Local: Monterey Area Issues and Events

Supreme Court Property Ruling Hits Home In Santa Cruz

Local: Monterey Area Issues and Events

From The New York Times:

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - More than a month after the Supreme Court ruled that governments could take one person's property and give it to another in the name of public interest, the decision has set off a storm of legislative action and protest, as states have moved to protect homes and businesses from the expanded reach of eminent domain.

Ahmed Mesdaq's property in San Diego will give way to a hotel project.
In California and Texas, legislators have proposed constitutional amendments, while at least a dozen other states and some cities are floating similar changes designed to rein in the power to take property.

Travelodge Boycott Info

Local: Monterey Area Issues and Events

Hi All,

Here's some information about a situation I think all local progresives should be aware of. Many of you have probably seen some of the rallies held at the Travelodge over the past year and wondered what the story was. Here's the background straight from UNITE/HERE, the union representing the workers:

UNITE HERE Local 483 has announced a boycott of the Monterey Bay Travelodge at 2030 North Fremont Street in Monterey, California.

“We urge everybody not to stay at the Monterey Bay Travelodge until the owner signs a fair contract,” said Juana Enriquez, Travelodge housekeeper and chief shop steward for UNITE HERE Local 483. The hotel’s owner, Kilsoo Seo of Bethel, Alaska, has eliminated all contributions to the employee health insurance and pension plans, while freezing hourly wages at $8.84. “This is outrageous. He won’t listen to us. He won’t talk with us. He hasn’t given us a choice. We have to protect our families, so we are asking for the community’s help. Please do not make reservations at the Monterey Bay Travelodge, and if you already have, please cancel them and visit another Monterey Bay hotel,” added Ms. Enriquez.

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