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Monterey County Water Board

Carmel/C.V. - Scott Dick
Monterey/P.G. - Regina Doyle

Hartnell College Trustees

Area 1 - Demetrio Pruneda
Area 2 - Bill Freeman


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Healthy, Happy New Year wishes from Coach KC!

Healthy because if you don’t have that, nothing else really matters. Happiness also and may you laugh a lot more this year.

Healthy Happiness – Goals worth setting and practicing to achieve.


For me, that means finally finishing FAT GUY PLAYBOOK an attempt to share life lessons learned with other fat guys who have struggled trying to lose weight.       Over the past few seasons I have shed 90 pounds of fat from my frame, literally losing one-third of my former body.

Long story-short, after many failed attempts to control my weight, I turned to my California Community College coaching skills. While wide receivers coach for the Monterey Peninsula College Lobos, I gained a great deal of football knowledge and learned a lot about leadership and the importance of attitude from Head Coach Mike Rasmussen. I turned weight loss into a game and came up with a playbook and a winning game plan.

One of my goals in 2011 is to coach up fat guys who want to learn some basic fundamentals and techniques I found to be extremely effective. The Playbook is almost completed and a website is one the way. Coach KC will be on the board early 1st Quarter.


Thanks so very much for the great feedback I got from many filling in for Hal on the Morning Show last week. I am blessed by your kind words and wonderful support.

We have an amazing AM Adventure on KRXA540. From the bottom of the dial, to the top of the ratings! Ambitious? Sure Arrogant? Of course! But we all know there are many peoples who have not yet heard about our radio station and I ask you to join me and invite them to tune in and give us a listen. I’d love to get some suggestions from those of you who are interested in being AM Ambassadors for KRXA. We have people from all over the world logged on to this website. Let’s get more local listeners to rediscover the power of AM RADIO!

Please remember to say hi to sponsors of Coach’s Huddle and thank you for your support.

Pensi Pasta. Available at local Farmers Markets and Whole Foods

Flanagan’s Irish Pub, The Barn Yard, Carmel Happy Hours 4-6:30

Euphoria Lounge and Spa 499 Pacific St. Monterey 831/717/4375

Thanks for listening, and for reading. Looking forward to hearing from you about ways we can promote ourselves better and take full advantage of the power and passion this little radio station is capable of creating! All the best to you and those you care the most about.

Peace, Coach KC

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6 Responses to WIN IN ONE-WON

  1. Shade says:

    BILLYsunshine likes to play on the KRXA team so it might be a win-win if you can get him to participate in your weight-coaching regime. However, per Jack Hart & Billy himself, Billy doesn’t like to work much so he may not be willing to leave the comfort of his bathtub.

    • Shade says:

      A good coach adapts to meet challenges. Maybe you can coach Billy to make his bathtub water a bit hotter & he will sweat his extra pounds off. Of course, he might die of dehydration or heat exhaustion first & then we’d miss his calls. Billy’s calls are often the best part of a show. Billy likes to wait until the show’s end & put a nightcap on it but he will call early if his exuberance gets the best of him. Billy will also call early & sacrifice himself for the cause if the show is dying (which KRXA’s shows often do due to technical problems). For that reason alone, I’d give Billy an special pass to call twice occasionally.

      Better still, Billy should have his own show. I know Hal thinks he must charge all his local hosts for airtime. However, Hal should recognize that Billy’s offer to host a show without charging Hal proves how “big” a man Billy really is. I think Hal needs a bit of coaching on this issue as his stubbornness has “trimmed” his airwaves of a talented host that many would like to hear more of.

      • Shade says:

        I wish this site (like some others) had an edit button so writers can modify their own posts. I always need to reorganize & condense to get the best impact but I can’t take the time or the topic will go cold. Can you offer an “edit” button?

        • coach says:

          I can barely type on this thing! But I’ll ask. Great insights into Sunshine. Pro-Potential, with passion unlike many others I’ve met. Peace

          • Shade says:

            If you go to http://en.gravatar.com/, you can “one-up” Hal by placing an Avatar picture beside your posts (at least on participating websites like KRXA’s that record your email address). I previously suggested that Hal pick a famous (unspecified) dictator as his Avatar but he never did. Perhaps I insulted him or he thought I was trying to get him to install a virus or backdoor to his website. I suggested to Julius that he select an Avatar of Zeus or another God since he enjoys the megalomaniac bit. I would imagine you would pick a famous coach but you may surprise me with your creativeness.

            The Avatar site is considered safe per McAfee Site Advisor (you can check out the safety of websites here: http://www.siteadvisor.com/howitworks/index.html in the box marked “View a Site Report”). While on that topic, I highly recommend that all Internet users & especially those running Windows (or that do Bob Oliver style Internet “research” on “adult” & hacker sites) install the free SiteAdvisor browser plug-in for Explorer or Firefox that is available there because it immediately flags search engine results & websites that are known to pose a security or privacy threat to your computer. I have much more to say on this topic but I won’t hijack your thread (any more than I already have).

  2. peter says:

    Good for you coach! Whatever works right? Good work on the station also…the ‘other\ Coach Casey

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