Hot Weekend Shows

KRXA-AM 540 is excited to bring our listeners great live weekend shows. On Friday nights, the Associated Students of Monterey Peninsula College take on the local scene for young adults from 10 to 11 pm.

Join GM Hal Ginsberg and Vada Johnson-Wiggins every Saturday at 9 am on The Corner Office. At 10, R.J. Moye follows Hal and Vada into the studio for About College Funding. From 11-noon on Saturday, KRXA's own KC Lynch tackles the current sports scene on Coach KC's Call. At noon, local attorneys Paul Sanford and Shawn Mills provide a lively discussion of local politics. Scott Dick's Tasty Planet, on from 1-3 pm, is the place to be for an unmatched discussion of Monterey's food and wine scene. Talking Matters with Joan Kenley brings you lively conversations about matters that touch your mind, body, heart & soul. Joan is a noted author, well-known media personality, and expert wellness consultant. Talking Matters runs from 3-5 pm. Starting on April 1, from 6-7 pm, Day-to-Day with Sheila Gale will help you take on each new day.

On Sunday mornings at 9 am, KRXA listeners can learn and laugh with Nurse Rona Renner on Childhood Matters. Every Sunday from 10-11 am, it's Rock Roll & Real Estate for a discussion of the top real estate opportunities around. From noon to 1 pm, Matt, Annette, and James discuss how current events impact and are impacted by young people on The Naked Ape. At 1 pm on Sunday, Wren Bradley and Jose Mendez address the opportunities and difficulties facing the working women and men in our region on Labor Matters. At 2 pm, it's R.J. Moye's new show Safe Money & Retirement Talk. And, on Sunday evenings at 7 pm, starting on April 2, nationally known astrologer Frank Don presents Frank Don's Astrology Hour

Liberal radio station comes to town

By Jessica Lyons July 21, 2005 Monterey County Weekly

KRXA Program Managers Peter B. Collins (left) and Hal Ginsberg look to offer local listeners a strong alternative on the airwaves. Photo by Jane Morba

A little known fact: AM radio is home to voices other than rabid right-wingers in the Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh vein.

Talk Radio's Greatest Line-up

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The Bill Press Show
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Thom Hartmann, Voice of the Radical Middle
Ed Schultz, America's #1 Progressive Host
The Peter B. Collins Show
Barry Lynn, Culture Shocks
Lionel, Former Prosecutor
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