KRXA 540 AM - Liberal and Progressive Talk Radio - Monterey California KRXA 540 AM - Liberal and Progressive Talk Radio - Monterey California Listen to KRXA 540 Monterey Streaming Live on the Internet
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If you're having trouble connecting:

1. Refresh or Reload this page and try again.

2. Try pasting the stream's url into your player's Address window. (For the stream's url, right-click on the link and click on properties.)

3. If you're not using RealPlayer, try it. You can download the correct version for your computer at

4. Clear your web browser's cache.  A) If using Firefox, click on Tools>Clear Private Data>Clear Private Data Now.  B) If using Internet Explorer, click on Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files and Delete Cookies.

5. If you are listening on a discrete internet radio like C.Crane's Sangean, please note the following comment from C.Crane's website:

             My favorite internet radio station will no longer play on my WiFi Internet Radio but I can listen to it on my computer, why?


It's most likely that the website for that particular Internet radio station has changed the URL for that audio stream.  When Web sites change their URL, it sometimes takes a while for Reciva to update their database to reflect the new URL. Once Reciva has updated the URL in their database you should have no trouble connecting to that Internet Radio station again.  Computers are not affected by the URL change because the media players on your computer get the stream directly from the website and are updated automatically.  If you are aware of an Internet radio station that has changed its URL you can help resolve the issue by emailing Reciva ([email protected]) and requesting the URL to be updated.

6. In order to ensure the finest available on-line listening experience, we shut down our stream for a few minutes Sunday morning at approximately 2:30 am Pacific time.




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