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Listening to Radio Monterey/KRXA540AM on Squeezebox or Tunein

If you are having trouble finding us on the Squeezebox device or Tunein App, type Radio Monterey in the search engine.

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3 Responses to Listening to Radio Monterey/KRXA540AM on Squeezebox or Tunein

  1. Shade says:

    Please see comments under Hal’s previous post below titled: “If you’re having trouble getting Radio Monterey on your mobile device”

    Try all the following stream URLs for smartphones or other devices, choose the stream url that works best with your player. Unfortunately what works today may not work tomorrow. All krxa.com urls are soon converting to radiomonterey.com. I’ll update this info tonight.

    1) Windows Media Player
    New: http://radiomonterey.com/player/listen.asx (Status: ???)
    Old: https://krxa540.com/player/listen.asx (Tested good, soon to be obsolete)

    2) Winamp:
    New: http://radiomonterey.com/listen.pls (Status: Not yet avail)
    Old: https://krxa540.com/player/listen.pls (Tested good, soon to be obsolete)

    3) Iphone:
    New: http://radiomonterey.com/iphone.m3u (Status: Not yet avail)
    Old: https://krxa540.com/player/iphone.m3u (Tested good, soon to be obsolete)

    4) Real Player:
    New: http://radiomonterey.com/listen.ram (Status: Not yet avail)
    Old: https://krxa540.com/player/listen.ram (Tested good, soon to be obsolete)

  2. Shade says:

    I will try to periodically retest the stream URLs above & keep the most current streaming info here:



    Missed that show you wanted to hear? Many show archives are available by following the link below:


    For the adventurous, there are also instructions on how to automatically create your own recordings!

  3. Kathleen says:

    The stream never loads right on Tunein.

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