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]]> 99% Movie Tue, 26 Mar 2013 13:20:56 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions ]]> No_Grand_Betrayal! No_SocialSecurity/Medicare/ Medicaid_cuts! Contact:_Obama_& Your_Congresspersons. Wed, 19 Dec 2012 08:45:05 -0500 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions
The uber-rich profited as we got into our current economic mess. Having them now pay more in taxes will hopefully buy us time until other actions we take allow our economy to recover. Unfortunately, our economic answers are not simple. Even if we were to take all of the money income of the rich, it would not be enough to repay our national debt. Our goal must work to restore our working-class to the middle-class as it is they that have driven our economy when it was at its best.

What originally got us into this mess was the outsourcing of industry & jobs for short-term financial gain (though well-meaning NIMBYs passing environmental laws that moved “first-world” industrial pollution abroad where it is hardly regulated was of no help). As time went on, the gains of outsourcing became unsustainable because the jobs that create financial liquidity were no longer in the U.S. As money dried up, financial institutions (including government insured banks) began to use over-leveraged schemes in an attempt to maintain yields. Institutions knew such investments would inevitably fail so they also engaged in repackaging, misrepresenting, insuring & selling their investments before they failed. Of course eventually the music stopped and the piper became due. The threat that many of our major financial institutions would immediately fail only made matters worse. In its panic, our government spent horrendous amounts of borrowed money bailing out the very people involved in creating the crisis instead of on those innocently impacted.

We have since begun an era of actions that we hope will eventually lead towards economic recovery. While getting us to this goal will inevitably involve compromises we might prefer not to make, we should not allow lobbyist influenced politicians to balance our budget on vulnerable innocents such as by reducing COLAs for aged/disabled Social Security beneficiaries. Neither should we allow money influenced politicians to inoculate the rich from the pain of our country's current economic upheaval, especially since it was their greed that was much of the cause. Call, fax, & write to the President & your congresspersons & let them know how you feel.
]]> Vtrux from VIA motors links Thu, 04 Oct 2012 10:49:41 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

Bob Lutz Gets His
Electric Truck


24.0pt">VIA Motors - Heavy Duty Electric Trucks at NAIAS 2012


VIA Motors

Jay Leno's Garage:
Via Motors VTRUX


This is a full
size pickup truck, SUV, VAN that gets better gas mileage than a Toyota Prius
and also has 40 mile all electric range that you can not get with the Toyota
Prius. This is because the Toyota
Prius is parallel hybrid with a small 12 to 15 horse power electric motor and
drives the wheels in parallel/tandem with approximately 100 horse power gas
engine. The Via Motors product is a serial plug in hybrid with only the 402
horse power electric motor driving the wheels and the approximately 200 horse
power gas engine drives the generator only when needed. This is why a full size
pickup with much greater weight and inferior aero dynamics can be more fuel
efficient than a Toyota
Prius that is why parallel hybrid is the inferior design for a hybrid. 

This product from
VIA Motors is a much better choice for a work vehicle for companies and people
than what is currently available. For 100,000 miles a conventional full size
pickup would cost $25,000 to operate versus $3,000 for VIA Motors product.








]]> Discussion Of Electric Cars while driving a Tesla Mon, 18 Feb 2013 11:06:43 -0500 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

]]> ▶Arlen_Grossman,_Paul_Karrer◀ Sun10-11AM. Wed, 30 Jan 2013 11:39:19 -0500 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions Poli=many,

Actually the new show is called "Poli-Talk". Show features Arlen Grossman of Quotation Quotient, Paul Karrer, & guests. First show airs Sun 10-11AM. Show to be archived here.

Robin Williams quotes:
Poli a Latin word meaning many; and "tics" meaning bloodsucking creatures.

]]> KRXA_540_TalkBack_working. Post_your_feedback ➜ ➜ ➜ Fri, 01 Feb 2013 04:07:32 -0500 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions Hal says his site no longer emails him when a listener makes a submission to TalkBack. However, Hal found that he can still go to the KRXA admin page to moderate & post submissions. Unfortunately, this is a pain compared to the ease of moderating TalkBack through an email interface as TalkBack was designed to do.

I suspect what happened is that WordPress tightened security on email communication access to admin portions of their websites thus making TalkBack's email interface dysfunctional. In searching for a solution, I found TalkBack is no longer supported by the developer (who in all likelihood is dead as he previously used the handle “Old Guy”). More on this below.

I think I have found at least a temporary partial fix. Wordpress File Monitor Plus monitors files under the WP installation and when changes are detected, it send the site administrator an email. WP File Monitor+ also has the ability to exclude files and directories from scan (meaning it could be tailored to focus on only TalkBack submissions). While this would still require logging into the site to moderate, it would prevent having to log-in just to check for new submissions. Furthermore, by examining closely how WP File Monitor+ manages to send email from the WordPress admin page, it might be possible to patch TalkBack. I understand Hal's IT team (lead by Karl) is already working on some aspect of this. Another option is Disqus (as no self-respecting Progressive site should ever consider affiliating itself with Facebook).

Now for the bad news about TalkBack: The developer's website is no longer in operation & the domain is now being marketed by GoDaddy as a porn site gateway. The latest version I could find for download is TalkBack 2.3.14 released approx 05/08/10  (version history, open source), that solved most of the most serious vulnerabilities that had been found up to that time (see next post). There is a hint that a version 3 was near completion here in the support forums I resurrected . I also found an old TalkBack user guide.

The TalkBack developer was Richard Williamson (aka Old Guy) of Portland, OR, a retired IT manager who started working with computers in what he himself termed “the dark ages” (ever hear of the IBM 1401 from 1959?). His personal site was Old Guy’s Place. Unfortunately, as per this update December 2011, it appears Richard's website content has been permanently taken down.

I also found Talkback's FAQ:
TalkBack FAQ:

1) Email Notices: I entered a comment but did not receive the new comment notice. Why not? {Answer}
2) Email Notices: I entered a comment and the system sent me a notice. Why? {Answer}

Unfortunately it does not appear that The Wayback Machine archives Javascript (or my browsers are blocking it as security experts now recommend to do whenever possible). The site instructions state: “This page requires Javascript. If you don’t have it enabled the links will not work.” I plan to work on finding a way to open these files (perhaps from another archive source or by dropping my browser's security). If I can get them open, the solution to the TalkBack problem might become apparent.

I am posting this here for all who may be interested in keeping TalkBack alive. As there are still a number of websites out there  using TalkBack without the developer's support, perhaps Google will guide somebody here that has discovered a solution. This post is intended to be a continually evolving work in progress.

thanks for visiting!
]]> Republicans crippling ATF Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:03:35 -0500 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions]]> Failed: Filibuster_reform. Two_more_yrs_of_gridlock cuz Dems afraid to lead. Mon, 21 Jan 2013 14:34:50 -0500 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions
Subject: Senators Feinstein and Boxer: Stop filibuster abuse!


I signed a petition to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA-1) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA-2) today that says:

"Abuse of the filibuster has paralyzed the Senate and stopped important progressive legislation. Please support the Merkley/Udall plan to fix the Senate."

A vote is supposed to happen on the 'first legislative day" of the new Congress, the day after Obama celebrates his inauguration. The plan only needs a 51 vote simple majority to pass & to date at least 48 Senators are believed to support the plan. Amazingly, it is California's Senators Feinstein and Boxer that are standing in the way of the reform passing!

Our state Senators must be convinced IMMEDIATELY to support the Merkley/Udall plan to fix the filibuster as otherwise we will have another two years of dysfunctional government. Will you sign this petition? Please click here to view & hopefully sign:

Thanks for considering this petition!
image Shade
]]> ▶SHOW_PODCASTS_HERE◀ Missed_your_favorite locally_originated_political_show? Play_it_here! Tue, 22 May 2012 02:23:06 -0400 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

Stuart Goldenberg, N.Y. Times
You are lucky visitor , thanks for visiting!


These are "unofficial" archives maintained by a listener. Show recordings are generally complete but start/stop times are not professionally edited.

Prefer to make your own recordings? (Go to below )
KRXA can go international FREE with Sopcast P2P streaming! ▼

Scott Dick's Wed 8PM show has permanently moved to Fri 3-4PM ea week (just before Karel). No change to Scott's Saturday show.

Something broken or comments: shade.of.krxa.540 at  Find these archives or the recording capability below useful? Let Hal know! [email protected]

]]> KRXA & REAL Internet access on the go- The 1st affordable wireless hotspot plan for casual use. Thu, 27 Dec 2012 13:27:51 -0500 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions I saw this inexpensive "Internet on the Go" credit-card sized "cellular to WiFi hotspot" & thought of both my own needs & of Hal going on vacation & trying to control KRXA (again) from a coffee-shop. This hotspot unit will work anywhere there is Sprint 3G service. Sure, you could hack your smartphone instead, but this unit is inexpensive to own/operate & it doesn't carry the risk of bricking your phone or violating your contract.

Why this unit? Unlike with most wireless hotspot data plans, Internet on the Go has data you can buy that does not expire at the end of each month! There are also no contracts, activation fees, monthly bills, bundled data plans or overage charges. Users simply purchase the MiFi 2200 and the Internet on the Go service and achieve a secure Wi-Fi network that can be used to connect up to five laptops or tablets to the Internet. Four GB of non-expiring data access is $45. I myself & many others don't road warrior enough to make a traditional laptop mobile data plan cost effective at $50/mo+. The only requirement to keep your data from expiring is that you do not leave the unit inactive for over a year. (The company's policy is not well written but I think this may means you need to buy an additional data card yearly to keep your remaining unused data capacity from expiring.)

The "Internet on the Go" hotspot uses the Sprint 3G network, an older & slower protocol that is gradually being phased out in favor of an incompatible 4G LTE network. A dual-band version of the modem is not currently available but then only a handfull of major cities have Sprint 4G at this time and legacy 3G service is expected to remain available for years. My thinking is that even if one gets only one year of mobile data service for $125 ($80 to buy the modem, $45 for 4GB of data), this system is affordable as compared to a traditional hotspot mobile plan at $50+/month. If I'm reasonably judicious in my use, I'll not use 4GB of mobile data in a year or more (I don't watch movies or a lot of video).

One thing that Hal & I both need in a mobile hotspot is enough bandwidth to remotely access & control computers located elsewhere. I use LogMeIn, Hal uses TeamViewer (that is less a bloatware & supports Linux). The first time I attempted to use the hotspot with LogMeIn I was very disappointed as the remote computer responded so sluggishly that I often feared it was not responding at all. However, since that time I have used LogMeIn perhaps 6-8 times & remote system responsiveness was equal to when I use my DSL connection at home. Your mileage may vary.

If I had any complaints about the unit, these  would be them:
1) The hotspot is powered by a micro USB connector but the typical USB 2.0 connector can only provide less than half of the approximately 1200 mA the hotspot needs. One can obtain Y(s) to join two USB ports together to provide close to the necessary power & I think such a connector should have been included to make it more portable. However, the unit will operate up to four hours on its rechargeable battery.

2) Charger cord is too stiff making it unnecessarily hard to roll & store.

3) The unit seems to turn itself back on unexpectedly if your laptop is started, especially if the hotspot is left on the charger. I plan to put mine in foil or a metalized bag to prevent this from happening & using up my data. One certainly does not want to their computer to auto-connect to this hotspot on Patch-Tuesday; such data intensive activities are best postponed (if possible) until you have access to a traditional & less costly Internet connection.
]]> Doing_the_most_good℠_NOT! SalvationArmy: Far_Right_Anti_Gay_Evangelicals Give_em_Xmas_Voucher_Msg! Mon, 21 Nov 2011 23:54:16 -0500 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions Doing the most good.℠

America Blog and The Week have both published lengthy lists evidencing the clear anti-gay discrimination that the Salvation Army partakes in.

The Salvation Army is rabidly anti-gay
11/15/2004 6:07pm by John Aravosis

Do NOT give a dime to the Salvation Army this holiday season –
instead, give to another pro-gay charity, like Big Brothers, Big


The Salvation Army is anti-gay and actively lobbies against pro-gay legislation in the US and abroad (I provide lots of evidence for this below). The money you put in that red can is going to anti-gay evangelical Christian lobbyists. They believe that since they’re a “church” they have the right to not hire gay people because we’re sinners. Great, well this sinner gives his money to real charities this holiday seasons, and not to anti-gay evangelical churches who lobby the White House and foreign governments to take our rights away. Much more background on the Salvation Army’s history of anti-gay bigotry here.


The pro-gay religious group Soulforce has made vouchers available that you can drop in the Salvation Army drop boxes instead of cash.salavation army vouchers anti-gay


Your Special Christmas Gift!

Note: Stephanie Miller and Bill Press have offered an explanation and an apology for supporting the Salvation Army. They explained that Current TV had asked them to participate in a fundraising competition to benefit the group. Stephanie admitted that she hadn't done her research and called herself a "bad gay." They have both pledged to drop the Salvation Army sponsorship and donate all funds already raised to the Trevor Project. Listen to the audio.

]]> Spainish Solar Tower Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:07:48 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

]]> THIS IS GLOBAL BURNING! False Environmentalism Pollutes, Emits CO2, Destroys Jobs/Timber Resources Sun, 19 Jun 2011 08:40:37 -0400 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions
What am I speaking of? FIRE! Unnecessarily destructive forest fires that are converting massive amounts of previously sequestered carbon to CO2 (and other pollution) and that are permanently destroying timber resources we will be forced to replace elsewhere! The massive forest fires of recent decades have been the result of a conflagration of events that include the past century’s increasing effectiveness of suppressing forest fires, global warming (with its resultant moisture distribution changes), and most importantly, false environmentalism. (Pardon the conflagration pun.)

What environmentalist do-gooders don't understand that the U.S. was NOT pristine prior to the arrival of Europeans. Many of the mature forests that currently exist might not if Native Americans had not repeatedly burned off underbrush. Native Americans intelligently managed their lands using small fires in early spring to clear forests of undergrowth and make the forest more accessible and productive. The implication by environmentalists that Native Americans, unlike European settlers, could not and did not alter their environment in ways that met their needs is ethnocentric, degrading, and almost racist.

The fires of recent decades typically burn during hot weather on land that has been allowed to generate huge fuel loads since last burning. Unlike the small fires set by Natives, these “natural” fires reach into the crowns of mature trees and kill them. They also burn so hot that the very animal and vegetative life environmentalists claim they seek to protect are killed. Once big trees and the shade they provide to the ground are destroyed, only dense brush will regrow for many years. Without man's intervention, this regrowth is more susceptible to fire than the original forest. Any repeat of fire during hot weather perpetuates a cycle that prevents the regrowth of mature trees.

There was a time when our forests needed more protection against unscrupulous logging practices. I’m not arguing that such protection does not remain necessary. However, in our attempt to “protect” the forests, the pendulum has swung so far to the “Left” that environmentalists are actually causing our forests unrepairable harm. Uninformed but well-meaning environmentally concerned people have become the tools of EnviroFraud “ransom” lawyers whose only REAL interest is to line their own pockets. While such legal actions can result in doing some environmental good, they almost invariably also end with a sealed settlement that handsomely rewards the offending legal group for their time and investment. This has become a cost of doing business for industry and government. However, it is a cost our forests can ill afford as forest management must be done timely and the legal delays imposed on implementing selective forest thinning are causing our forests permanent harm.

Our forests/brushlands wouldn’t so destructively burn, destroy resources, and release sequestered CO2 if environmentalists were more realistic instead of being stuck on religion-like idealism. For more information about proposals about how we might properly manage our forests, read about the Quincy Library Group, a pilot project in started in 1998 from federal legislation introduced by Rep. Wally Herger, R-Chico, and Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif.

Also read proposals to create jobs that use the excess fuel loads in our forests to generate electricity and/or to manufacture modern “engineered” structural building materials using small trees and brush as fiber (sequestering CO2 and preventing this lumber resource from otherwise being invariably destroyed).

Here you can read about the actions of “environmentalists” who BLOCK EVEN THE STUDY of forest management.]]> View; The idea, video on this website Sat, 30 Jun 2012 10:39:35 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

Ideas and products for sustainable transportation.
]]> 2011 Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle Promo Tue, 19 Jun 2012 12:50:32 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions ]]> Plug-In Vehicle Tracker Thu, 14 Jun 2012 10:38:01 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

Check what your choices are in Electric Vehicles and Plug In Hybrids
]]> A better term than Vulture Capitalism; Parasite Capitalism Wed, 30 May 2012 12:45:15 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

The Vulture in the wild performs an important ecological
function by scavenging.

And Vulture Capitalism is not referring to scavenging dead

I prefer the term Parasite Capitalism as it refers more
accurately what Mitt Romney did at Bain Capital.

The Parasite Capitalist regards if the host/victim sickens
and dies as “icing on the cake”.

As the Parasite Capitalist knows that they have taken all
they can take from the host/victim.

Parasite Capitalism only benefits the Parasite Capitalist it
is a liability to the rest of society it is not Classical Capitalism  that can benefit majority of society.

]]> Loaves,Fishes&Computers's Donation Sun, 01 Apr 2012 20:02:15 -0400 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions KRXA sponsor Loaves, Fishes & Computers donated 10 computers to The Community Information Center to raffle for free to needy Monterey County families without computers who commit to take computer classes. Applications by adults at:
Greenfield MaryChapa School,
Salinas MLK Jr Academy Elem School,
Gonzales/Greenfield pub libraries, or
email LF&C director Victor Almazan [email protected].
Deadline is April 6, 2012.

image Shade
]]> The National General Assembly Sun, 25 Mar 2012 17:50:58 -0400 CynthPoet [email protected]/vanilla/discussions There are two delegate candidates from the CA-17 district (using the old map) who are wanting to attend the National General Assembly in Philadelphia this July 4th.

However, there is no one running in the 14th district or the 20th district (pre-redistricting map). I don't know if the station's signal can even reach Fresno, but maybe this board can be seen by people in the current 20th district. Some districts are under- and non-represented while a handful of districts have a competitive amount of viable candidates.

Since no one has mentioned this yet, I thought this might be a good place to bring up this topic.

]]> Killing the Electric Car and Hydrogen Car Tue, 20 Mar 2012 11:56:53 -0400 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions

I felt the
chairman of CARB claiming to expert on Hydrogen 
fueled cars
shown himself to be either incompetent or cynical 
complicity with
the Auto industry and Oil industry. A statistical 
survey like John Hopkins did for the war in Iraq would show
the death and crippling caused by dropping the Zero Emission Mandate.

Hydrogen Fuel Car was a red herring to Kill the Electric Car 
but also
Killed the Hydrogen Car because internal combustion 
Hydrogen fueled
Car can be done without additional cost of 
$200,000 of
a Fuel Cell on a Car. On CBC in the 1978 
Nicholson was demonstrating a conversion of internal 
car with the Hydrogen being produced by 
electrolysis using Photo Voltaic Solar Cells.


]]> James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change Wed, 14 Mar 2012 22:30:51 -0400 fia [email protected]/vanilla/discussions!

]]> Solar Building Code Tue, 31 Jan 2012 11:22:07 -0500 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions 1; Get a Solar Building Code now so there can be an
immediate reduction of reliance upon Nuclear and Fossil Fuels.
2; 15 years ago when first considered a Solar Building Code
the real estate market was booming and that speculative bubble would of
permitted a great increase of Solar Electrical Generation. Now that bubble
burst due to the bankster’s we should make which ever bank is foreclosing to
bring the building to Solar Building Code standards to disincentive banks to
fore close and not be able to pass that to next owner.
3; Solar Building Code would produce jobs whenever a home is
built or sold if it already does not have Solar Panels people would have to
employed to install Solar Panels.
4; Solar Panels on homes help mitigate disasters such as
earthquakes and storms as homes would still have power during daylight for food
refrigeration and cooking. If power is out for days, weeks or months the people
with Solar Panels will suffer less.
5; Reduces political power and skull drudgery of Coal,
Nuclear, and Oil as less money they get from providing energy.
6; More feasible to get passed than a Carbon Tax as the 2/3rds
tax rule of proposition 13 does not apply and in Washington the Republican controlled house
would never bring a Carbon Tax Bill to the floor.
7; More Solar Panels installed would help Solar Panel Manufactures
to grow and would reduce prices due to economy of scale manufacturing.



]]> A KRXA history lesson including famous/infamous moments. Fri, 08 Jul 2011 04:08:14 -0400 Shade [email protected]/vanilla/discussions
Mar 3, 2006
The progressive talk-radio battle of Monterey
Mar 02, 2006
By Paul Kilduff
Making Waves: Peter B. Collins and Hal Ginsberg broadcast live from Sand City. Jane Morba

AM radio listeners under 65 are rare—except for those who ardently believe that Rush Limbaugh is right. For many of us, AM radio conjures memories of being forced to endure what dad listened to while driving home from visiting the aunts and uncles. Invariably, the old man favored a mix of news, sports, and increasingly, ultra right-wing commentary hosted by obnoxious demagogues—all blaring out of a four-door Dodge Monaco's tinny speaker.

No wonder most Americans have long had the dial selector superglued to FM. But the times are changing—especially in Monterey.

Today, two talk outlets, KRXA and KOMY, are both drawing listeners to the AM bandwagon. It's curious that this is happening in the country's 79th largest market—most cities, even San Francisco, have only one left-wing radio outlet, and many have none.

How the Monterey Bay became home to a liberal talk radio battle is, like most things in commercial radio, a matter of economics.

Ever since conservative firebrand Limbaugh's success in the early 1990s, the conventional wisdom in commercial talk radio has been to ape Rush's ultra-conservative approach throughout the day. Copycatting the pundit has proven to be a gravy train for mainline AM stations that long ago gave up on music formats in part because their mono signals can't hold a candle to the stereo sound offered on FM.

Still, the conservative AM radio pie can be sliced up only so many times—especially for outlets with weaker signals. While smaller stations on the band can still turn a profit with Mexican music and niche formats like traditional country and oldies, for the most part AM long ago became what's known in radio today as the information band.

Even with that somewhat lofty designation, it's still the home of floundering stations with little or no quantifiable audience. Under these circumstances, the switch to progressive talk was a gamble some station owners were willing to take.

In the Monterey-Santa Cruz-Salinas market (radio-speak for the more than 50 Monterey Bay Area stations heard locally by over 500,000 listeners age 12 and up), Monterey's KRXA 540AM and Watsonville's KOMY 1340AM made the switch to progressive talk last summer. Although they both flipped to the new format at about the same time, their approaches are quite different.

KRXA 540AM debuted last July, when longtime San Francisco Bay Area radio personality Peter B. Collins and his business partners Tony Seaton and Washington, DC lawyer Hal Ginsberg bought the frequency from People's Radio. A company best known for broadcasting KNRY with conservative hosts like Sean Hannity, People's Radio also sells time to would-be broadcasters who want to host their own shows.

Under the banner "Think for Yourself," KRXA's line-up includes Stephanie Miller in the morning followed by Thom Hartmann (9am to noon), Ed Schultz (noon to 3pm) and Collins in the afternoon from 3 to 6pm. Seasoned lefty radio veterans all, the hosts (except Collins) are all nationally syndicated.

Ostensibly the local guy, Collins sometimes broadcasts his show from KRXA's Sand City studios, but often chats it up from his San Rafael, Calif. office near his Marin home over an ISDN line. The show is also heard on a Eureka, Calif. station and Collins is looking to syndicate it elsewhere.

Collins started in the business early. As a 19 year old in the early '70s, during the height of the Watergate hearings, he went from producing an overnight talk show in Chicago to hosting it, often bashing the Nixon administration. He moved to San Jose in the mid-'70s to work as a rock DJ, and made his mark in the '80s as the morning host at KRQR, then San Francisco's premier rock station. Before moving to KRQR, Collins moonlighted as a fill-in talk host at KGO.

Collins returned to talk radio again in the early '90s at San Francisco's KNBR, the most powerful station on the West Coast, when it made the transition from music to talk (it's now a sports station, and home of the San Francisco Giants). At the time, he followed Rush Limbaugh and even went toe-to-toe with the host in a no-holds-barred on-air slugfest.

Collins says he was fired by KNBR despite decent ratings. His run-ins with management, he says, included a call for the elimination of Political Action Committees (PACs) while KNBR's then-owner, Susquehanna Broadcasting, sponsored a conservative PAC. Collins also took the side of the Teamsters when Safeway was in the process of moving its main distribution warehouse from Oakland to Tracy in the Central Valley—a move the union was concerned would cost them all their jobs. In his view, it didn't help Collins that Safeway was KNBR's biggest advertiser.

Collins resurfaced at San Francisco's KSFO in the mid-'90s, before that station was, thanks to FCC deregulation, swallowed up by KGO and eventually turned into one of America's first all-conservative talk stations. Collins also has a political media consulting business (he works primarily with Democrats) and produces other radio shows and commercials. Most recently he hosted "All American Talk Radio"—a show he described as being "not just for right-wing nuts"—on the Sirius network.

What really convinced Collins et al to set up shop in Monterey was the strength of KGO locally. Despite broadcasting over 90 miles north in San Francisco, KGO's powerful 50,000-watt signal blankets Monterey, where the station regularly ranks near the top of the ratings (as of last fall, Arbitron's ratings had KGO in second place behind number one KDON, an FM music station, with a seven share, or seven percent of the potential audience).

"KGO encouraged us in that it means that people want talk, but they weren't finding a good local product," says Collins from his semi-cluttered office. While KGO's success spurred him on, Collins also freely admits that many of KRXA's potential "progressive" listeners are also probably now listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on local non-commercial outlets such as KUSP and KAZU.

"I listen to NPR and I can hear the restraint that they work in everyday. The hosts can take no clear position on an issue. It's great, but it's limited. The average public radio listener is looking for more. They consider NPR to be their fiber, but what we're offering is more spice and variety," Collins says.]]> Support Local Business, Occupy or Neighborhoods, bill leone, Monterey Sat, 07 Jan 2012 16:10:18 -0500 bill2 [email protected]/vanilla/discussions pass it on.  Sincerely, bill

I welcome your feedback.
]]> Occupy Movie Thu, 05 Jan 2012 01:37:50 -0500 fia [email protected]/vanilla/discussions!]]> National Lawyers Guild on National Defense Authorization Act Sun, 01 Jan 2012 14:09:05 -0500 Denica [email protected]/vanilla/discussions "NLG condemns NDAA provisions on indefinite detention" 

I talked about this as a part of Manning's case... for a while now. Just another part of the "change we can believe in?" 
]]> A Lightbulb Conspiracy: a history of planned obsolesence, from light bulbs to inkjet printers Thu, 03 Nov 2011 23:27:27 -0400 fia [email protected]/vanilla/discussions ]]> The Best Abraham Lincoln Quote About Labor Thu, 15 Dec 2011 10:58:47 -0500 Shawn [email protected]/vanilla/discussions]]> Occupy Day 54, with Van Jones - Countdown Fri, 11 Nov 2011 22:10:15 -0500 fia [email protected]/vanilla/discussions ]]>