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Bill Press co-hosted "Crossfire" for six years. He co-anchored "The Spin Room" and "Buchanan and Press." Bill has been awarded three Emmy's and one Golden Mike Award. In 1992, Associated Press named him "Best Commentator of the Year." Blessed with a keen intellect to go along with his vast political experience, Bill makes complex issues accessible to laypeople but never talks down to his audience. Call-in 1 (866) 55-PRESS LIVE Weekday Mornings 3-6am on KRXA 540-AM.
Stephanie Miller is the daughter of the late Republican Bill Miller - most famous for having run for vice-President on the Goldwater ticket. Her years as a media personality and comedienne have resulted in Stephanie's unique take on the political follies of our time. Stephanie is real and wickedly funny. Call-in 1 (800) STEPH-1-2 LIVE Weekday Mornings 6-8am on KRXA/540.
Annabel Lund is KRXA's News Director and reports morning news, traffic, and weather.   Annabel has been a journalist for more than 30 years, working in radio, television, and print news media. She built a public radio station in Alaska, working every aspect from board operator to board of directors.  Annabel's considerable print experience includes reporting and writing for daily newspapers and magazines and the publication of a half-dozen books.
Hal Ginsberg is KRXA's General Manager and principal owner. He is dedicated to providing the best mix of progressive live, syndicated and local news talk to Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. Call-in (831) 899-KRXA/1 (888) KRXA-540. LIVE Weekdays 8-10am on KRXA/540.
Ed Schultz believes in people not political parties. He represents the hundreds of millions of Americans whose voices are largely ignored by the ruling political and corporate elites but whose work ethic and spirit are the foundation of the United States. Big Eddie is the #1 non-conservative talk show host in the United States. He is heard on more than 100 stations and in every one of the top ten markets. LIVE Weekdays 10 - noon and Weeknights 8-9pm on KRXA/540.
Randi Rhodes is the Goddess of Talk Radio. Brilliant, funny, and powerful are the words that first come to mind. Call-in 1 (866) 87-RANDI LIVE Weekdays Noon-1pm and 2-3pm and late night on KRXA/540
Barry W. Lynn is a constitutional lawyer, civil libertarian, ordained minister and radio host. His diverse experiences provide him with a unique point of view and make him a popular guest on TV news programs. He provides a daily window into the outrageous religious charlatans undermining our liberties. Barry interviews guests across the ideological, religious, and political spectrum, and examines current and perennial controversies at the core of American values. Call-in 1 (800) 259-5791 LIVE Weekdays 1-2pm on KRXA/540.
Peter B. Collins is a well-known broadcaster, voice- over talent, entrepreneur, and media consultant based in San Francisco. His recent show on Sirius satellite radio was All-American Talk Radio -- for all Americans, not just dittoheads and right-wing nuts. He presents a lively forum with views and voices often not heard in the formerly liberal media. Often funny, never boring, Peter loves to mix it up with guests and callers. Call-in 1 (888) 5-PETERB. LIVE Weekdays 3-6pm on KRXA/540.  
Fia Karim is KRXA 540's afternoon traffic and weather reporter. A Salinas resident, Fia does an awesome job helping you navigate the roads here on the Central Coast after weekday from 4-6.
Scott Dick is a retired army major, a food and wine connoisseur, and all around expert. The Scott Dick Show airs 6-8pm Monday through Friday. Call-in 1 (831) 899-KRXA. LIVE Weekdays 6-8pm on KRXA/540.
Thom Hartmann is a Project Censored award winning, best selling author, and the host of a nationally syndicated progressive daily radio talk show. He has written and spoken about topics as divergent as our corporatist government, attention deficit disorder, and ecology. Steeped in Jeffersonian democracy and passionate about the future of our country. Call-in 1 (866) 303-2270 Evenings 9pm-Midnight except Thursdays 11p-2a.
Gregory Penn's Aspire is the alternative to conventional religious belief. With humor and insight Gregory Penn offers the Zen twist of spiritual playfulness and useful methods of personal transformation. Saturdays and Sundays at 9am on KRXA/540.
"Get Intuit" - are words no longer enough?  Jennifer Crews was a speech language pathologist and is currently an intuitive and she's really into it.  Join her to talk about all the invisible parts of you - your emotions, passions, and intuition.  She will have guests from all over the country including children and their families to remind you how important it is in our daily lives to "Get Intuit".  Saturdays from noon to 1.
Sheila Gale brings 25 years in broadcasting to The Sheila Show. With Alternative Healers, Award winning Authors and New Age Thinkers, Sheila’s wit and humor will hold you a captive audience every Saturday afternoon 3 to 5.
Dr. Barbara Mossberg is Professor of Integrated Studies at Cal State University Monterey Bay, President Emerita at Goddard College, and Senior Scholar at the James McGregor Burns Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland, and is well-known in literary circles. We are honored that Dr. Mossberg has chosen KRXA for Barbara Mossberg's Poetry Hour every Sunday at noon. Slow down and make your Sunday morning last with Barbara.
Lionel is a former Florida prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Talkers Magazine has named him one of the 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in the country. A raconteur and master of the English language, he engages his listeners daily with his rapid-fire delivery and offbeat takes on the day's top issues. Weekends on KRXA/540.

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