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January 11, 2006


She does pretty well with threads from hell.

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Well, our old thread was just fine 'til you went and had it burned down.

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January 10, 2006

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Can we really not do any better than this? I mean, aside from Harriet Miers who once upon a time was the MOST QUALIFIED BESTEST NOMINEE EVER. Until she wasn't.
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I don't know what's been up with Jeffrey Toobin. He's just been awful lately. Today he claimed that Alito was in the majority on the strip search case which he wasn't.
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Please consider donating money so a poll can be commissioned.
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I'd been meaning to post this but I couldn't get CSPAN's video link to work so I could confirm the transcript.
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Local Philadelphia Daily News columnist Christine Flowers sure is a sensitive one.

The People Paper should take its nickname a bit more seriously.
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When Alito says that no one is above the law it's an utterly meaningless statement if his view of law includes a limitless view of the president's Article II powers which trumps all other laws. Or, as Torture Yoo put it, Bush can crush the testicles of children if he wants to.

In other words, all "no one is above the law" means is that the law, in fact, allows Bush to anything he pleases as long as he claims it's for national security. Including, presumably, lying about blowjobs.
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Armando sums up Alito pretty well:

After stating again this morning that he had no recollection of joining Concerned Alumni for Princeton, the racist and sexist organization that objected to women and minorities being admitted at Princeton, despite having included it in his job application to work for Ed Meese in 1985, Alito this morning now pretends to remember WHY he joined an organization he says he does not remember joining.

So Alito's story on CAP is that 'he didn't do it, and if he did do it, he doesn't remember, and if he did do it and does remember, then he had a good reason for doing it.'

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What he said today:

I was not pleased that a young girl was searched in that case and I said so in my opinion - that was an undesirable thing.

What he actually wrote in his opinion:

I share the majority’s visceral dislike of the intrusive search of John Doe’s young daughter, but it is a sadfact that drug dealers sometimes use children to carry out their business and toavoid prosecution.
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We all know the wingnut code, Specter/Alito. Specter gets Alito to say stare decisis is important. Alito says overturning precedent requires special circumstance. We all know what that means.
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Pro-Alito witness is incoming president of organization which says "Alito is not qualified to serve on the Court."
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What a fucking tool:

Lawyers for NBC News reporter Tim Russert suspected in the spring of 2004 that his testimony could snare Vice President Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, in a lie and Russert resisted testifying at the time about private conversations with Libby, according to court papers released yesterday.

Russert was aware that a special prosecutor probing the leak of a CIA operative's name knew of his summer 2003 telephone conversation with Libby, and that Libby had released him from any promise of confidentiality. But Russert, the Washington bureau chief for NBC News and host of "Meet the Press," and his attorneys argued in previously sealed court filings in June 2004 that he should not have to tell a grand jury about that conversation, because it would harm Russert's relationship with other sources.

The problem isn't that he didn't want to testify - there are some reasonable arguments for that - the problem is that he spent two years on Meet the Press covering this story pretending he didn't know things he knew.


(tip from guy)
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WEEEEEE! Cnn/Gallup has him at 43/54.

...and new CBS has him at 41/52.
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Well, our old thread was just fine 'til you went and had it burned down.

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