orleans resulted from an untethered barge, I would say that the federal government should have done a much better job of shoring up the levees so that this wholly forseeable event would not have caused the mass devastation. In any case, none of this has any relevance to the massive and continuing failure of the Bush administration to help rebuild the city.

Leo Jasonpold truth in Magalia Ca.

Mon, 2007-07-02 10:40

Jack, you're a welcome morning anchor, very refreshing. I'll just bet you have another news source besides simply regurgitating the Herald headlines. You're not a language mangler either! Bonus!

It's just super to hear more of Scott Dick. He is so incredibly well informed on such a variety of topics, I would like to predict he'll be syndicated from Sand City some day.

The Sunday real estate dudes are the antithesis of everything I think KRXA is about, but take the money and run!


Sat, 2007-06-30 07:54

Yeah, but it was so funny when Bill Maher suggested that the veep should be assasinated. I guess that in the world of double standards it only matters who the target is. Edwards has dragged out every slimey shyster's trick in the book to gain political advantage, including promising that the lame shall rise up and walk, all of which has failed to give him a boost. A real friend would tell him "it's over".

Leo Jasonpold

Leo - I'm not aware of any such statements by Bill Maher, likewise, your criticism of John Edwards rings hollow when you fail to provide any cogent critique of his policies and proposals. I just see the same old right-wing talking points.


Fri, 2007-06-29 11:52

Elizabeth Edwards has stated that personal attacks against all candidates including John diminishes us. Thank goodness Stephanie Miller would never do this.

Pepper Carmel, Ca.

Wed, 2007-06-27 14:23

Whats the difference between Stephanie Miller and Ann Coulter? Who they ridicule

Sandy Carmel, Ca.

Wed, 2007-06-27 14:22

Your internet stream died 30 minutes into the Stephanie Miller show... DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Lindsey, Olive Branch MS

Fri, 2007-06-22 19:14

Hal, I heard You discussing the Agricultural Corporate vs Family Farm approach to ag. Sustainability and Diversity.

I was working in Our County Emergency Room when I as well as others I worked with noticed a "Squeeze and Seize" mentallity growing in the Ag. Production and Ownership in Monterey County, especially Salinas Valley. NAFTA started before it was signed into Law by the Clinton Administration. The large Corporate Player's in the Agricultural Business like Dole, Driscoll and T & A. They started an agressive buy out using the Squeeze and Seize theory fine tuned by the Exxon Mobil and Shell Corp's. Sell Your Product for less until You drive Your selected Competition unable to thrive. Then make an offer they can't turn down. Many of the Family Farm's in Salinas and Watsonville Sold to the same Corporate Competition they were up against. When NAFTA was Made Law, Sustainability against Corporate Agriculture was all but impossible for the Family Farm. Prices were set against a broader market with lower overhead in South America and Mexico.

The free Trade end was the Work Force. They were free to come , Work in the Field's or Packing shed's or Distribution chain and most had to pay their way into a Job from a Labor Contractor through a "Coyote". The free part goes toward the Corporation's that have an extremely Hard Working Force that is Paid Very little for their Labor. So Their Profit Margin is greater versus the Family Farm that May be a Dad, Mom and Brother's and Sister's, possibly other Relatives and some Hired Few; maybe.

Kory Mc. Salinas, Ca.

Kory, Salinas, Calif

Fri, 2007-06-22 19:14

Please don't get rid of Billy Sunshine. He has a great program every week.

Change the time slot of Randi Rhodes.

If you want to get rid of someone, it should be Stephanie Miller. She's very silly and annoying first thing in the morning.

A. and L. Weinman

A and L - thank you very much for your support of The Billy Sunshine Show. To be very clear, KRXA did not get rid of Billy Sunshine. Indeed, like you, we at the station are very disappointed that Billy decided not to honor his contract with KRXA. Pursuant to it, The Billy Sunshine Show was to run through September 2007 on KRXA and before its expiration, we would have been more than willing to negotiate a new contract with Billy and Mrs. Sunshine.

Hal Ginsberg

Fri, 2007-06-22 19:14

Oh puhleez! How egostistical and maniacal can you get Hal?
Do you really need 2 hours to produce the worst commercial radio there is locally, which is your right as owner--but you choose to remove the only "thinker" from the morning line up as well?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!???

You continue the pattern of radio owners/manager's everywhere in insisting on changing things when you already had it right.

1. The KRXA website still shows that Thom's on now.

2. I have removed krxa from my media players as the live stream for Stephanie Miller and Peter B Collins--thanks to NovaM radio and KGOE Eureka at least I won't be deprived of Steph's fun and Peter's great guests!


Thanks Radine. Listeners should know that Radine broadcasts a show on NovaM and KGOE's lineup includes liberal stalwarts like Dr. Laura.


Fri, 2007-06-15 20:09

I miss Thom Hartman's 9-11 show!!! He was my favorite! I know he's on in the eves, but that's not a great time for me to listen. Anyway, he and Peter are the best! Ed's heart and mind are in the right place, but he's a little too bombastic, and he sounds soooooo much like Rush L. Yuck! Steph's great fun for awhile, but then I want some real info! And, what happened to Coach? I missed that.......Thanks

Lynn hamilton

Fri, 2007-06-15 20:09

Hal, Some time ago I posited the theory that a runaway barge
broke the levee near the ninth ward in New Orleans during hurricane katrina thus causing 90% of the flood damage. You insisted (on the air) that all of the barges are carefully monitored and couldn't possibly break free from their moorings. Hey! guess what? Presently there is a lawsuit pending in the U.S. district court. The Respondent? The operator of the aforementioned barge. The plaintiff? The people of the ninth ward, the levee management district ,et al. You might want to submit an amicus brief on behalf of the barge operator. I still listen to your station when I'm in radio range. Sorry to hear that one of your saturday program hosts may have passed away. (Paul ?) Best wishes
to you nonetheless.
Leo Jasonpold Truth In

Leo Jasonpold,Magalia, Ca.

Fri, 2007-06-15 20:08

KRXA rocks! A pretty neat trick for a talker station. Great overall line up. Who can go wrong with Steph Miller! I think the 12 Stp thing is pretty lame, but to each their own. The only real spot on the line up has to be the absolutely absurd Peter B Collins, a vestige of what progessive talk radio used to be, and why it stumbled for so long. Collins is a humorless, lockstep, PC lefty who sees a conspiracy around every corner. Please, please, please Rebroadcast Randi Rhodes or somebody else who is smart and witty and covers the same territory. Collin has a stick up his @ss.

B Trumble

Thu, 2007-06-14 16:45

Hal, Why all the Dem's outrage at the firing of eight U.S attorneys by the Bush administration? Informed people know that Clinton's Attorney General "fired" 135 U.S attorneys
during his two terms.I never heard such caterwauling from the libs back then, oh yeah, the double standard of the
hypocratic party.

Jason Leopold, formerly Brian of Prunedale
P.S when are the Nazi Gestapo jack booted thugs going to come to take me to the concentration camp? Has Karl Rove still been indicted or was that just a LIE?

Leo Jasonpold, Magalia, Ca.

Wed, 2007-06-13 17:09

Dear Hal,

Randi Rhodes does her homework!! Tom Hartman is on the West Coast. Ed is getting TV time. Peter B has so much experience and great guests. So here is my 2-cents.

Stephanie 6-9am, then ED 10-12, then Rhandi 12-3pm, then Peter B Collins 3-6pm, then local 6-8, Tom Hartman 8-11p; local programming daily 11 am on all weekends with Ring of Fire on Saturday and again on Sunday. Sheila and Scott are excellent.

That's my dream line-up. Keep up the good work, whatever you choose, I am here!!

Jude Hart

Wed, 2007-06-13 17:04

I quit CBS not because of Katie, but because of the firings of several "moderate/liberal" personalities including Rather and Gen. Batiste.

Dwayne / Ponte Vedra, FL

Tue, 2007-06-12 18:48


Let us stipulate that Alberto Gonzales is incompetent, and the worst Attorney General in history. That being stipulated, your conclusion that the Republicans are playing politics in blocking a vote of no-confidence on the Attorney General.

We do not have a parliamentary system. If the Congress is disgusted with the Attorney General, have the House impeach him, and the Senate try and remove him. That is our system.

The folks who are playing politics are the Democrats who do not have the courage to take concrete steps and actions to remove the Attorney General from office.


Glen - I do not disagree with your assessment.


Tue, 2007-06-12 13:09

Add me to the list of people who can only listen to Ed Schultz for a few minutes. And if he's doing his "I'm a radio pro" schtick, I can't even last that long. I've tried to like him. Wait, I actually like him, I just don't find him interesting. I find myself wondering, "how many more ways can you find to same the same thing over and over again." Bring back Thom Hartman.


Mon, 2007-06-11 12:53

Just heard you subbing for Thom Hartmann. I listened to Peter B regularly on KNBR with intense attention and enjoyment until the ugly day when, driving back to SF from LA, I tuned in to my favorite hours of Leo Laporte and PBC only to be greeted be the ugliest hateful diatribe of ignorant vitriol that I had ever heard in THEIR AIRTIME. Yikes. Since that moment, by no accident, this nation has circled and begun to enter the drain. Instead of of intelligent, witty, informed, hip (in the good way) discourse there was instead Rush Limbaugh. And...WTF?...in San Francisco!!! And...for far too many of We The People, the opportunity for intelligent intellegence has been quasi-market replaced by the worst propaganda of our generation. How ironic that Bob Agnew now works for KQKE. Are you in touch? KQKE not having you is the ultimate dimension of ridiculous. Thank you for having continued so long to be you. It is such a pleasure to hear your mind through your great voice once again. As you did way back when, you and selected others in radioland importantly help to transform bleak despair into encouraging and energizing optimism. Infinite thanks.

Jeff Stewart Igo, CA

Mon, 2007-06-11 09:23

Krxa, Hal,

I am almost in total agreement with the unhappiness with the changes in your station as of late. I understand you are trying to make your station community friendly, but I think by the quality of some to the local shows you have, you see why shows like that are relegated to the weekends. You and COACH, were really starting to bring 'The Show' around. Now that coach is gone, the whole reason why I listened is gone. He was a very humble host, but he did improve YOUR performance as a broadcaster. You are very soft spoken, and Coach knew how to bring you out, and you did not appreciate his talent. I reiterate the request to revamp you lineup, for the better. Thom is smart, but not very entertaining, and Ed is entertaining but not very smart, only so much BBQ talk I can take!!! You should have 'The Show' remain two hours, BRING COACH BACK, and only have 1 hr of either ED or Thom, Then Randi Rhodes, then whatever, then Mike Malloy at 6pm. I am sure all us progressive appreciate that you brought a station for us to Monterey, but you could have left well enough alone.

Lawrence R.
Merced, CA

Lawrence R. Merced, Ca

Sat, 2007-06-09 13:50

If Monterey listener was being sincere in his expression of his views on "choice" it is a shocking and refreshing change to hear a "Progressive" speak such unvarnished truth; that is, Progressives are the new Stalinists. They know more, and they will decide. Freedom has no place in the new "Progressive" order.

Thank you for your honesty. I think.


Glen Franklin Koontz, Berryville, Virginia

Sat, 2007-06-09 13:50

Please for heavens sake I cannot stand to have that program tomorrow matters or whatever.........why are you doing this to your lovely station? 12-2 is enough. I liked it better when it was an hour. Please I will have to return to KGO.....in fact I did today.....but am willing to give you another chance.


Sat, 2007-06-09 13:50

I really miss Thom Hartman. I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of a man who had an in depth grasp of history and subsequently I found myself learning by osmosis. Since he is now on in the evening I rarely have an opportunity to listen to him. I feel that local news and issues would be more adequately served by a 90 minute block. The two hours seems to drag. The progam immediately after the 12-2 slot is unbearably amateurish. I was overjoyed when your station aired and have been a listener from the first and have encouraged others to do likewise. However, I find myself "tuning" off frequently with the new changes.

Linda Nichols California

Sat, 2007-06-09 13:50

Hal please stop I understand that you own the station and have all the power to make any changes to the line up that you feel is a winning combo, but I feel that your ego is taking this great station down like many others that come and go in the Monterey area. You had a winner when you first started with Miller, Thom, the show, Ed and then to end the day with Peter B.
I am one of the people you say you want to bring to your side but have tried to listen to Ed but when given the choice of Ed or Rush I will listen to Rush because Ed changes his opinion more than any other person I have spent time hearing on the radio.
I would listen to your station everyday starting at 6:00 am and not turn the station till I got home at 3:30 and I would come in contact with many people during the day that I would turn onto your station. Now I put your station on no more than 6 hrs a week because of your lineup changes.
I turned you on today to listen to the show to see if your show has turned the corner but was shocked to find that you lost coach who really was a person that made the show, not that your opinion is not valid it is just that your voice makes me want to take a nap.
Please call the coach up and offer him the raise he deserves and lighten up on him because he was the reason why guys like me started to listen to your station and please think about switching Thom and Ed around again because I am not the only person who is going back to Rush.

Ron Marina

Fri, 2007-06-08 14:14

I'm a bit shocked at all the negative comments about Stephanie Miller and Ed Shultz. While Stephanie can be a bit obnoxious with her zany comedy, sometimes thats the only thing that works with getting through another day under this administration. From what I've heard of Ed, he has the best opening segment in progressive talk radio. The rest of his show is slightly better than average. Personally, I'm glad that Thom Hartman has been moved. He is a bit redundant with his audio clips and seems to focus on the same topics day in day out. That can be a bit much.

As a whole, I really appreciate the format. I enjoy the changes and look forward to hearing a variety of progressive talkers. The single best part of the station has been the recent inclusion of two hours of local issues. These are the issues that effect us most. That being said, I hope to hear more about water issues in the coming months. After listening to Felton Flow last night, it would be a tragedy not to share their story with the larger community.

Thank you for your station and your time. Have a great day!

Ben, Aptos, CA

Fri, 2007-06-08 14:14

We progressives believe in just as much choice as anyone else. The only diference is we will make your choices for you based on what is best for you and for society. As Kory says this is more important than any personal freedom to damage the planet that you once may have had. Progressives have concluded that you are warming the globe, so you can cut back voluntarily or we will decide how to do it for you.There is no debate on this.

Monterey listener

Thu, 2007-06-07 21:18

Freedom of choice is Important. So is having a Climate that will allow Our Children and Grandchildren the same opportunities We have enjoyed. Our Climate is changing, Heating up more rapidly than in any time in History. If We do nothing to control the Carbon based Gases that are causing the Global Temperature to increase, like Automobile Pollution We will end up with a Climate that will bring the severe heat waves, severe flooding, Drought's, Hurricanes and Tornadoes we have seen recently and it is going to worsen.
The Califronia Clean Car Discount Bill is a way of helping Family's on low income's to get out of older Vehicles and into a New vehicle that will contribute to reducing the Amount of Carbon Emission. The rebate pay's for itself by adding a Carbon Based surcharge to New Vehicles that are high fuel consumption/High Carbon Emission rated. MOST VEHICLES will pay or receuve very little. For more information on this Issue www.ucsusa.org/clean_california

Thank's, Kory

Name, City, State

Thu, 2007-06-07 14:04

Hal is talking about taxing folks who do not buy what are deemed to be environmentally responsible automobiles, and conversely rewarding those who do.

What about freedom of choice? "Progressives" talk about a woman's right to choose. Choice is always used as a basis for arguing that government should not censor library internet access, books, movies, etc. And of course, "diversity" is just one big choice.

Why not with cars? You drive what you want and can afford, and the rest of us shall do the same.


Glen Franklin Koontz, Berryville, Virginia

Thu, 2007-06-07 14:04

I think you should replace Stephanie Miller with someone that is a little more intellectual. I am tired of her weezing hatred and bitterness every morning.

Pepper Monterey

Tue, 2007-06-05 20:36

I have tried to give your new lineup a chance. I use to listen from early morning to dinner time. I find I now listen about 3 hours. I don't understand why one week your saying how well the station is doing and the next week you change the format. If its not broke -- don't fix it. We need Hartmann back at his old time.

Jan Prunedale

Mon, 2007-06-04 15:45

Coach, say it isn't so. You made the mornings work. You'll be missed!

Joe Roberts, Monterey County

Sun, 2007-06-03 11:12

If one letter represents 100 or more silent listeners, will you notice the average of what we are saying?
...That we are sad Thom has been placed on the margins.
He is the premier broadcaster and the fledgling progressive movement needs his lessons. It is not the strident voice but an accurate intellectual underpinning that will engender the changes which inspired you, Hal, and Peter B, to create this unusual and prized station 540. You know our constitution was to based on the rule of law as suggested by the great intellects of the 18th century, not based on changeable rules invented by a demagogue.
...We are ready to have Hal's show only one hour.
...We can still bear to tolerate Ed who is sometimes worth listening to and sometimes not...
...Miller has that creative edge all three hours, and a laugh is healthy for us all.
...Lynn is always good.
I cannot listen at night and cannot comment further.
How about: keeping Miller the same 6-9, Thom 9-12, Big Ed 12-2, Hal and Coach 2-3, Peter B the same 3-6, Lynn the same 6-7, and a collection of Lindsay, Press, perhaps some Hal special presentations in the evening with special guests...
DIVERSITY is the keynote to keep alive your station.
It need not all fit the liking of Hal and Coach, nor any of us, including me.

Will, Carmel Valley

Fri, 2007-06-01 20:21

Is there a way to podcast the Peter B. Collins show. I like it, but I can't always listen.


You can download mp3s of Peter's shows at www.peterbcollins.com.


Fri, 2007-06-01 20:19

Hey Hal and Coach, You Guys are doing the Correct thing. Local Talk with Local, National and International Issues. Keep on this track and I will venture to say that Your Market share will increase.

PS, I will attempt to keep My on air comment's to under 350 word's per call ! Your Bud, Kory

Kory, Salinas

Wed, 2007-05-30 21:16

Bill Press should be on either later or better yet longer. He makes serious points without the moronic stuff on the stephanie miller show

sandy skyler

Fri, 2007-05-25 21:24

I listen to progressive radio every day. Right now my radio is off. I cant stand listening to Stephanie Miller twisting peoples names into dirty words any longer. I am sure some find this to be hilarious and I have to admit I did too in the 1st grade. The Progressive movement is too important to let haters like Ms Miller use air time that true progressives could be using to put forth intellectual arguments instead of moronic bathroom humor.

Bill Seaside, CA

Wed, 2007-05-23 16:46

Hi Hal,
My husband and I have been loyal listeners from the start and are grateful for your efforts and this forum!! However, this new format sucks. "Big Ed" is a "train wreck" coming right after Stephanie. I can only take him for a few minutes and I must change the station! Bring Thom back in the A.M.



Tue, 2007-05-22 20:52

I have been listening to your show for the past 6 months or so. I love the format, but if I could, I would like to add my two cents. Stephanie Miller end at 8 AM. Coach and Hal from 8 to 10. Thom Hartmann, 10 to 12 (my favorite) (nothing personal Coach and Hal) and lastly Big Eddy from 12 to 3, followed by Peter B. Collins. After that point, it's family time and bed. Keep up the good fight.

Sal, Pebble Beach, CA

Fri, 2007-05-18 20:05


I was thinking of putting Thom on later on Thursday night, including the 10 PM hour, where he'd be competing against Bernie Ward on KGO (nobody listens to K-suck at that time anyway). With your current programming, you're attracting the right-wingers and neo-libs, but loyal liberal listeners I'm sure prefer, as I do, the sane voice of Bernie Ward to the rabid pro-life BS currently offered on Thursday's "Different Perspective"

The truth shall set you free
Honest, I read it in the GOSPEL

Steve Brady

Steve Brady

Thu, 2007-05-17 18:37

Hal (& Coach if you are still OTA?)--
I miss having "The Show" on at 9 a.m. but I understand things change... I am streaming the station today to see if Coach is still on the air? Last I heard was the snit last week, followed by Coach's absence (I hope KC's father is doing better)...

I had to chuckle at the one commenter likening your show to weekend community service programming on NPR... yeah, it can be boring, but it is also enlightening in a lot of ways...

I am new to California, having felt like a Californian my whole life back East. I was hoping to find more progressive ideas and thoughts out here on the Coast and KRXA has filled a big part of that "need." (NPR, as always, fulfilling the rest, with sprinkles of Air America)...

Like several others, I would prefer Thom Hartman during the daytime schedule... I understand what Hal says about his "portability," but Ed is as much a blowhard as Rush if you ask me...

my 2 cents...
keep on keeping on... and more KC, please (or Billy). His humor is an important component to balancing Hal monotonous partisanship.

btw, I hear Hal mentioning Coach, so I do hope he is returning...

Shark, thanks for writing. If you didn't hear it on today's show, Coach will indeed be returning. He remains an integral part of our station.


Thu, 2007-05-17 18:28

Unlike some of your other correspondents, I like having Thom Hartmann in the evening slot. I have more of a chance to listen to him then than during the day when I am working (and most days we get all three hours of Thom).
By the way, Hal, I can't access your direct e-mail from the link on this site.


Thu, 2007-05-17 06:57

Dear KRXA:

I wish to add my voice to those who have been protesting your recent decision to both curtail & shift the hours during which we Thom Hartmann fans may listen to our man in Portland (& often elsewhere). During the recently ended epoch of some of the best talk radio I've ever experienced, I came to respect Thom as one of the most important communicational activists in our currently mumbling & fumbling nation, & I listened religiously (like they say) every morning. And so I'm very sad to see him go to the evening-slot, since I'm not usually able to listen to radio during those hours. I will miss hearing his insightful & incisive commentary (& that of his guests) on many of the most important issues currently facing us as a people.

I agree with most of the other complainants on this site that the "big redhead from North Dakota" serves as a rather poor replacement during the slot where Thom was. For me, I think the major difference between the two programs involves their relative proportions of interesting or useful content. As someone else has said here, Mr. Schultz does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time both touting his own success & popularity & laughing at his own cleverness, to the exclusion of a greater amount of more broadly meaningful content.

As for the idea of having TWO hours [?!] of "The Show" . . . I don' know . . .

Thanks for the chance to talk at you.

Dennis Holt

Dennis Holt

Tue, 2007-05-15 21:56

After Miller in the morning, it's bye bye to KRXA! Moving Thom & Ed was fatal mistake.

J @ Carmel Valley

john in Carmel Valley

Tue, 2007-05-15 21:56

Hey Coach!! welcome back,I have episode#7 of THE CONSPIRACY FILES with a "bonus file" The Snot Rockets Live at CSUMB with a LIVE version of "SLOB" a tribute to K.C. Lynch of KRXA radio 540 am at the bottom of the screen.Get your copy at ACME coffee. Thanks Art


Tue, 2007-05-15 08:22

you should have the week in politics in the 2-3pm timeslot each. that show is what progressive radio is all about--or at least should be. todd hurlburt seems to have some fire in him let him loose.
i want to hear more hard hitting political talk--not subdued nbr wannabes

james snyder, marina, ca

Mon, 2007-05-14 20:45


I have to say, I'm underwhelmed with the new line-up. I understand wanting to put local content on the air, but the kind of things you do on "The Show" guest-wise really don't have a lot of mass-appeal interest. One hour was enough.

Also (and I don't mean to be cruel), listening to a full hour of "Tomorrow matters" was painful at best. How much can you do with "we've got to be good to the planet" before it gets tedious? Judging by what I heard today, the answer is: "about 10 minutes".

Finally, while Big Eddie is good, Thom is great - but completely wasted at night. I can only handle so much of Ed's laughing at everything he says, and pounding us over the head with "I'm mainstream! I'm mainstream!" Plus, it sounds like he's makin' it up as he goes along. If I had to choose which one to have on in the daytime, I'd stick with Thom.

To sum up, I really WANT to listen to Progressive TalkRadio, but alot of what you have on now during the day sounds like Sunday morning public affairs stuff on a very small town station. I drive around most of the day (Hollister to Monterey to Carmel) and always made an extra effort to pick up the station, listening through static and bad reception to hear your programing. I can't say that there's much going on now that would cause me to do that.

For people concerned with the larger issues facing us as Americans - it's just not very compelling.

Thanks for listening!


Debbi, Hollister, CA

Mon, 2007-05-14 13:53


I was on hold for 20 minutes, then Charlotte came back to tell me the topic had changed when my initial comment was to say that we in Santa Crux County don’t have the problems you Monterey folks do because we keep our Real Estate folk under tighter rein.
Charlotte came back to tell me that the topic had changed, at which point I hung up, and changed my station with the reply, (unspoken) “F---- you, and the horse you rode in on,” and I hope you appreciate there’s considerable badinage that I could add to that, had I the inclination..
I appreciate your “Show”, but if you can’t allow an average listener to get an edge in word wise, then what’s the point?

Always true.,

S Brady


stevebrady watsonville

Mon, 2007-05-14 13:50

Terrible decision to move Thom Hartmann into the wasted hours of the evening. I like Ed Shultz, but he dosn't hold a candle to Thom as an intellect or historian.

I don't understand how anyone finds more value in Mr. Shultz and a local show (Hal is clever, but a talk radio light-weight) than in Mr. Hartmann.

You just lost a listener.

Rob in Pebble Beach

Rob, Pebble Beach

Fri, 2007-05-11 19:42


Good luck again on your noontime adventure, and since your changing programs around, is there some way you could get Thom Hartman on Thursday night? From Jack’s positions lately, (in favor of the Supreme’s recent incursion into the womb, claiming that the problem with Bush and Cheney is they’re “politicians”, like Barbara Boxer!) I suspect he’d have no trouble buying time on 1280 to spew his anti-woman spiel, and I have to wonder, if Randall Terry offered to buy time to do a show on your station, would you sell it to him?

Steve Brady

Steve - Thom is on 7-10pm on Thursdays. I'm surprised you didn't notice.


Thu, 2007-05-10 15:55


If you don’t hook up with the promoters of the resurrected Monterey Pops Festival, you’re missing the boat. If you have to borrow the equipment from some other station, figure out a way to do your “Show” as a live remote from the fairgrounds that weekend in July.
Also, if you manage to get a huge KRXA sign for a backdrop for Billy tonight, try to get the same sign prominently displayed at the Pops Festival.
Just a suggestion.

Steve Brady

Steve Brady

Wed, 2007-05-09 16:47

KRXA's big mouths can be heard all the way to the central valley.
KRXA is the greatest radio I have heard in decades.
Keep it up.
I like the new line up.
Never quit. Never give up. Never surrender. The goal is there. Go Go Go

Dick Musser, Monterey, CA

Thu, 2007-05-03 06:29

Hal, Coach,

I have a topic for you to throw out to the morning audience.

My Father a retired Army Vet, received a letter from the goverenment telling him that the US Army would pay him $2000.00 for a "new recruit" that he'd get into the Military.

Imagine being the person that accepts that offer and down the road have to look the neighbor/parent in the eye after the death of the former "paperboy" (or whom ever happened to be the recruited dies in the line of battle.)

My Father tore up the letter muttering these words. SHAMEFUL, DISGRACEFUL.

Would you mind mentioning this one the air. I'd like to know if other people have received any of this blood money offer.

Also being a mother of teenagers that attend school here in Salinas I have seen recruiters at my childrens school. (Once upon a time I would have gladly sent my children into the Military. Not now, not for this war, not for this President.) I called the school and talked to the attendence office and told them that my children are not to leave campus with a recruiter that the Military does not have my permission to "take my children to lunch"..Hal, Coach let Parents know that they can call the schools. Stand up say no.

with respect
an Army brat,

Leora S.


Wed, 2007-05-02 19:43

I love the show, I'm glad to hear that Hal and Coach will be on a bit longer in the morning. Love Thom Hartmann Though. Listening to him while preparing dinner is not such a bad thing.

Hal, Coach you guys are doing a great job..keep up the good work.

P.S. I'll screen your calls in the AM for free if you give my website a plug or two. www.Montereyblue.net. It's a local web site that I've started for Small Local merchants. We have an interactive blog and article site that I'd love to have your listeners submit their thoughts & opinions on.(we all know that KRXA listeners are the smartest around- after all we THINK for ourselves)
I'd also love to post a link to KRXA if it's cool with you guys...just mention MONTERYBLUE.NET (not..montereyblue.com)

Peace you guys and thanks for the brain food.

Thanks for the bumber sticker I wear it proudly on my minivan.

Shameless business plugger:)


Leora Salinas, CA

Wed, 2007-05-02 19:43

I saw a picture of Mike Newcomb and was wondering if he is now affiliated w/KRXA?

I miss him being on in the morning in Phoenix.


Sorry Cal, Dr. Mike hasn't been on KRXA for a while now - since he stopped his syndicated show and now he's apparently off the air.


Wed, 2007-05-02 08:15


Is there some media ethic which precludes KRXA from supporting Measure A? At the measure A website, a list of supporters is included, and I didn't notice your name among the community leaders. Was this an oversight by the Measure A people? Here's the list: (note S Bagley's name is in there)

* League of Women Voters of the Salinas Valley
* League of Women Voters of the Monterey Peninsula
* LandWatch Monterey County
* The Salinas Valley LULAC #2995
* Lideres Communitarios de Salinas
* Carmel Valley Association
* Sierra Club, Ventana Chapter
* The Ventana Conservation and Land Trust for South Monterey County
* California Native Plant Society, Monterey Bay Chapter
* Friends Artists and Neighbors of the Elkhorn Slough
* North County Citizens Oversight committee
* Citizens for Responsible Growth
* Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County
* Rancho San Juan Opposition Coalition
* Alisal Betterment Association
* Highway 68 Coalition

Elected Officials

* Dave Potter, Monterey County Supervisor
* Jyl Lutes, Salinas City Councilwoman
* Ken Gray, Marina City Councilman
* Don Jordan, Seaside City Councilman
* Daniel Cort, Pacific Grove Mayor Pro Tem
* Lisa Bennett, Pacific Grove City Councilwoman
* Susan Nilmeier, Pacific Grove City Councilwoman
* Jeff Haferman, City of Monterey City Councilman
* Alvin Edwards, Board of Directors, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
* Jenifer Lagier Fellguth, Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District Board President
* John Dalessio, Board of Directors, Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District
* Fred Keeley, former Assembly member 27th District
* Tony Barrera, Salinas City Council
* Karin Strasser- Kauffman, former 5th District County Supervisor
* Charlie Page, former Monterey City Councilman
* Tom Moore, Marina Coast Water District
* Bill Lee, Marina Coast Water District
* Loren Steck, Monterey Peninsula Community College District Trustee
* Annette Yee, Carmel United School District Trustee
* Scott Miller, Pacific Grove City Council

Community Leaders

* Carolyn Anderson, Chair, North County Citizens Oversight Committee
* Lydia Rodriguez, Affordable Housing Advocate
* William Melendez, Former California State Director, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
* Alonzo Gonzalez, former Board Member, Gonzales Unified School District
* Shawn Bagley, Agricultural Produce Broker
* Howard Classen, former CEO, Natividad Medical Center
* Pedro Moreno, Physician, Natividad Medical Center
* Berna Maya, President, Salinas Valley LULAC #2995
* Manuela Maya, Past President, Salinas Valley LULAC #2995
* Janet Martella Fay, Rancher
* Stan Corda, Farmer
* Frank La Macchia, Rancher
* Bob Coble, Labor Leader
* Karen Araujo, Labor Activist
* Eric Peterson, Traffic Commission and Policy Committee Advisory Committee
* Melissa Larsen, M.D.
* Duane Hyde, M.D.
* Robert E. Sageman, Retired CEO
* Ed Moncrief, Founder and 1st CEO of CHISPA
* Steve Dennis, Business Consultant
* Herb Aarons, Banker
* Randy Randazzo, Carmel Valley Community Leader
* Luis H. Perez, Treasurer, League of United Latin American Citizens Monterey Council #2895
* Mike Meuter, Farm-worker Advocate


Steve - as I said on the air many many times, KRXA endorses and supports Measure A. I don't know why the Measure A folks haven't put that on their website. You should take it up with them.


Tue, 2007-05-01 16:20

Quick note to the Management--

In my opinion, if you're going to use any of the shows off of the Air America line-up you ought to put Randi Rhodes right at the top of your list. She's far and away the funniest, most poignant and informative host they have to offer.

Best wishes...

Marty in Santa Cruz

Mon, 2007-04-30 09:53

Noticed the "Big Eddie" plugs for his show moving to 9-noon in about 2 weeks. What's the deal? What is the plan for the lineup? Please tell me you're not dumping Thom Hartmann!


Nope. We're not dumping Thom. He'll be on for three hours in the evening on delay.


Thu, 2007-04-26 21:19


As you know, I removed the KRXA bumper stickers from my car, not wishing to have your station associated with the raving rants of Watsonville's premier disturbed, mentally ill loser.
I complained about your adhesive, but since then I borrowed some acetone from Butcher, and the adhesive came right off. I have since replaced them with bumper stickers from my employer, the Crazy Horse Restaurant, which is unashamed to be associated with my ranting raves.

Steve Brady

Steve - we do not object to being associated with Watsonville's most disturbed mentally ill loser. Please replace the bumper stickers immediately.


Wed, 2007-04-25 11:29

It would be great if you could incorporate a traffic report or two on your new noon show, to really keep MZ in his place, but could you get Todd to do it? Traffic reports work so much better when the reporter has at least a glancing familiarity with the roads covered.

Steve Brady

Steve Brady

Tue, 2007-04-24 17:46

Hey Hal! Thank you so much for giving an update on what happened to the KRXA stream on Friday. Being an absolute non-techie, I spent HOURS "trying to fix" my "Real Player". And since Broadband Comcast "eats" up KRXA ... and ONLY KRXA ...I couldn't get The Show on my dinky radio(s) either! So frustrating. I can't figure out why Comcast effects this station but I can tell you, you and the Coach sound like you're gargling under water. Not a pretty sound, trust me. Ok, so, since I get this automatic switch-aroo in my Favorite Places click to KRXA which takes me to some lame Comcast supported gaming crap, AND Real Player wants more money from me to update, I figured it was"personal", you know? Even sent a "discouraging word" (or two) to the Microsoft techies and finally I just gave up. So... IF your feed is down in the future, is there anyway you can contribute to my small reserve of sanity by posting that on your website OR offering that notice on air?


Thanks for writing Barbara. When we learn of stream problems we try to inform our listeners quickly. Usually, however, any problems are fixed as soon as they are discovered so posting would be after the fact. Routine maintenance is now scheduled on the stream early Sunday and Wednesday mornings - around 2:30 am - so listeners at that time can expect a very brief interruption of service.


Sat, 2007-04-21 17:04


One complaint about your bumpers stickers: when I removed them from my car, they left much more adhesive on my paint than the Kerry, Feinstein, Caballero, Bowen and Farr stickers that I removed earlier. Put that in your blog.

Steve Brady
Disturbed, Mentally Ill Loser

You should'nt've removed 'em!


Name, City, State

Thu, 2007-04-19 17:16

First let me thank you for providing the medium we are able to enjoy. It is far from perfect but a great beginning!
The entire liberal/progressive radio format may be just as bad as its counterparts. You are all in it for the money and will say and do pretty much anything that best serves the overall financial interests of your stations and yourselves. That is no crime, we all have to earn! My point is easily proven however; if you did not earn any money from your efforts, you would or could not continue operations.
However, while espousing your high minded community interest position, you use every occasion available to inject your personal beliefs rather than enabling those of your listeners/participants. I understand the necessity of fanning the fires of interest to keep things from becoming “less than interesting radio” but you may go too far in injecting your personal beliefs purely to satisfy your own selfish interests. Your shrill, on air tirades, serve no meaningful purpose, save your own, and I frankly wish you would temper them with a little less passion and a little more purpose. We all have a right to express our thoughts, this is America after all, and you do provide a terrific forum for same, but it is not your personal daily forum if the station’s theme is adhered to. Furthermore, you are not from this area and for you to portend to understand what is best for it is arrogant. While you are obviously an intelligent and caring person, you cannot possibly have garnered the innate understanding of our environment and local viewpoint to make the intelligent determinations. Sit back, enjoy all that is the Monterey Bay Area, and learn for a while more. Your East Coast attitudes are not simpatico with those of our native brethren.
Finally, your recent scheduling decisions seem to me to be a dumbing down of your station’s format. Lionel is a remarkably astute gentleman offering an intellectual evaluation of current events based on a reasonabe grasp of reality (if there is such a thing). Stephanie Miller while enjoyable and entertaining just doesn’t offer anything new to the day in comparison. Ed Schultz is a little too old-fashioned and middle-of-the-road, for my taste. Besides, his voice is just too close to Rush’s, America’s favorite liar. I don’t particularly like Hartmann but I almost always learn something from listening to his show and so, continue on with it, if you please.
Peter B? He is just boring and really professional at it! It is a shame, he seems quite capable.
Well those are my personal criticisms. Your product could be greatly improved and yet I am still thankful for what we have, it is far more tolerable than our other choices.

Paul - Monterey, CA

Thu, 2007-04-19 17:07

Hi - your show's great but I'd like to know what percentage of America takes a stupid pill every day or is it hidden in the water. It's the only thing I can think of that would cause people to call the kids in Virginia cowards.

From Canada eh
Hugh Macdougall

Listen to you on KRXA on the web

Hugh Macdougall ,Kelowna Canada

Mon, 2007-04-16 07:36

Re: Don Imus
What Imus did was stupid...just purely stupid. He deserved some type of punishment for what he did - but to fire him? In my opinion what Imus said, while being stupid, is just as bad as the moronic ramblings of that idiot Limbaugh. Limbaugh has insulted every race, religion, and democratic politician that there is..and what happens to him? Nothing! Where is the rage against him by Jackson and Sharpton? Why is he still on the airwaves? Imus apologized - and even met with the womens basketball team personally and apologized. Ever hear Limbaugh apologize for anything?? He said Micheal J. Fox was faking his disease..the things he has said about the Clintons are anything but forgivable..he mocks truth and makes up things which he spews out to the "ditto heads"..and what has ever happened to the druggie Limbaugh? Nothing! And to think people out there actually believe the guy blows me away. Thanks God for good people like Stephanie Miller and big Ed Schultz. Yes, Imus deserved a punishment - but firing the guy wasn't fair. Fairness would be Limbaugh getting axed and working at Wal-Mart!

Jeff - Rockford, IL

Wed, 2007-04-11 12:45

Re: Imus

Sharpton started the bruhaha 3 or 4 days after the Imus comments, and now every one has climbed on board for the lynching. Problems are that Sharpton has taken Republican money in the past, and has also played the jester in the past. In this present go round Imus has moved the President, Al Gonzolez, McCann, Iraq, Iran and other scandles from the front page to something less. People can understand hot button issues easier than scandles that are much deeper and more convoluted.

As to Imus's comments "much ado about not much" these words are heard and used every day on the air and in private daily with nothing being said, I think Imus is being used to take the heat off the present administration.

Michael Greenspan, Coral Springs, Florida

Wed, 2007-04-11 12:45

Since hanging is too good for Don Anus, (death comes too mercifully quick), I suggest he be put out in the Iraqi desert dressed only in his cowboy hat. That, at least, would spare the rest of us from having to be exposed to his paranoid xenophobia. Such always for bigots!

Steve Brady, Watsonville, CA

Fri, 2007-04-06 13:54

I've recently heard your critic of the Stephanie Miller show and agree with bits and pieces. I would like to mention, however, that the parts of her show that you discussed as being frivolous and a bit out of sync with its political approach (e.g., the "celebutard" segment) are what motivates my 14 year old daughter to listen and tune in to the show. This is significant because such segments serve as a "hook" for bringing youth into the whole political talk arena. Basically, it is as important to bring our children and youth into the political system as our young and older adults. In that regard, the Stephanie Miller show is serving an important function.


Thu, 2007-04-05 12:47

Mr. Ginsberg,

I am contacting you to let you know I am a newly faithful listener in Phoenix, AZ. I originally enjoyed the inclusion of Peter B. Collin through the Nova M station. When that station decided to exclude Peter B. Collins from their line-up I followed him to your station at KRXA. I am now a full time listener (via Internet stream) to your full schedule. I appreciate your hosts and find consistently thought provoking ideas regarding the serious issues our democracy faces today. Thank you for the talent you have made available to us, even in Phoenix. I look forward to Mr. Collins each day because he has intelligent guests and asks equally intelligent questions. I guess Nova M is a little slow in realizing they are losing listeners to great stations such as KRXA. Peter B. Collins has led many of us concerned citizens to your line up of programs.

Phoenix listener

Thu, 2007-04-05 12:46

Hello Stephanie Miller!
Yesterday a.m. (04/03/07) I listened to GWB hem & haw in yet another of his feeble, unscripted press conferences. As usual, he fails to directly answer any question put to him about the retreat from Iraq; he can only "remind" us that WE (THE PEOPLE)must continue on so that (1) WE(THE PEOPLE)can assist the "young democracy" of the Iraqi government, (2) WE (THE PEOPLE)don't look like quitters to the rest of the world, and ~ I gagged on this one ~ (3) the demons and terrorists that are out there don't follow us home. How naive does he think WE THE PEOPLE are?

The continuing reminder from GWB is that we must achieve our objective. Here's a reminder, George: "When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that the main objective was to drain the swamp". Does anyone out here remember our main objective?

Whew...I think I'll have a cigarette now. Thanks, Stephanie, for venting on behalf of your listeners. My day is well-rounded by you in the morning, Ed(straight from my home state)during lunchtime, and Peter B. on the way home.

p.s. I sincerely trust that my name and city will not be shared. Have a good one.


Thu, 2007-04-05 12:46

Is there any way to see a transcript or tape of the Honegger interview? Regrettably, I missed it.


We were delighted to provide the audio to Holly.


Sat, 2007-03-31 03:38

Well this is my third I think my third email to you and I have called your radio show twice. Why, oh why do you want to have weak women on your radio show. Please, get Randi Rhodes. I know there is no way you can get Amy Goodman. I have tried to call u on your show personally, however, Democracy NOw comes on the same time your show does. Why do you pre-empt Thom Hartman, Mr. Intelligent when no one would miss Ed Schulz (sp?) missing. Sorry to be so negative. But has anyone noticed Lionel is drunk while doing a lot of his shows. Stehpanie Miller is funny but not serious. Randi Rhodes is serious and has the facts when people call in, I hear Ed Schulz say more than once say "I don't know about that one." What just because he is a guy. Randi is a Air Force Veteran and she has taken a lot of notes and learned a lot from Amy Goodman. I really don't care about Ed's football favorites or hunting season or his AK47s. JUst what a ex-cop likes to hear, more bad guns on our street. This country is in trouble, we all have a responsibility. I have gone to bed exhausted from working on activist projects, I really don't have to do, and are not popular. I wished people in your position could do the same. Maybe you do, I just don't want our children, with me my grandchildren to ask why didn't you work harder. Why didn't the truth get out.
White Rose Society

Mary Litel-Walsh

Thu, 2007-03-29 09:39


Archive tapes of the old Burns and Allen radio shows are available, and I suggest you and Keith listen to them, for comedy ideas of how to work the Straight Man-Dumb Blonde shtick. You're funny, but not consistently, like George and Gracie were.

Steve Brady

Steve Brady

Mon, 2007-03-26 15:20

I want to express my desire for your station to make some program changes in order to have on communicators that will best serve the listening public with information about what is happening.
Therefore, I would hope that Stephanie Miller would be dropped and replaced by Sam Seder, whose show is on at the same time. I've had an opportunity to listen on the internet to the Sam Seder Show on a New York Air America affiliate recently between 6 and 7, before going to work, and after catching Democracy Now at 5am on community access tv up here in the Santa Cruz area, and found I really missed Sam from the time he was on KOMY in the late afternoons some months ago. Stephanie Miller, to paraphrase a listener who called in and criticized her, and whose phone call is now used on an ad, is just too silly and gross, and Sam Seder's humour, which he does use, is sharper and much more mature. I might miss those Kim Jung Il imitations, but the whole thing's gotten old with me, and I notice lately less talk about politics, and more about Ana Nicole Smith or Tom Cruise, to which I say, who the hell cares when the Decider keeps flushing the nation down the toilet. Drop Stephanie Miller and bring on Sam Seder. The listeners will be happy, for I have heard others complain about Stephanie Miller, like my father and Millie from Aptos.
Regarding Ed Shultz, I would have to admit to listening to Randi Rhodes on the internet live from KTLK LA during periods of the afternoon at work when I can. Ed Shultz does have his good days, but Randi Rhodes is just sharper and more on task to talk about politics, which is what I want to hear about. I think she does a better job at researching matters too, and presenting a broader width of knowledge than Ed Shultz. In other words, Randi does listen to Democracy Now, or at leasts references it from time to time, as does Thom Hartmann, and I doubt Ed Shultz knows much about Amy Goodman's show at all. If I could mention my dad again, he says he'd rather hear Randi Rhodes on KQKE than Ed Shultz (he lives in the San Jose area.). I would rather that you drop Ed Shultz and bring on Randi Rhodes live. Perhaps Ed could be on later in the evening, replacing Lionel or the guy you have on for the 6 to 7 hour in the evening. Another suggestion: I noticed a station in Riverside has Randi Rhodes on for just one hour in the afternoon, followed by Ed Shultz for two. Perhaps you could split that three hour time slot with Randi and Ed and keep the Ed Shultz people happy that way. Let's face it, listeners already are missing Thom for an hour because of "The Show" which I do like to listen to when my work day allows.
To sum this all up, in my opinion KRXA, an excellent station already, will only improve with communicators who can present facts and opinion in a more serious manner, with a bit of humour thrown in, but not with humour turning into silliness and stupidity, ala Stephanie Miller, and with opinions and facts not so much based on the thinking of the "Heartland" but more in tune with those of us living on the coasts, east and west.

Larry Denis Freitas
Aptos, California

larry denis freitas, aptos, ca

Thu, 2007-03-22 20:34

As a fan of the Stephanie Miller program, I want to let you know how much Elaine B. and her partner were appreciated. Hope to hear more from them!!!! Good to hear R.J. on today. After listening to him on the weekend, I was VERY pleased to get to hear MORE from him today. He is so informative when it comes to investing, and I was delighted to hear that he is also entertaining and informative in other areas. I would like to hear more from him also.

Ann Lee Nilsson, Salinas, CA

Tue, 2007-03-13 13:56

Good debut performance on the politico show Monday eve. This is what locl radio should be doing! In any case, Congratulations to all you guys on a nice open.

j Pace

Mon, 2007-03-12 14:08

Hi guys a loyal listener from Carmel is looking for Thom Hartman's list from yesterday that describes all of the benefits we winey liberals have contributed to society that conservatives take for granted. From clean air to labels on food he cleverly goes through joe beer can day from the time he wakes up. Is there a way to find this list? Daniel. ps. thanks for all the hard work you do you keep us all hoping for the future.


Thanks for listening Daniel. We have forwarded this comment to Thom Hartmann for a response.


Mon, 2007-03-12 11:53

I found Peter B. Collins by chance when Mike Malloy and NOVA M started earlier this year. And I liked him so much that I followed him on line to Monterey.
I lived in Monterey 1984-85, so I even enjoy some of the local references.

Juliane Santa Fe NM

Mon, 2007-03-05 19:01

Hello from the Gateway to the South, Louisville, Kentucky.
I'm here because:
1. I lived in San Francisco for 9 years and had to move back to KY because I could no longer afford The City.
2. I've followed PeterBCollins for quite a while.
Thanks for having him on your station.
Looking forward to hear your live stream on a daily basis.


Margaret Lewis

Margaret Lewis, Louisville, KY

Thu, 2007-03-01 13:09

Dear Coach and Hal,

It was so nice to hang out with you guys at Pizza Paradise.
Thanks for being available to your fans. You both are doing a great job and it is so important to the community to have a local forum to hear about and discuss the issues. Don't ever change and remember that you have a friend at MIRA.


Holly Keifer and Patricia Bruce

Holly Keifer

Wed, 2007-02-21 20:05

Dear Stephanie Miller & Crew,
I have been listening to the subversive (and hilarious) twists on politics for quite awhile now from you guys and frankly I think that Steph should run for president. Right now, if Hillary Clinton is on the Democratic ticket in 2008 either as Pres. or Vice Pres. the religious fascists...I mean religious right will mobilize in such masses that something will happen, I fear, that almost nobody now would believe possible, and that is a Republican victory in 2008! Sound impossible? Don't bet on it. The Democrats need a better candidate than Hillary, and I know of someone who is intelligent, beautiful, sassy and not an out and out hypocrite...and that person is Stephanie Miller!

But then, perhaps you do not want to face the horrors and ugliness of a Presidential Campaign? The lies, the smears, the distortions of the past, the digging up of dirt?

Well, anyway. It's a thought. Do you know where I can get Stephanie Miller for President bumper stickers? Maybe we can put you in as a write-in candidate! Or start a new party---the PARTY party!!! I'm sick and tired of same ol' same ol'! Dems. and Reps. are de facto merely two sides of the same coin!

And God said "Let's there be the PARTY party! And there was! And it was GOOD!" (Or at least it couldn't be any WORSE). And our country was surely blessed!

Jonathan R. Moore,
Composer, comedian, deviant, and madman.

P.S. If you refuse to run for President, can we get married? And if that is unacceptable, can we live in sin?
Oh, well, a man has to have his dreams!

P.P.S. Feel free to read this message of "truth" on the air, and if so, tell me when so we all can share a good laugh!
By God! Politics is funny as hell! Poor Hillary Clinton, is not really a very funny person. In fact she's as dull as her speeches! She sucks! Can you run in 2008, Please!?!?!?! I'm on my knees beggin' for-God's-Sake, PLEASE!!

Jonathan R. Moore, Old "Fart" NC

Thu, 2007-02-15 21:36

In general, I like the political views Ed Schultz espouses and the way he expresses them. I really like the interviews he does. I like it when he talks about his life up there in North Dakota, his views on sports, etc. What I don't like, what I really don't like, is how much he blows his own horn about being a "good radio guy."

I heard him going off about the fall of Air America again the other day, and contrasting their experience with his own. It's the kind of rant he should feel free to get into with his radio pals at radio industry conference drinking parties. For me, I just don't care. In fact, I think it demeaning that he thinks he has to spend so much time telling me how good he is at radio. Apparently, he dosen't think I'm smart enough to figure it out for myself or that I listen to him even though I think he's lame and he needs to disabuse me of the notion.

One thing I get from his "I'm a radio guy" stuff is that Ed is an entertainer and that liberal politics and the progressive agenda is a kind of an act, schtick, a routine he does for ratings. So he might want to knock that off before we all turn him off.


Mon, 2007-02-12 19:09

Regarding the presidential candidates and their vote for the war, here is my comment.
Ed, if I knew, they all knew. Reasons?
1.Twelve years of sanctions
2.The finest spy satellites, and spying equipment, with the capability of laying ground instrumentation to pick up intelligence.
3.Given all that I have said in Item 2, the administration put forward as evidence of the existence of WMD, a fellow named "Curveball",of whom we have yet to see a photograph of him, or hear of him. "Curveball was described as a looney, a drunk, and spaced out, yet the administration preffered to believe him, rathe than the CIA.
4. Lastly, people like Douglas Feith and the other Neocons, those who voted for the war did so for reasons that were ousted on them, or foisted on them, maybe even blackmail.

Gerald O.D'Sena, Rancho Palos Verdes CA

Tue, 2007-02-06 11:35

An option to KOMY

So KOMY has dropped Air America in one of the most liberal cities in the country because its sales staff couldn't find advertisers to support shows that their boss obviously didn't like?

Give me a break. Anyway, for those who don't like Rush Limbaugh's "angry, nasty, moaning," we can listen to AM 540, which still has progressive talk, and whose advertisers will now have a whole new crop of former KOMY listeners.

Terry Tetter,Capitola

Santa Cruz Sentinel Feb 3, 2007

Tue, 2007-02-06 11:35


Would you buy a product from someone who doesn't believe in it? Of course not. Yet that is what snake-oil salesman Michael Zwerling tried to do with his KOMY radio station. His relationship with listeners and advertisers was essentially dishonest. He really supports neo-con format typified by Rush Limbaugh on KSCO. His investment in a liberal format was crass opportunism and no one fell for it. Yet there is an audience and advertiser base for the format. Evidence? Radio station KRxA in Monterey recently went on the air with a liberal talk format and they're growing fast.

Brad Asmus, Aptos

Santa Cruz Sentinel Feb 1, 2007

Tue, 2007-02-06 11:34

I am a French listener and I am absolutely outraged with Christian Mallard's commentaries... I WOULD LIKE TO UNDERLINE THAT HE IS ONLY SPEAKING FOR HIMSELF... It would be nice to interview somebody who is a bit more neutral!!!

Nellwin, France

Fri, 2007-01-12 22:15

As a life time liberal, I do enjoy the radio station. Unfortunately, Stephanie Miller, like Cindy Shehan are hurting our cause for peace with her glea with the death of our soldiers and mindless conspiracy theories. I do listen to her until the fart jokes start, I lost interest in them when I was around 13.

Steve Heydon Carmel

Mon, 2007-01-01 12:48

I am in shock and deeply saddened to hear of Paul Sanford's death. Not only was Paul an integral part
of what KRXA "stood for", but he was a true American
Hero. He fought for "the underdog". When he argued
before the Supreme Court, I followed every bit of
coverage on C-Span. And felt so proud that Paul was
one of our beloved community members.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, dear
friends and *all* the People whose lives he has
touched, in great ways and small ways but "making
that difference".

I do not understand why "The Good Die Young".

Barbara Conner

Mon, 2007-01-01 12:45

I am so sorry to hear of Paul Sanford's death and my sincere condolences go out to his family and also to Shawn. I really enjoyed the radio show Paul and Shawn put together, I hope Shawn finds the strength to carry on with the radio program despite the loss of his friend.
More importantly our thoughts and prayers go out to Paul's family and friends.

Chris Bryan, Salinas, CA.

Mon, 2007-01-01 12:42

With the one exception of Ed Schultz, KRXA is entertaining and informative! Stephanie Miller and Peter B. Collins are great! However, Ed Schultz is dull, conservative and on the wrong track about so many subjects - especially the Middle East. He's not really progressive; plus he's such a shameless anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bigot! No one I know likes him either. When rude and boring Ed Schultz is on, we switch stations until the polite, scholarly and very cool Peter B. Collins is on later in the afternoon.


Sat, 2006-12-09 19:23


Found your show following Mike Malloy around and have become a daily listener. How about spending some air time commenting on web neutrality as it under attack right now. Keep up the good work!

Jim, Gig Harbor, Wash.

Fri, 2006-12-08 16:18

Hi, Thank god for your station! Please keep it up..as madness is decending upon our country....People ARE waking up!....I am utterly speechless with the things this administration is doing and saying..and the HYPOCRISY IS ENDLESS!!!! Unbelieveable! thanks...

Peter, P.G.

Wed, 2006-12-06 14:27

I just finished reading Barack Obama's new book, Audacity of Hope, and he is my man for prez in 08. Go buy the book its worth the 20 bucks


Sun, 2006-11-26 11:00

I really enjoy your radio station! I have a 45 minute daily commute and would really prefer to listen to a radio station such as yours instead of the only available talk staion, which just happens to be "Right Wing". I do believe in staying in touch with the current "right wing spins", but unfortunately I don't get to listen to the other side until I get home. Are there any plans to either improve reception from Sacramento to Redding or establish anything from the "Left" here?

Jose Brenes, Redding, CA

Sun, 2006-11-26 10:59

For democracy to continue or resume in the United States, we must demand wiretapping and bugging policies stop. The Bush administration did not stop at collecting data.

As it is now, the United States is a police state. We, as individuals, have no way of knowing if someone hasn't slandered us to a secret court. Our enemy might think they are getting even for some political wrong and might be someone an ordinary person would never suspect. It might be someone who pretends to be a “liberal,” but is actually someone spying for rightwing boss of a spy agency. It might be someone someone who an ordinary, progressive, politically active person wouldn't want to date their daughter, or someone who wanted a special deal on a used car, or any other of thousands of possible excuses.

Just think about it. Without any oversight we have no way of knowing whether or not the Bush White House isn't allowing people involved in approving torture to mess up the lives of those who are trying to stop torture and other policies.

Demand the end of secret wiretapping.

Greta Nisson